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Real Vampires: Who or what are they?

Updated on March 10, 2013

Vampires, Who or what are they?

Vampires. We've all heard of them. But few of us know the truth.Who or what are they? Are they really the dangerous blood thirsty beasts that media, movies, and myths have portrayed them to be? Are they repelled by garlic or crosses and sleep in coffins? Are they immortal?

If you haven't realized by now, myths are stories that exaggerate the truth. Lets face it, we love the drama, and the media knows it. How do you think they keep the money rolling in?

The word Vampire is just that. A word. It's been overused and dramatized for centuries, which has led people to believe that such a thing simply does not exist. Well, they do. But not in the since that myths have led us to believe.

We are human. Therefore we feel as though we need labels to describe the things around us. But with this article its time to lay down the stereotypes. Lets throw down some facts.

1. Vampire's are not immortal

At least not the way you think. You see. We are all immortal. We are not our body, Nor are we our mind, and you all should know that. We are not an empty vessel so to say. We are mind, body, and spirit all put together. Spirit is pure energy, our emotions and feelings is this energy being expressed. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So, simply put. when we die, We can't 'NOT' exist. Therefore. We are all immortal in this sense.

Vampire's are human just the same as the rest of us. All made up of the same stuff. The body can die in all the natural causes that the rest of us can. They need not be burned to be killed or stabbed through the heart. Nor are they repelled by crosses, holy water, garlic, etc. Which most likely originated from religions assuming that they were evil.

Vampire's are not evil

Vampire's are not any more evil then ordinary man can be. It doesn't matter what your title. In this world, there seems to be good people and bad people. In reality its the people on track and people who are lost. We all have our own paths. Whether your a Vampire, Priest, Man, or Woman.

They also don't go to hell. There is no such place. In this realm we experience ourselves in relativity. We learn who we are based on these things. One thing cannot exist without its opposite. As we grew to realized this, we automatically assumed that there had to be an opposite of God, "satan" and an opposite of Heaven, "hell." but there is not. We all will come back home and continue our journey as planned.

Vampire's are not all Gothic.

Again this is stereotypical. Not all Vampire's are Gothic We are all here for one main reason. To learn who we are in the world, and to fully express ourselves to our full potential. We are all the same people, learning and changing constantly.

Vampire's do yearn for "Life Blood"

Vampire's don't stalk or kill anybody. They are not scary beasts with fangs who snatch up any victim they can.

They do however, either feed from themselves, also called "Auto-vamping" or find a willing donor, who fully agrees to help out. Sometimes even eating rare steak seems to lessen the need.

They don't need to drain an entire body or anything like that. Its like anything else really. Only a few swallows will fill the "need." but if they were to adapt to greater quantities then they will feel the need to have this quantity. Much like drinking alcohol. In all reality they only need a small amount about once every month or couple months.

Most of them feel this need as a pain or "hunger" in their chest. They do eat and drink the same stuff as we do.

But why do they feel this need? I'm getting to that part.

What is a Vampire?

Now that we covered the most popular assumptions. Lets discuss what a Vampire really is.

We all have heard of reincarnation. Not many believe in it. But a lot of us do, and I will soon write another Hub on this subject later ;D

Reincarnation is when the soul has learned all that it could about itself and leaves the body when it dies to return back home. When its/we are ready, we return again, starting a new life to learn through experience a new set of things.

So what is a Vampire you ask?

It's when a very eager soul decides its time to return back again before It is good and ready. As it returns to Earth it is stuck between this life and the life before, which can be very confusing when the mind cannot understand it. It recalls other lives and awakens to a new understanding. They feel like they don't belong, because the soul knows that its time on Earth is very limited. This leaves the person/vampire feeling very unsatisfied and drawn to the idea of 'life blood' which seems to quince the need, if even for a little while.

Most Vamps don't realize who they are or why they are. So most die a young life. But again. They are no different then anyone else. Its all crazy how they even became known as "Vampires" but we could simply call them something else and they would still be who they are.


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