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Reasons Why Learning a Second Language is Important

Updated on September 13, 2017
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Back in high school learning a language was part of your curriculum and it totally sucked. You stumbled through and managed a passing grade. After graduation, it was forgotten like yesterday’s news until ……


Reason #1

Reality sets in as you fill out that job application. One of the questions are:

How many languages do you speak? How many are you fluent?

Uh-Oh! Now it begins to make sense. Most organizations deal internationally and prefer employees who are fluent in at least one language or who are willing to learn another language where necessary.


Reason #2

You are vacationing abroad and packed your trusty little pocket dictionary. The only problem is that the dictionary offers individual words and not phrases to help you communicate. Phrases are groups of words known as idiomatic expressions – for example, in Italian the ground floor is pianterrena – on the ground floor would be al pianterrena; hence, while you scramble through the pages of your pocket dictionary looking for the right word(s), the nice European has already sniffed you out as a tourist and does his/her best to point you in the right direction. Being fluent saves time and energy.


Reason #3

This is a given. My maternal granddad came from Italy to America to begin a new life and married my grandmother who was American born but spoke fluent Italian. My mom was born in the United States, spoke perfect English; however, since she conversed most of the time in Italian, English, became her secondary language, making her bi-lingual. The family spoke a dialect, yet it was interesting and educational to listen and learn from them.


Reason #4

If you already speak a language and have small children or grand-kids, get them involved and teach them how to speak the language. This becomes an educational and fun experience, along with the family dinners and gatherings. It also prepares them for the future.

If your children are in high school or college, encourage them to take a language. Language is a powerful tool, looks super impressive on a resume and advantageous both socially and in the workplace.


Methods of Learning a Second Language

The first thing that comes to mind is the cost for learning a second language. Online courses are free but they cover only the basics and individual words.

College language courses are available but finding one to fit your budget is a search in itself

I found Rosetta Stone to be the best and used worldwide. Rosetta Stone offers an interactive demo for individuals, educators and corporations. They offer two choices – software which can be downloaded or a CD Rom Set and offer different levels of language, depending on your needs and reasonably priced.

Rosetta Stone is about learning at your pace in the comfort of your own home. If you need support, the Rosetta Stone Team is available 24/7.

Please note that not every headset and microphone is compatible with the Rosetta Stone online course. After much research and frustration, my search brought me back to "the source", Rosetta Stone, itself.

My Recommendation

I recommend the CD-ROM. It is a physical unit, giving you better control over it as opposed to the online download. Technology can be fickle and glitches are very common; hence, downloads can disappear or get hacked.

Despite the mixed reviews of Rosetta Stone's support, I can assure you from my personal experience that both sales and customer service will move mountains to ensure customer satisfaction.

Rosetta Stone also have discounts to help keep you on budget.

Rosetta Stone - Software and CD-ROM SET


You owe it to yourself to broaden your horizon.


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    • Craypoe profile image

      Bob Craypoe 5 weeks ago from New Jersey

      I've always found that learning different languages to be interesting. I know some Spanish, French, German, Latin and Russian. I'm not fluent in any of them though. I just like comparing both the similarities and differences between the various languages.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 5 weeks ago

      Good points about the advantages of a second language. Unfortunately I don't have a talent for languages. The little I know of some languages has paid off a couple of times. One time I was trying to explain a concept to a native Russian speaker. I found it easiest to use a Russian phrase to explain it. I think it may have freaked her out a bit since she frequently spoke Russian with other Russian speakers in the office.

    • Mamerto profile image

      Mamerto I Relativo Jr 6 weeks ago from Cabuyao

      I agree on this, in my field learning new languages is an advantage. I work in a multinational company and our department head is a Korean. Well I never learned Korean language, but being a Filipino speaking in English help us to communicate with him (our Korean head is fluent in English). There are also chances where expats from another country will visit, and we need to speak with them.