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Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness Part Two

Updated on August 3, 2010

Inner Quest Our Search for Happiness...begins

The writer as a twenty-year old sailor in 1956
The writer as a twenty-year old sailor in 1956

What am I? Why am I here? Do I have a specific purpose?

In asking the question, What makes people happy?"  we generally find we've already started to ask such questions as  “What am I?” “Why am I here?” “Do I have a specific purpose?”

With me, no answers came; not at first. Then, gradually, over the years, they did. “You were born to make people happy.” That was in 1987. Then, much later: “Life is about making friends, and becoming friends with old enemies, and acquiring the qualities that allow this.”

Here is the first part of a message I received via automatic writing in February 2002.

“Nothing is gained by feeling sorry for yourself, Tom. My plans for you are your plans for you. This you must fully comprehend. This you must understand. I am you.

Aura colors are significant. Here the aura colors are bright and rosy, for the most part.

Examples of Kirlian Photography.  These are all on the Internet for you to view.
Examples of Kirlian Photography. These are all on the Internet for you to view.

The way to happiness? - Go within. Going within is is the only way to find it

Going Within. Here I present the first half of Chapter One.

Want to come on a fantastic voyage? Want to journey into the heart of your own self? Want to truly comprehend your own being with greater understanding than you ever have before? Then come aboard. Sail with me as we explore these internal worlds within our own selves. It’ll be a trip you’re likely to remember- always.

Forty years ago, in 1968, this old ex-sailor embarked on an ‘internal’ voyage. I didn’t sail out over the sea. I went below it. Like a nuclear submarine, I dived deep, going below the surface of normal, everyday things. This internal Odyssey took me within my ‘self.’ My own awareness penetrated my physical body- then into various layers of myemotions and my mind. This was a psychic trip. I dived beyond the the usual internal self-talk phenomenon, into silence. And from silence came the answers I sought. They continue to come.

Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness - "You still identify with your lower self."

“Your plans to make yourself into the highest conception of what you can be, and to carry forth with the work which will emanate from such a desire, are not lost on the Divine Intelligence, the upper part of what you are. You still indentify with your lower self. This is an intelligent way of considering your place in the world. But it is restrictive. You are a creator of your own destiny. No one else does this for you. You know the theory of it from what you’ve read. You have not yet practised becoming what you are- God. You must resist the thoughts of a God outside of yourself. Think of yourself as a creator and you will then create that which you desire for yourself and for others.”

Visit the Esoteric Worlds of Psychic Phenomena

Yes, my voyage of discovery took me into the esoteric worlds of psychic phenomena. It also brought me to serious meditation, a technique called Vipassana. The journey started innocuously: a lot of New Age reading, a pen and paper, then a typewriter; that was the ‘automatic writing’ part of it. At forty-nine, it led to a yoga-mat, blanket and a cushion. But earlier on, it very quickly began to reveal a dimension unknown to so many of us, although a dimension contained within us all. Or, to be more accurate, it led to many, perhaps infinite, dimensions normally beyond our ken. For me, it opened up new frontiers. Such practices can do the same for you.   Who knows, it might bring you real happiness, even lasting happiness.

Aura colors - another great example

Note the gorgeous and stable colours of someone thinking peaceful and beautiful thoughts
Note the gorgeous and stable colours of someone thinking peaceful and beautiful thoughts

We are forever "putting another brick in the wall."

In this book it is my intention to reveal these dimensions, better, to describe them that you might access them yourself. Whether you choose to access them is, of course, up to you. If you do, you will never be able to go back. You will have rent a fabric which cannot be re-stitched You will have opened something up. As in the popular 1970s Pink Floyd song, we are forever putting “another brick in the wall.” Once you start this voyage of self-discovery you’ll be knocking a hole in that wall. The light of a greater truth will begin to shine through it. More and more bricks will fall away. It has been said, “Once a mind has been stretched to take in something new, it can never return to its former shape.” So with this book, the seriously spiritually-minded will gain a lot of useful information. What you do with it, is up to you.

In going within, there are many ports to embark upon your voyage of self-discovery

Okay. Let us begin with some explanation into what and who we are. It is safer to have at least some insight into these theoretical aspects of ourselves prior to our actually experiencing the phenomena.

There are many ports for embarkation on this voyage of self-discovery. Some that are mentioned may already be familiar to you: others, entirely new. In this book I shall detail my departure points, and list the directions I took in order to catch the most favourable winds. The destination is still afar off. Or maybe it is as close as the next breath. Enlightenment is like that. In this sort of journey we can never be sure. I’ve charted my progress to date. You, dear reader, are free to examine the course-lines drawn thereon.

Every colour has its own meaning.
Every colour has its own meaning.

Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness: Fore-warned is fore-armed in dealing with psychic phenomena

One departure point into this voyage of self-discovery is as near as your own hands. I say, hands rather than the singular hand because by the use of one’s non-dominant hand, as well as the hand one normally uses to hold a pen, the adventure can more easily begin. I didn’t do it that way. I hadn’t heard of that non-dominant hand technique. Hence when I “Let go forward” and hoisted sail, progress was slow. It involved me in a number of dangerous manoeuvres. There were shoals everywhere. For example, I found myself in contact with ‘lower-level’ entities who thought they would have fun at my expense; teasing me with concepts which were obviously outrageous and inconsistent with common sense. They had their laughs, I’m sure. The same thing could happen to you. Fore-warned is for fore-armed.

But to set to.

Most of us think in words - but are you the thought?

Most of us think in words. We’re verbal thinkers. Words rattle around in our heads as two-sided conversations. The conversations are seemingly ceaseless. We argue within ourselves. In many instances it is as if there are two separate entities in our heads. There is a commentator. There is a listener. There is self-talk for and against. There is evaluation. There is praise. There is reaction and criticism. On rare instances, both of these entities can give way to silence- and to someone or some thing which we know to be greater than our normal, day-to-day self. But for the most part it seems that there are two of us.

Aura colors surround the entire body, not just the head

Here we can see the head, torso and arms of a man surrounded by his thought-form haloes
Here we can see the head, torso and arms of a man surrounded by his thought-form haloes

It seems there are two of us in the one body

What makes people happy? Part of it is finding out what we are not.

Well, there are two of us. Yet there are not. Neither are there three. There are countless entities, countless parts of our ‘self.’ Yet there really is only One. Yes, I placed that capital “S” in there for a reason.

But what of these countless selves? We hear of the ego, and the id of Doctor Sigmund Freud. We hear of sub-personalities and split-personalities. We hear of the great Collective Subconscious of Carl Gustav Jung. On top of this we’re told that we’re all made up of three parts, not two. We’re a trimvirate: body, mind and spirit. The Freudian duo becomes a trio: ego, id and super-ego. Jung’s Collective Subconscious becomes a myriad entities. Our personal self is linked to every other personal self, both the living and dead. We’re connected, at depth, to all the humankind that has ever been Yes, body, mind and spirit.

The Mind - a field of infinite depth. Spirit is something else again

After five thousand years of introspection and scientific research we’re still finding out about the physical body. The mind is even more complex; a vast, nebulous field- a field of infinite depth- some of it being interspersed with what the Buddhists call, samskaras: our hang-ups, traumas, phobias and fears.

And the spirit?... perhaps only God truly knows about the spirit.

We human beings are multi-dimensional

We human beings are multi-dimensional. We do indeed have a body, mind and spirit. Yet there are no sharp boundaries or schisms between the three. Rather they meld or blend one into another. It becomes even more complicated. We have bodies within bodies within bodies. At the grossest, least-subtle level we have that part of us that we can see with our eyes, touch with our hands, and hear when we breath hard. This is our physical body. We’re all aware of it. Many of us think that this is all there is of us; that this is the real us...except, of course, for that intangible aspect, so difficult to pin down- our mind.

This is where the cocept of the halo around a saint's head comes from

A stable halo that is mostly white apparently denotes an advanced character well-anchored in their spirituality
A stable halo that is mostly white apparently denotes an advanced character well-anchored in their spirituality

Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness: Our Brain is not our mind

Oh, and our mind is not our brain. Neither is mind a precipitate of the brain. But it- our consciousness- does operate through the brain, in this physical world of ours. If you can think of the physical brain as being a stupendously complex electro-chemical switchboard, you’ll perhaps get an idea of its use to us within the earth-plane in which our physical bodies live and move and have our being.

But I said we are multi-dimensional, so let us press on.

The bio-plasmic body has been known about for over sixty years

the past sixty years or so, Russian scientists have identified what they call the bio-plasmic body. This is a force-field, similar to the magnetic field we find around a magnet. All living things have it. Of course, the Russians were not the original discoverers. This force-field-body has been known to occultists by a number of names for thousands of years. A common term for it is the etheric body. There is often a lot of confusion and mislabelling, for the word etheric can lend itself to other higher and subtler aspects of our soul: the so-called astral body, for example. But to get back to real happiness is lasting happiness.

Chakra points and the human aura. Haloes are real

The bio-plasmic or etheric body is a force-field which holds the physical parts of us together. It can be sensed with instruments, and radiates lines of force similar to a magnet. These lines or channels have been plotted, and are called ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ by people such as acupuncturists. There is a whole, complex network of these lines interwoven in and around us. Also, the subtle centres known as the chakras, those points spaced along the central nervous system of spine and brain, can be sensed, or observed, apparently, by certain types of psychically-gifted people. They are able to see the radiations. Another term for these psychically seen radiations is the human aura. We often see this depicted in religious pictures of Jesus or saints as a yellow halo around the head, although the aura actually surrounds and interpentitrates the whole body from head to feet. It is, of course, particularly noticeable around the head.

Note the color of each centre, also the accupuncture points situated along the various chi lines

Somewhat like a rainbow, we  straddle seven dimensions or layers of being, the seven major centres of energy entering and traversing our seven bodies through the chakra points.  Is it coincidence that each lies at the same points as our ductless glan
Somewhat like a rainbow, we straddle seven dimensions or layers of being, the seven major centres of energy entering and traversing our seven bodies through the chakra points. Is it coincidence that each lies at the same points as our ductless glan


The human energy spectrum

There are, according to Hindu mythology, seven major chakra points.   Each of these seven represents a level or depth-of-subtlety.    The grossest, and that pertaining to the physical body is known as the root chakra.    The root chakra has the lowestvibrational frequency and the longest wavelength.   Without going into the names and locations of these chakras, their qualities and the like (that would be a book in itself) the human being can be said to contain a broad spectrum of overlapping body ‘densities’ each one within the other.   They interpenetrate.  They begin at one end, the gross physical body end of this frequency gamut, and become subtler and subtler as they proceed.    This human-frequency spectrum has an upper and lower limit, it seems.    In this sense, we can be compared with a rainbow.   Seven colours are contained within the rainbow’s white-light spectrum:  seven levels are contained with the human beings’ spectrum.


Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness: Don't let the terminolgy confuse you. Words are only labels

Occultists have given these levels names or labels. The labels vary from one school of thought to another. This is confusing in itself. We shall call them as follows (in accordance with those names chosen by George Meek in his 1980 publication, After We Die- What Then?) Here they are :

the physical body,

the etheric body,

the lower-astral body (also known as the emotional body)

the intermediate-astral body,

the higher astral body.

And interpenetrating these, at even subtler levels :

the mental-causal,

the celestial.

You’ll note that the word ‘body’ is not mentioned with these last two. That will be further explained.

Every thought has its emotional counterpart.  The spectra of colour is constantly changing, subject to the thoughts that traverse us in our thinking.
Every thought has its emotional counterpart. The spectra of colour is constantly changing, subject to the thoughts that traverse us in our thinking.

We live on several levels at the same time

We already live in each of these levels. Yes, right now. We straddle the lot. In a very general way we have a physical body held together by an etheric magnetic field, which contains within it our emotions (held within our lower-astral bodies) and our thoughts (held within our intermediate and higher astral bodies) When it comes to our intuititive processes and to our creativity the situation becomes even more nebulous. It seems, the subtler our upwards bodily progression, the less and less personal to us, as ego entities, these bodies become. They lose their personal significance. They’re no longer deemed important. Our personal concepts of what and who we are are, in this physical world, are largely determined by the contents of the lower bodies. We sense with our physical body. We feel and experience our emotions with our lower-astral or emotional body. We immerse ourselves in ‘compulsive thought’ which draws us into identifying with our lower and intermediate mind-bodies. It is this identification process which causes us not only to be human, but to bring along with it all of our human travails.

Our Search for Happiness...How are you doing?...

Here we come to the end of the first half of Chapter One in my book, Inner Quest - Our Search for Happiness, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

If you've enjoyed what is written here and would like more, then let me know, eh? This is just one segment of a whole volume.

Be happy.



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    Kevin Morgan 

    7 years ago

    Hi! Liked your article, which I linked to my blog and I used one of your figures with all due linking. Hope that was ok? This post will come out tomorrow under the title "Relaxed Strength Is Stronger Than Tense Strength, But Does Chi Exist?" Hope my short post is acceptable to you. -k @FitOldDog


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