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IITs, IIMs and CFTIs Teaching Faculty: Revised Pay Package

Updated on October 17, 2013

Pay Committee (Govardhan Mehta Committee) was constituted by MHRD vide notification no. 9-4/2007=TS.I, dated 29-8-08/2-09-08 to consider the revision of pay of the faculty and Scientific/Design staff of the Central Technical Institutes which submitted its report on February 07, 2009 to MHRD for consideration. Based on feedback from the faculty of IIM, IIT, NITs, IISC and ISM, committee reviewed the existing pay structure and made the recommendations which are summarized below.

Designations & Scales of Pay

A. Institutions that follow a Four-Tier Faculty Structure

1. Lecturer: The post of lecturer is to be filled on contractual basis with candidates who possess either a M.Tech if belong to engineering discipline or a Ph.D. if they have pursued their career in science stream. Selected candidates will be placed in PB-3 (Rs 15600-39100) with a grade pay of Rs 7000. A provision of advanced increments as per the qualification was made to award 3 advance increments to M. Tech & 6 advance increments to Ph.D. to attract the talent and fill up the vacancies. Further, an incentive in the form of 3 advance increments to those candidates who improve their qualification to Ph.D. while in service.

Comparative benefits over UGC teachers:

1). 7 advance increments as compared to 5 in case of UGC teachers

2). Movement to Assoc. Prof. After 9 yrs compared to 12 yrs for UGC teachers

3). 13 yrs for movement to Professor post compared to 15 yrs in case of UGC teachers

4). Movement to Senior Professor after 6 years as compared to 10 yrs in case of UGC

5). A cumulative Professional allowance of Rs 3.0 lakh for 3 years as compared to none for UGC incumbent

2. Assistant Professor:

Scale of Pay: Rs 15600-39100) with AGP of 8000, Minimum basic of Rs 30,000 inclusive of advance increments plus AGP of 8000.


Ph.D. with first class or equivalent at the preceding degree with a very good academic and research publication record and a minimum of 2 years’ post Ph.D. teaching/research/industrial experience

After successful induction period of 3 years in PB-3 with AGP of Rs 8000 or total of 5 years’ post Ph.D. experience- move to PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of Rs 9000

A candidate with Ph.D. qualification and 5 years’ of post Ph.D. experience/Ph.D with a total of 10 years’ teaching/research/industrial experience could be directly appointed to the position of Assistant Professor in PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of Rs 9000

HAG Scales to 40% of IIT, IIM Professors

6th Pay recommendations

Professors were recommended an additional grade pay of Rs 12000 in the pay band-4 but the it was only for 40% professors of an institute based on their performance.

Latest decision of HRD Ministry

The new higher HAG scale (Rs 67000-79000) will be given to same 40% without any additional grade pay.

Professors who fail to get HAG scale, will be placed in the scale of Rs 37400-67000 and would be eligible for the additional grade pay of Rs 10500 to Rs 12000.

Only 20% Professors of NITs, ISM Dhanbad and School of Planning & Architecture, will be given new HAG scale.

New scale are implemented from August 18, 2009.

3. Associate Professor:

Scale of Pay: PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of 10000 and minimum of basic pay fixed at Rs 43000


Ph.D. with 8 years’ of experience of which at least 3 years at the level of Assistant Professor

4. Professor:

Scale of Pay:

PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of 11000 and Minimum basic to be fixed at Rs 48000

Eligible for AGP of Rs 12000 after 5 years’ experience


A minimum of 10 years’ experience of which at least 5 years as Associate Professor

Institute Professor:

Extraordinary academic achievements

Leading person in the subject

Minimum basic pay of Rs 62,000 and an AGP of Rs 13000

At least 10 years’ experience as Professor

According to Memo: F. No. 23-112008-TS.11, dated 22-9-09:

"The experience required for the post of Professors should be 'a minimum of 10 years' experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in IIT's, IISC

Bangalore, IIMs, NITlE Mumbai and IISERs or at an equivalent level in any such other Indian or foreign institution/institutions of comparable standards as,may be so decided by the Institute.

2. Associate Professor

Scale of Pay: PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of 10000 and minimum of basic pay fixed at Rs 43000

After 6 years of service eligible for promotion to Professor


Ph.D. with 5 years’ post Ph.D. experience of which at least 3 years at the level of Assistant Professor

3. Professor:

Scale of Pay:

PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of 11000 and Minimum basic to be fixed at Rs 43000

Eligible for AGP of Rs 11000 after 5 years’ experience

After 8 years , 25% of the Professors may be upgraded to AGP of Rs 12000


A minimum of 10 years’ experience of which at least 5 years as Associate Professor


PB-4 with AGP of Rs 11000 and a minimum basic pay of Rs 48000

Tour to IIT Kharagpur

B. Institutes having 3-tier structure

1. Assistant Professor:

PB-3 (Rs 15600-39100) with AGP of Rs 7000

3 advance increments to M. Tech & 6 advance increments to Ph.D.

3 advance increments to lecturers who complete Ph.D. while in service

Minimum qualification for appointment: M. Tech in Engineering & Ph.D. in Science, Social Science and Humanities

Assistant Professors with M. Tech

After 5 years >>PB-3 AGP 8000 after successful evaluation

After additional 7 years’ experience >>PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP 9000 after successful evaluation

B. Institutes having 3-tier structure

Assistant Professors with Ph.D.

After 3 years >>PB-3 AGP 8000 after successful evaluation

After additional 5 years’ experience >>PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP 9000 after successful evaluation and be designated as Associate Professor

Existing Lecturers (SG) without Ph.D.

Who have completed 3 years in Rs 12000-18300 as on 1.1.2006 will be placed in PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000) at appropriate stage as per 6CPC /UGC with AGP of Rs 9000

Those yet not eligible to be in AGP of Rs 8000 shall retain the designation of Assistant Professor till they become eligible for PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000)

Pay Fixation Formula

- As per 6CPC

Professional Development Allowance

- Rs 4 lakhs for a period of 3 years on reimbursable basis (Rs 1.0 lakh forfirst year & 1.5 lakh each during 2nd and 3rd year

Start up research grant:

Rs 15 lakh to fresh entrants


- Should be restricted to 52 days

Allowances and benefits

- All allowances as admissible to Central Govt. employees

- Shall be applicable w.e.f. 1.9.2008

Annual increments

- 3 – 4% (25% of faculty in various categories may be given 4% annual increment)

As per the notification (No. F. NO. 23-1/2008 -TS.11; dated 16-9-09), the following changes were made:

As per the modifications the post of 'Lecturer-cum-Post Doctoral Fellows' will be re-designated as 'Assistant Professor'. Other terms and conditions of appointment will remain same.

On completion of 3 years of service, Assistant Professors shall move to Pay Band of Rs 37400-67000 (PB 4) with an Academic Grade Pay (AGP) of Rs 9000 and will continue to be designated as Assistant Professor.

'A Ph.D with first class at the preceding degree' shall be the minimum qualification for all faculty

The age of superannuation of Librarians, the cadre of Physical Education Personnel of Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTls); and Registrar and Finance Officer will be at par with faculty of UGC i.e 62 yrs from 16th September, 2009


Appointment of lecturers – for a maximum period of 3 years - as Lecturer – cum – PDF

To be placed - in PB-3 (Rs 15600 – 39100, AGP Rs 6000)

Seven non-compounded advance increments

Move to AGP of Rs 7000 after one year of post Ph.D. experience

Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS):

As per the reliable sources, Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS) is finalised for IITs. It has two components: PRIS(O)+PRIS(I). PRIS(O) is for organization amounting 10%, 15% or 20% (of the Basic Pay + AGP/GP). All new IITs are entitled to 10%. PRIS(I) is for individuals and distributed as follows: Top 10% to be given 30% Next 20% to be given 20% and Next 40% to be given 10% (of the Basic + AGP/GP). Interestingly, there will be no role of designation while deciding PRIS(I). It will be awarded on the basis of research, research guidance, teaching, consultancy, resource generation through sponsored research, etc. So, in IITs one can fetch a minimum 10% to maximum 50% of Basic+AGP through PRIS irespective of designation.

Appointment of Assist. Professors – in PB-3 (Rs 15600 – 39100, AGP Rs 8000)

Minimum of Assist. Prof. - to be fixed at Rs 30,000

Must have Ph.D. with 3 years experience to be appointed as Assist. Prof.

Appointment of Assoc. Prof. In PB -4 (Rs 37400 -67000, AGP Rs 9500)

Minimum pay of direct recruits to be fixed - at Rs 42800

Minimum of 6 years experience (3 yrs as Assist. Prof/Sr Scientific Officer/Senior Design Engr.)


Direct recruited Professors will be placed in PB-4 (Rs 37400-67000, AGP Rs 10500)

Minimum of direct recruited Professor to be fixed at Rs 48000

40% of Professors will be eligible for AGP of Rs 12000 after six years in AGP Rs 10500 on performance evaluation

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    • crusador profile image

      crusador 3 years ago

      Dear Vijay, it's a policy matter. Government has introduced New Pension Scheme and this shows that government is interested to get rid of pension system. In my opinion, possibilities are remote of converting CPF to pension.

    • profile image

      K Vijay 3 years ago

      Any scope for extending pension to erstwhile CPF holders

    • profile image

      Sarathi 4 years ago


      Could any one let me know about the teaching pressure at IITs.

    • profile image

      concrete 4 years ago

      Indian education, too much theory and less innovation,, Pure Business,

    • profile image

      Manasa 4 years ago

      Can you please tell me the minimun qualification for asst. professor post in IITs and NITs and the recruitment procedure

    • profile image

      Vijay Kaladhar 5 years ago

      Is there any ftresh news on extending old pension scheme to CPF people in NITs.

      Vijay K

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 5 years ago

      Dr Rajan, Please click the link or paste this link in the browser. Online calculator for pensioners is available there. You have to provide figures related to your records and it will automatically calculate your pension.

    • profile image

      Dr.T.S.Rajan 5 years ago


      I retired from NITT (former RECT) in 1990 as Prof. How do I calculate my pension? Pl. help me.

      T.S. Rajan

      (Senior citizen at 80+)


    • profile image

      prathima 5 years ago

      Dear sir

      what are the fecilities involved in doing ph.d staffs? are they give any incentives for participating seminoars?

    • profile image

      Arpan Kar 5 years ago

      Can anyone send me the current payscale in IIM faculty?

    • profile image

      Singh 6 years ago

      Can some one convey the status of Sarangi Committee on Pay anomaly of NITs?

    • profile image

      Mohinder Pal 6 years ago

      With due respect I want to know that is there any logic not to recommend pay scales for all the supporting staff of technical/teaching institutes by the AICTE/UGC as it is done only for the teaching staff please………..?Is it not discrimination by the GURUs who are members of the UGC/AICTE?

    • profile image

      Mahesh Kumar Pawar 6 years ago

      I have joined as lecturer in october 2007 in engineering college what will be fixation of my pay according to aicte

    • profile image

      srinivas 6 years ago

      I think we should file RTI to know how many patents have been filed by IIT/NIT Faculty in last 30 years not only filed but also how many commercialised ?

    • profile image

      nalini 6 years ago

      i have completed 15 years of my pension, i heard that if pensioners completed 15 yrs, government is offering some amount. can anyone of u tell that, is it true or rumour?

    • profile image

      bhima b kuchhadiya 7 years ago

      As per aicte vith pay notification, what should be the designation and pay band for current assistant professor? Does current assistant professor redesignated as associate prof. and shall be in the pay band of 37400-67000 or shall be fixed in other way.

      In the last page of aicte vith pay notification,experience equivalency bet. existing ass. prof & associate prof. is given but no clear statement regarding pay band and redesignation are given.

    • profile image

      lal calicut 7 years ago

      Dear all

      Does anyone know what is the designation of assistant professors recruited after 01-jan-2006 and before implementation of 6th CPC in NIT to the pay scale 12000-420-18000.

      Recently NIT Calicut has conducted interviews to the post of Assistant Professor with Pay band 15600-39100 with AGP 8000. The assistant professors recruited after 2006 were placed in with Pay band 15600-39100 with AGP 8000 without any increments. The candidates who are selected in the interviews conducted in 2010 are given higher gross salary than those selected in 2007 and 2008. They were given the increments for PhD and some of them even got higher pay in pay band (eg: pay of one of the persons for new recruited post is :pay in pay band in the newly recruited post is Rs 30000/- with AGP 8000) . The explanation is that the interview board has recommended higher pay scale. Is there any provision to violate in FR&SR that protects seniority?

    • profile image

      Bindu 7 years ago

      I'm a chemistry lecturer at govt engg college since Aug 2009. At the time of selection I was M.Sc. Chemistry + M.Tech. polymer Technology , which is a interrelated brach of chemistry.Since faculty of engg. & Tech. get two advance increaments for their m.tecg. Degree & humanities and Applied Sc. people get two advance increaments for their M.Phil. Degree. I want to know that should i also get the advance increaments on the basis of my Ilooked for AICTE guidelines but found nothing about for Applied Sc. Plz help me if any body can.

      I'll be highly thankful.

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 7 years ago

      teachers (Reader/Lecturer (SG)) and equivalent non-teaching cadres who have retired prior to 1.1.2006, are eligible to draw pension/family pension in pay band IV (Rs 37400-67000) if they have completed 3 and 5 years service in pre-revised scales of 12000-420-18300, respectively. State Govt. has been informed of the decision and teachers in state universities can now draw revised pension if state govt. agrees to it. This is realy a good news. Congrats.Details are available at:

    • profile image

      Gsshah 7 years ago

      i joined 1996 as post of chargeman,eed,svnit,surat. basic qualification diploma electrical,now i passed B.E ELECTRICAL during job in 2002.but there is no extra increment,promotion or incentive for higher qualification ??? so what is meaning of quality improvement ?? in education institute there is no value of education.....

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