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Eleven Reasons To Live

Updated on April 1, 2015

Have you ever wondered about, or are you wondering right now, why you need to live? You might have - if not now - at some point in your life, especially if you have been feeling down and depressed, or are prone to suicidal thoughts. Life isn't easy at most times, but it is especially tough when things aren't going your way, personally or financially. We often ask ourselves this question then and wonder whether there are any good reasons to live at all. The assumption of course is that we don't matter and we are just an insignificant dot in the ocean that is the world. If you feel this way, then may be you need to find your reasons to live. Far too many people just give up and take their own lives – such a shame really! They just don’t put a value to their lives – they take the easy way out! When I feel down and despondent, I ask myself for my reasons to live and I find many. You should too! Most times, we just assume that there aren't any, but how about reflecting and finding those reasons - they are there, believe me, you just have to look!


Reasons For Living When You Feel Depressed or Suicidal

Reason to Live 1: You are Unique!

Yes, that's right. There is no one like you in this world. You are unique, one of a kind, special. Isn't that a good enough reason to live? The world has been enriched immensely by unique people - people who have given the world something that no one else could. You could be that person. You'd never know if you don't live long enough to find out.

Reason to Live 2: For the Ones who Love You!

There couldn't be a better reason to live than to live for the people who love you. You may think no one loves you, but chances are there are lots of people who do love you and care for you - just look around you without the fog of negative thoughts clouding your mind and you’d find them. They haven't been hiding away, but perhaps your depression and sadness don't allow you to see them!

Reason to Live 3: For you Don’t Want to Hurt the Ones who Love You!

Would you want your loved ones to be hurt? Would you want your parents, your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, your children, your friends to suffer unbearable pain with your one action, which might have been easy for you to take, but would leave behind countless casualties in terms of the continuing pain your loved ones would suffer. Is that what you want? Think for a moment and ask yourself. I am sure you’d come to the conclusion that taking your own life isn’t worth it. Nothing good would come out of it for the ones you leave behind, who love you!!

Reason to Live 4: For you are not a Coward!

Yes, you may not think you are a coward for taking away your own life, but others will. Would you want your family and loved ones to think that you were cowardly in choosing the easy way out by taking your life? Would you want all those who’ve known you to think that you were a coward? I am sure you wouldn’t want them to think that, so why would you want to commit suicide? Not worth it at all!!

Reason to Live 5: For Sharing Your Talent with the World!

You may think you don't possess any talent, any skill, but its hardly ever the truth that a person possess no skill, no talent. It is more likely that you haven't discovered that talent or skill yet. So, find that talent and share your creativity with the world. You may have much to contribute to the world - you wouldn't know if you don't give yourself a chance.

Reason to Live 6: For Life is not one Steep Downward Spiral!

Life is akin to a roller coaster ride. It is rarely a smooth ride. There are ups and downs and it is inevitable. When things are going downhill, the worst you can do is to assume that's how it is going to be forever. It rarely turns out that way. If you just persevere, you'd find better, happier days ahead, coming off really tough times. You wouldn't find the happier days if you didn't survive the bad ones. So, don't give up and struggle through the bad times, for you can be sure that better days are ahead!!

Reason to Live 7: For Fulfilling Your Unfulfilled Dreams!

Everyone has unfulfilled dreams and I don’t think you are an exception. Think of all those things you so wanted to do, but couldn’t. Wouldn’t you want to do all of those things? I am sure you want to, isn’t it? Then, why would you want to end it all? There couldn’t be a better reason to live than to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams. Think about what you’ve always dreamt about and wanted to do so bad and live to fulfill all of those dreams. Life is short – it is to be lived and lived fully – it certainly isn’t to be wasted by an act of weakness and confusion.

Reason to Live 8: Because you are a Parent!

If you are the father or mother to a child, there couldn’t be a more important reason to live than to live to take care of them and raise them well. I don’t understand how some parents can end it all when they know they leave kids behind? Does your need to throw in the towel and quit surpass the needs of the children you fathered or mothered? I would think – never!

Reason to Live 9: To Experience Things You Haven’t Yet!

There may be so many things you haven’t experienced yet. One could be parenthood. If you aren’t a parent yet, one reason to live could be to become a parent some day. Bringing up a child is one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences in life and I am sure a good enough reason to look forward to and not end it all. The same can be said about being a grandparent – it is something worth living for and looking forward to! Think about the many experiences you’ve not yet had and set yourself the goal of experiencing them all!

Reason to Live 10: To Know The Exciting Things the Future May Bring!

My last article was about why we haven’t been visited by aliens so far - as in an event that is seen by all and not doubted by any. A first contact between us and aliens that the media would cover, so there’d be no arguing about evidence, etc.

Wouldn’t that be an exciting event to live to see? Now, I know the chances of that happening may not be too high, but it isn’t zero either. Besides, there could be so many exciting inventions, new gadgets. You’d surely want to hang around to see all of that for yourself, wouldn’t you? I feel this is a very good reason to live. Personally, I am very excited about the future – to know what exciting things lay ahead of us!!

Reason to Live 11: To Make a Difference to the World!

You can make a difference, not necessarily by inventing something (you can do that of course), but you can also make a difference by just volunteering for a needy cause. This isn't technical and something just about anyone can do. So, why not make a difference by doing things such as these than give up and end it all? Wouldn't it be a much better use of our short lives in this world?

There are just 11 reasons to live. There are many, many more reasons that you would find, only if you looked around you and draw upon your personal experiences and circumstances. My personal outlook towards life is that life is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. There have been many situations in my own life when I’ve questioned why I should live, but I am glad that I found my reasons to live.

Today, when I look back, I wonder why I thought those thoughts of perhaps giving up and choosing the easy way out and die. For, if I had gone ahead and just died, I wouldn’t see the wonderful days that I see now. I wouldn’t have lived to see my daughter’s beautiful smile. I wouldn’t have had the joy of raising my daughter, or known of how much joy that can bring.

Committing suicide is not a spontaneous act – it is a choice that you make. I hope you make the choice to live, for your life is precious - if not for you - for the many around you. Things may be tough now, but it won’t be always that way. Stay the course and fight your struggles – some day far in the future, you’d look back and say to yourself that you made the right decision in not going through!


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    • Shil1978 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Ty-j2, it is quite often a brief moment of hopelessness and weakness that results in people taking the extreme step of taking their own lives.

      Unfortunately, during this time that they feel most weak and vulnerable, most often, there are not people around them who can help and reassure and counsel them.

      Interesting article you quote - am not surprised by the views of the survivors. That's most often the case. Thanks for sharing what you read and thanks much for stopping by and commenting here!!

    • ty-j2 profile image


      7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Nice Hub Shil. I read an article a couple of weeks ago where several survivors were interviewed who had attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a tall structure. It was eerie that to a person, they immediately regretted their decision and realised that any problem they had they could fix...except for the fact that they had just jumped off a ledge or building or bridge. Something to ponder.

    • Shil1978 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you, natures47friend, for stopping by and commenting. You are welcome! We just have so much to live for that we sometimes forget, unfortunately, and need a bit of reminding. I feel incredibly saddened to see people take their own lives, when they have so much to give this world and contribute.

      I just hope people who are looking for reasons to live find their own reason to live and live, than give up!! Thanks again for stopping by this hub and stay positive and strong!!

    • natures47friend profile image


      7 years ago from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand.

      Thank you for the reminders...It is sometimes a struggle, especially with a stubborn child who will be going to highschool next year....and has a list of Xmas things she would like.Great hub! You go on picking people up and keep being positive!

    • Shil1978 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks, thranax - glad you liked it!

    • thranax profile image


      8 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Good list.



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