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Recycle Your Mobile and Protect Environment

Updated on January 4, 2011

Recycling Protects the Environment

Recycling mobile phones that are unused and old helps protect the environment in many ways. Prolonging the life by reusing old phones avoid producing a new phone. This help minimizing the depletion of resources, save energy, and prevents the emission of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.

Most of the used phones are resold and reused while the balance are recycled to extract valuable materials. There are some materials that can be dangerous to health if released to the environment. Recycling cellphones that are old and unused is a good business that is environment friendly and profitable. The people who want to upgrade their phones can sell old mobile phones at a very good price because the recycling old phones has become a competitive business.

Used Mobile Phones for Recycling

Harmful Substances That can Cause Environmental Pollution

When the used mobile phones are thrown into garbage bins they may end up in landfills. The toxic substances like Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead can be released to the environment that may cause health problems. The plastics and some other materials in the phones may produce toxic gases if simply put in the incinerators. Therefore the reuse, refurbishing and reusing, recycling to recover usable, nonrenewable and valuable metals is a big step towards the protection of the environment.

The heavy metals are toxic and damage the cells in the body and affect the proper functioning of organs like liver, kidneys, spleen. They affect the brain and the nervous system too. Following are some harmful substances that may pollute the environment and become health hazards.

Brominated compounds
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Process of Recycling Used Mobile Phones

A fair percentage of working mobile phones given for recycling are resold or given away as charity to poor countries. The phones with cracks, scratches etc are refurbished with new covers and they too are resold for reuse. Some are recycled to recover precious and valuable metals like Gold, Silver Platinum, Palladium and Copper. Plastic parts also are recycled for reuse as plastic material.

Sell Your Nokia N 95 for 96 Pounds

In UK You can Sell Your Old Mobile for Recycling

In UK more than 85 million used mobile phones are lying in housed or offices. There are many recycling companies are ready to buy these. If the people are interested they can handover these phones and get some money. On the average price paid for on phone is 30 Pounds. There are some makes and models that bring about 300 Pounds. The websites have a ready service that can give a quote for your phone. most of the companies offer free shipping.

Envirofone, the most popular among these companies boasts of paying 84 million Eoros for old phones from its inception in 2005. In 2009 alone they have recycled more than 1.8 million mobile phones. Envirophone is the oldest and most popular mobile phone recycling company in UK. You may check any of these websites and get their quotes. Thugh there are many other services only the popular ones are shown below.

  • envirofone

  • fonebank

  • mazuma mobile

  • mobilephonexchange

  • mopay and

  • money4urmobile

Mobile Phones Awaiting Disposal

Recycling Phones in USA

In USA on the average, a cellphone is used for eighteen months or less. At this rate about 180 million cell phones need to be disposed every year. Different estimates available are due to the rapidly changing scenario. Recycling the cellphones is a profitable business because of the precious materials like gold can be recovered from the phones. The valuable metals that can be recovered from cell phones are Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium. There is more than a Billion Dollars worth of gold in more than one Billion cellphones awaiting disposal.

Recycling of Old Cellphones has not caught up in USA as in Europe. Only about 4% of used phones are recycled in USA. There are some recycling programs that are very environmentally effective. Most of the programs have a no landfill policy to prevent dangerous chemicals getting into the environment. The companies pay up to $50 for a phone given in for recycling and some have attractive affiliate programs. Many offer free shipping. With some recyclers a quote based on the make, model and the year can be obtained online. Anybody who is concerned about the environment and interested in making some money without any investment can contact these organizations.If you want to get a quote for your old phone contact  any of the following Recyclers.


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    • Suranee1969 profile image

      Suranee Perera 

      6 years ago from Kandy, Sri Lanka

      Do you know if there's a program for recycling old mobile phones (which people normally throw out)here in Sri Lanka?

    • Brinafr3sh profile image


      6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi Sun Pen,

      Almost everything can be recycled these days, and mobile phone should definitely be at the top of the list. Thanks

    • Sun Pen 50 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sun Pen 50 

      7 years ago from Srilanka

      Thank you Roy for the comment. Let's keep the side effects at minimum.

    • sweetie1 profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Thanks it is nice hub and everyone knows the hazards or e waste but didnt think about cell phones too. Eye opener as everyone of us has atleast one phone which is ready to be recycled.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Technology will come with benefit and hazard. If the benefit is more people will move for it, otherwise not. Every medicine is good for health but it has a side effect. For survival men will find out new technology because necessity is the mother of invention


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