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Recovery in soil

Updated on October 10, 2015

Is it reasonable that? Let us discover .... and wants scientists in obtaining information from citizens in all countries, especially those of information to obtain samples of undiscovered unique environments, such as caves, hot water springs. Scientists say that such places may contain a compound called "Holy Grail" which is produced by bacteria from soil are generally of new vehicles in science.

Scientists recently found that soil containing many types of best antibiotics, which can be used to treat cancer and other diseases such as tuberculosis ... US scientists have called for people in various parts of the world to participate in a campaign to drill in the soil of the Earth vehicles can be converted to new pharmaceutical drugs. According to the BBC, a research team from the University of Rockefeller Rockefeller University study the mud in all the countries of the world, through the analysis of samples taken from the beaches of the forests, and deserts in various parts of the continents, but they need help in order to obtain more samples. Scientists say on their website, which carries the name "drugs of mud" that "the world is a large and we cannot get to all staff. Therefore, we need some assistance in obtaining samples of soil from various parts of the world. The you are interested in doing so, you must register.

Many of them can be extracted new medicinal drugs of soil.. The equivalent of capacity Tea Spoon of soil has a large number of microbes than census human beings on Earth, and that only a small proportion of eighteen.

The researcher "Brady" Sean F. brady to vehicles may represent better derivatives of drugs already exist. It is through a sample excerpted from the spring hot water in New Mexico, scientists reached to the vehicles are similar to those of vehicles, which produces "Iboksmaysan", a molecule normally used as a starting point for a number of cancer drugs.

Scientists reached through samples from Brazil to hereditary genes may allow new versions of another important to treat the cancer known as "Bleomaesen". In the soil of South America West scientists hope to reach similar vehicles with UFT "Rifampicin" which may help in the treatment of tuberculosis. Extracts of many drugs that we use today of mud such as antibiotics Penicillin and Fnsso Maysan.


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