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Regarding problem solving

Updated on October 21, 2015

For what do I live? How am I going to educate my children? How do I repair a water leak on the tap? What should I prepare for dinner? How is Windows reinstalled?

Between every question and every answer, there is a process. A process that leads us to solutions. And that process is problem solving. If you ask questions, you will come upon many problems. They are at every step of our lives. Some of them you don't need to solve. But many of them are fundamental.

There are many types of problems - visual, logical, numerical,... Each of us has its own preferences. Mine is logical. I like to deduct the answer. But that does not mean anything, for in life one must take on all. And what is the most important - one must not give up. Solving problems increases confidence, it makes you go for more. It makes you think, dig and explore. Life is much richer once you understand, that for a solution you don't need to be gifted, but eager to solve. Eagerness leads to skill and skill leads to faster solving process. By finding more than one solution, you start being creative. But, without trying you will go nowhere. First, you have to fail to be able to truly understand.

What about our education? Instead of learning us how to cope with problems, we are merely writing informations in our memory, without really applying them. Without making any change to the real world. And what is a person who only remembers what has somebody said without trying something for himself?

One of the things that happens to all of us is that sometimes we forget to ask questions. We forget to take a look at things from another perspective. We forget to try to find another solution. We are so much in the rush to go home, to eat, to sleep,... that we stop asking questions and start living as an automated mass of flesh.

When we are young, we have our moms and dads beside us to help us in any situation. We know they will solve the problems if we can not. But that is not the way how it should be. A young mind has to be trained insolving and understanding, and that is the parent's task. But it is not a parent's task to decide what his child is going to be and what is going to do in life. You can not solve everything for the little ones. If you do - what kind of human have you made?

Children learn a lot trough playing. How many times have I heard "Let him play" and the kid was using a smartphone. Yes, let him play so he does not bother me. As the kid's parent is the IPhone. Being everything in life there is a pattern. Learning to find a pattern, to solve the problem, from being young is one the greatest gift child can receive.

Problem solving is a fundamental part of the human being. By being curious, by asking questions and getting to answers, we truly start to live.



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