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Reading Readiness Activities That Prepare Preschoolers for Kindergarten

Updated on February 18, 2009

Reading Readiness Activities

Reading readiness has already been discussed in a previous hub of mine. In that hub, however I only gave some of the actual categories of skills children need to develop to become good readers. It was called Reading Readiness for Preschool Children.

In this hub I would like to give you actual ideas for activities that you can do with your children that will fit into those categories and will be most helpful towards their readiness in reading.

At this point I will not discuss actual reading strategies like reading to your children and working with actual words and books. I will be giving you actual activities that are readiness activities, that help build all of a child's skills to help him conquer reading.

Some categories may have more ideas and activities than others but even one idea can spark another one for you.

For Motor Control and Coordination

  • Rhythm games like marching and skipping
  • Guessing what objects are in a bagby feeling them with their eyes closed

  • Balancing games with spoons and small objects, almost like a relay race
  • Cutting
  • Pasting
  • Pouring with sand or water
  • Peg boards with pegs
  • Sewing with large needles
  • Hammering and sawing (must be closely supervised)
  • Painting

Auditory Discrimination

  • Use of music...Have the children really listen for different parts of the music. Raise their hands when it gets louder and softer. Do other things like skipping when beat changes. You're probably best off doing these kind of activities with classical music.
  • Have the children learn to drum to the rhythms of the syllables in their names and the names of everyone they know
  • Clapping to the rhythms in other songs

First Sounds in words

  • Cut out pictures of objects and have children find other objects that start with the same sound as the one in the picture. If they mix up a c and a k that is fine for this activity.
  • Compare names of their friends first sounds of their names

Following Directions

Visual Discrimination

  • Match pictures and seeing how alike they are.
  • Memory and lotto games
  • Show contrasting pictures and see how they are different
  • Color games. like " I am thinking of a color that is the color of Mary's dress"

Attention span and Visual Activities Games

  • Put 5 objects on table, cover and have children remember what they say
  • Hold up 3-4 objects in a certain order, mix them up and have children remember what order they were in
  • Put out a few items, child closes her eyes, take one object away. Child has to remember what was taken away

Seeing Likenesses and Differences

  • Cut up a bunch of small squares and write many letters of m for example and then one w. Have them pick the one that is different. You can do this with b and d and p etc.
  • Use objects like large balls and small balls, hats and shirts to see what is alike and what is different.
  • Identify words that are similar like can and ran, tall and hall, bat and hat and then let the children tell which parts of the word are different

The more games and activities that you can think of that tie into these concepts the more the children will hone up on the reading readiness skills they need to begin reading.

If you're a preschool teacher you may enjoy learning about other preschool activities at my preschool blog, preschool musings.


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    • jmmoore321 profile image

      jmmoore321 9 years ago from Utah

      Hi, I really liked all of these ideas. My four year old is in the early stages of reading and I'm always looking for ways to encourage him. Also I tried to go to your blog but the link on here is broken. I think it just has an extra http in it. When I took that out it worked fine. Thanks for the great information :)