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Regarding existence of God

Updated on November 1, 2015

1. The purpose

The purpose, but not of the God, but of this article. Since there is no purpose of the God itself, except the one we think of. Can nothing can have a purpose? The Nothing which we use to justify how we live.

Here will be analyzed concept of God as it exists in human minds and beyond. What is God and what it means to people. Also, why it is there as it is. What is a need for it not to be there. Is it possible for it not to exist?

God, as pictured by humans

2. What is God?

As by God, we perceive the maker of the world, the law-giver, the judge and the leader. Human mind transforms term God to a human form. Most offently powerfull male one, with beard, middle-aged and looking wise. The picture of a true leader. Because it cannot be a weak, small man, can it? For he does not look as someone with power. The power you can not dare to ask for. And even from vizualization humans adopt term God to their own subjective nature. Each one sees a different God. But all of them have one thing in common. Fear.

But why would anyone have a fear of God? Because he is the all-mighty creator, leader, law-giver and judge. Maker because he has actually made all around us. Leader because he shows us how to behave "good". Law-giver for he gives the laws for "normal" life. Judge, for according to those laws, next life is defined. Next life. Good. Bad.World around us. Is there something humans don't understand?

Three things:

a) Finity
b) World around us
c) Good/bad behaviour

a) Finity
We are very aware of our limited number of years that we can exist. Aware that infinity is not possibility us, although we are so attached to that idea. The idea of living forever, as true God would. But death. That uncontrollable and unavoidable event, as it is a void to which all of us are sucked into. But I want to avoid the void! I want to continue to live after death! You will,... You will,... As you will create a self-explanatory system which will tell you that you might go to hell or heaven. Oh, the unknown fate awaits us. Oh, the fear.


b) World around us
Need for explanation of outer world emerges soon after basic needs are met - food, water and shelter. Humans are always searching for patterns as wolf searches for prey, according to the smell in the air. Even when there is no smell, he searches. Long-ago, before science was able to explain how the Laws of Nature work, man has imagined a person who creates everything and sets it in motion. By not searching for reasons for events, man has created a system which will take care for curiosity of future generations. Who are you to think about how the World was created? Who are you to stand-up against our idea, against the Truth! Look at the buildings we have raised. All of them point to one thing - to Him. Him the Creator.

c) Good/bad behaviour
​Man is a social animal. He needs a set of rules to be able to exist. He needs to be a part of the crowd, of the flock which has made its borders, its rules. They are needed, since we need to turn off our brains. We like to do that. And yes, we have created the rules. No, not we but the God. He has defined what is good, what is bad. How to live your life. He defines your Will. Do you really think you can think for yourself? You lost sheep. Come inside, now!

Independent unit is never useful in any fine tuned system. It has to perform as it is expected of it and according to the rules which are set, which cannot be questioned. Thoughts of independence have to lighten one emotion all humans try to avoid.

FEAR is God. Fear is a consequence of questions which are not answered to humans. God has those. So it fuels fear. It fuels itself inside of a human. They raise him. If the seed is planted from childhood, it can grow to a very big tree.

Respect the God, the Maker, the Leader, the Judge, the Law-giver. For He gave us rules, and we are safe behind them. Don't wander outside! Don't even THINK of wandering. For you, you are part of us. And you cannot have your own Will. There is nothing beside us. It is only us, we are the most important,...

​Let us see. Delete the whole human race. Delete all of their beautiful churches and temples and monasteries, and system behind it. Delete the followers. Everything. What is God then? NOTHING. It does not exist. There is no He. Not even It. The concept is not needed. Answers are. Answers to the questions WHY is everything as it is.

3. Do we need concept of God in our lives?

Let's do the experiment. Humans still exist, but God does not. People never believed in him. Religion never existed. Don't know for the wars, for they would for sure find another reason.

For if we say that the concept of idols, Gods or religion does not exist, humans would not be humans. It would have to either be a Superhumans, free from fear of finity, without good or bad actions and with understanding of everything.

Their actions are based purely on understanding or finding reasons behind events. Reasons whose validity is confirmed via experiment.

So what stand us behind us and Super-us? Why are we not going that way? Why do we always need to find an easy way out instead of digging deep down in ourself and see that the only way to understand is to find answers, and not imagine them.

But that is another story.




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