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Who Am I

Updated on May 22, 2011

We are talking about the entity that makes you you. What is the thing that truly decides who you are? Here, we rule out the things that can't be it inclusive of all those which although take a contribution to your will, but don't decide what you are in the true sense.

Let’s think rationally. Whatever it is it can't be different for different people. God gives equal opportunity to everyone. God is logical as is his manifestation, i.e. this universe.

Is it your thinking, your belief in God, your religious practice, your unique abilities or your knowledge which makes you you?

Thinking affects your actions, but it is incomplete without manifestation. Your perceptions also change with time and most importantly your thinking is affected by the society you live in.

So your thinking is not you. Your belief in a personal God also doesn't changes that you are, because the truth remains the same whether you accept it or not. Your religious practice also builds your values and moral system. But, because the basic teaching of all religions is the same and it isn't very specific to a person, so that is not what you are.

Then, let’s talk about one's unique abilities and knowledge. Unique abilities or possessions change your deserving position in humanity and affect your thinking but even they don't decide who you are.

It is your choices and action which make you you. That is the only power we humans have and that is what distinguishes us from other people and God. The world is the same for all of us, but it’s just my choice which makes me myself and affects the entire world. That is why it is said that we should decide a person only by knowing his actions.


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