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Six reasons why Teachers should not date with their Students

Updated on August 6, 2017

I have been a teacher for the past 6 years, teaching secondary school students.I have experienced several issues with in teaching as my main job. Some of these issues i have been experiencing is dating or close relationship between some students and some teachers in schools.We all know that dating in schools is strictly prohibited by the government or law.

Six reasons why teachers should not date students.

  • Dating is a kind of romantic or sexual relationship in which two people establishes and meet socially. Dating students may results into several problems, both for a teacher and a student, however, statics shows that male teachers are the ones who are highly rating to date female students. Few of male teachers are dating male students.
  • The following may be the outcomes of having dating male students or female students in a given institution.

Teaching ethics violations.

  • When a teacher establish sexual relationship with a student, he or she is violating the ethics of being a teacher, in another words i can say that he is not qualified to be a full teacher. This is because teaching ethics strictly prohibit involvement of teachers in sexual relationship with their students. Even the government is strictly against this issues in both private and public schools.

A student will perform poorly your subject

  • This means that, if you are teaching that student, she or he will actually fail in your subject, this is because she or he will never pay attention when teaching him or her, instead she or he will keeping thinking about you. This will completely make her or him fail in your subject and much more worse thing is , the failure might not only be in your subject but also other subjects from other teachers.

May result into unwanted pregnancy

  • This is commonly to female students, that is a female students who has sexual relationship may be impregnated and this might be the end of her journey of studying, as she might be a mother, and once she become a mother then she will only be busy with caring the baby. In another side of the teacher who caused such situation, he will rote in a jail, this depend on the country's laws. Example in Tanzania, once a teacher or civilian impregnate the student, he will be accused and sent to jail and spend about 30 year in jail.


The teacher will lose his her job

  • Having dating with a student, may results into losing your job when you get caught and or impregnate a student. This is for male teachers, that is when a male teacher date a student and unfortunately impregnate her, he might lose his job as he will be sent to jail for about 30 years, depending on the country's law. Example in Tanzania when you are a civil servant and go against or violate some of the laws, then you get caught and put in jail for couple of month, then you are subjected as the one who is disqualified to serve the government. For that case you will lose your job.


  • Dating with a student will result into being not respected by the one who you are dating with or by other students if they may find out. This may lead to poor academic performance of your students as they cant pay attention to you when teaching them, this is because of the absence of social distance between you teacher and your students.

May result into conflicts

  • Dating with your student may results into different conflicts due to different reasons, example, you may have personal conflict, if you will impregnate the student as you will always think how will you solve that case of being impregnate her. Another conflict may rose when the student you date has another teacher or student dating her or him, so you may enter into a conflict when they tend to find out. Another conflict may come from the students parents or guardians when thing will goes wrong, i mean when you impregnate the student and her family find out that you are the one who cause such situation, then you are at risk for causing such great burden.


  • Generally, dating with students in a given institution is violation of teaching ethics and government Law which sometimes may results into many chaos than the above mentioned. if you are a teacher or civilian, please ! adhere to the country's law and if you are a teacher, adhere to the teaching ethics.


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    • peter Michael kil profile image

      Kiluwasha 7 months ago from Tanzania

      These are the reasons for why you should stop immediately