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Realizing time managment and developing structure

Updated on November 3, 2013

Make your list

Start your progress with something simple, make time at night to make a to do list for the following day. Make your first list of your average day and allocate a time it takes you to do everything, include everything from taking a shower, working, right down to watching TV. Once you have done this allocate a priority to the tasks and activities you do in the day. Once your list is complete take a outside prospective and see just how much time you actually do have spare and where your priorities lie.

The time you take to do tasks suddenly seem to seem strange and the efforts you make may seem a stray, simple things like cleaning the house or eating, these are essentials but you may realise the time your taking to do these is longer than they should be.

Change from more than within

Willing to change your time is usually much more than just making or using extra time for a minor purpose, usually it reflects a change in a person or a big change in someones life. Changing your time management drastically will take more than just a calender that you write on or a simple to do list. There's an old saying which I personally enjoy and that is "organize your surroundings and your mind will follow". You've already made a change from within that is why your wanting to change on the outside and your here looking for resolution. Now it's time for you to change everything around you, organize yourself from the people you choose to spend time with to choosing better influences from TV shows to book and magazines.

Change is not easy, cutting out bad influences can hurt but it will be for the best, you will not change until everything around you evolves with you, this means people, atmosphere and even foods.


Many people eat what and when they want, sure it is nice living like this but it is careless, like wondering into a road without looking. Structure your food to your lifestyle, it's not rocket science that your lifestyle needs a specific diet and timing to match what you do. This doesn't mean you need to change your diet every day to match tasks, use a little common sense, if your going to the gym for 7pm there is no reason for you to eat food after 4pm so fill the time with something productive. Find a diet that works with your average lifestyle, you should feel good when you find the right one.

More structure

Everybody needs to know as many forms of structure to manage their time efficiently. Write yourself a to do list every morning that corresponds with a long term diary. One problem lots of people make for themselves is they plan too fare ahead and fill the day in weeks in advance, this is a big mistake because sometimes something comes up you just can't refuse. This means the priority is higher than what your currently doing which means your then left to re-structure the entire day that may run over to the next day in the diary. Leave space where you can ideally as close to the present as possible but always still referring to your priority to tasks first.

As modern society and technology develops so should we, yes the old way still work but there are a lot of new tools that really make our workload and structure more simple. The Ipad, Iphone and android phones are great tools that make it easy to track what we are doing, remind us what we should be doing and keep us on track with minor luggage.

Useful app's for organization and structure

Wunderlist-to-do & task list

This app is easy to use and best of all it's free!

This is a great app for managing your daily to do lists, you can share lists with friends, family etc and is great for team projects and deadlines to remind your team. Upgrades are needed to use the full potential of this app when linking between friends business etc.

Calendars by Readdle - snycs with Google calender

This app comes highly recommended with great reviews and for me is the best free app to use for organizing your time further in advance. The apps interface is highly unique and functional to move things around, this app requires IOS 6 and up to function.

Priorities app

This app costs £1.99 on the android and apple market and is well worth the small investment for apple users. This app is ideal for linking tasks and to do lists between your apple devices, all linked they will alert and organize together so you, friends, family or business associates can link together on apple device to set tasks, reminders etc.

These are just a few I personal have used and find useful, there are many more on the market that might suit you better. Simply visit the app stores on your phone/tablet etc and check the productivity category to find the best apps, sections like business, food & health may also be useful.

Round up

You don't need to go as deep as organizing and changing every aspect of your life, how fare you go all comes down to what you want. Simple organization can just be done from the apps above and help you structure your time. Some of you may be looking for drastic change, just remember it takes more than structure to grow and become successful, organize the people around you, the foods you eat and change what influences you from movies etc.

Organizing your time will help towards success and happiness, just follow these basic steps to start becoming more organized, being organized will give you more time and efficiency in what your doing, in time this will determine your edge for making more times and getting that edge for success.

Time is something we are all short on, use it wisely and use it right.


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    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 4 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the advice Au fait :) I didnt realize this error.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      Good advice to look at one's life and time from a different perspective. That's a good way to solve all kinds of problems or improve situations -- try to see it from different angles.

      Voted up and useful!

      Beyond this specific article, may I make a recommendation to you? I note that you have published 31 hubs, yet only about 10 are visible and available here on your profile page to be read.

      To correct that, go to your profile page. Click on "Edit Profile." Go to almost the bottom of that page where it says "Show only Featured Hubs on my profile:" Click on the 'NO' box and then all of your hubs will be visible again on your profile page.

      I realize they have been idled, which is why they aren't showing, but that's no reason not to make them available for readers interested in them. After all your work of writing them, let people who wish to read them do so. The advertising remains on them, so benefit all you can from them even though they are not currently indexed by Google.

    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 4 years ago from UK

      I know a lot of this is basic and obvious but I hope it may help one or two people as it has for me.