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Reincarnation: Christians Should Believe it is Real

Updated on October 23, 2019
Gerry Glenn Jones profile image

Gerry Glenn Jones is a "born again Christian" who believes in Jesus Christ with all his heart and realizes we must have open minds.

Baby | Source

An Introduction to the Facts of Reincarnation

Before I begin explaining my belief, please understand that I am a Christian, and have been since I was 13 years old. Also, When I say "`reincarnation" is real, don't close your mind, because what I'm talking about is not the complete rebirth of a dead person on this Earth.

I think "How Stuff Works," has a very descriptive answer to what is the hard meaning of reincarnation, but it differs in part from my perspective. If you continue reading, you'll understand what I am talking about.

Brotherly love
Brotherly love | Source

Reincarnation: It's Meaning in the Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines reincarnation as: "Reincarnation, also called transmigration or metempsychosis, in religion and philosophy, a rebirth of the aspect of an individual that persists after bodily death—whether it be consciousness, mind, the soul, or some other entity—in one or more successive existences. Depending upon the tradition, these existences may be human, animal, spiritual, or, in some instances, vegetables.

My analysis and hypothesis on physical reincarnation are that once we die, our soul travels to Heaven or Hell, depending on our Christian beliefs and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our "personal savior." The Bible justifies this in the following verses:

Ecclesiastes 12:7 - Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

2 Samuel 12:23 - But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.

Job 7:9 - 7:10 -

9 [As] the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away: so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no.

10 He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him any more.

Matthew 25:46 - And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

As noted in the title of this article, "Reincarnation: Christians Should Believe it is Real," I affirm that in the sense, we pass along certain characteristics and traits to our children through the conception process, ie, the passing of genes and other building blocks of DNA to them, and once we have died, our own DNA and genes do not die with us, but are present in our offspring and all descendants; thereafter, just as ours came from our ancestors.

This explains what I believe about the reincarnation process, which can be visible in the physical characteristic and mental characteristics of our children, and so on.

Unlike humans, some animals, such as cats have several fathers, and a litter might contain a variety of characteristics and traits from their respective fathers.
Unlike humans, some animals, such as cats have several fathers, and a litter might contain a variety of characteristics and traits from their respective fathers. | Source

Déjà Vu

Have you ever experienced déjà Vu (Something you see, hear, or think that you have seen before, even though your human body has never seen or heard the particular experience)? I know I have! I think "How Stuff Works," has a very simple meaning to déjà vu, which is French and means "already seen." They also state, "As much as 70 percent of the population reports having experienced some form of déjà vu. A higher number of incidents occur in people 15 to 25 years old than in any other age group."

There have been many U.S. soldiers who fought in world war 1 and later had children who fought in World War 2, and fought in the same areas where their fathers fought. Many of them swore they had been in battles there as another person in another life during World War 1. This belief may have been a reincarnation/resurrection of characteristics and traits passed to them from their fathers.

With this said, my belief is that many of the things we believe we've seen or heard, were actually passed to us from ancestors who have actually experienced them, thus the characteristics and traits from our predecessors are passed onto us, and it's as if we see and hear them ourselves.

Trench warfare in World War 1
Trench warfare in World War 1 | Source

Animal Instincts

Have you witnessed animal behavior, and their ability to do certain things they've never witnessed from a parent or other animal? I have many times, and each time I am amazed at their inherited behavior.

One of my examples is a Yorkshire Terrier we have, whose name is "Boo." She was the runt of a litter of puppies and her mother would not feed her. Knowing my love for animals, a friend gave her to me just after she was born, and her eyes were still shut.

As Boo began growing in the house by herself, away from other animals, she instinctively began trying to hide her food by covering it with her nose, as other dogs do, even though she had never seen it done before. Also, she would appear to be covering it without dirt or other materials. Of course, it wasn't covered, but she had used that instinct to go through the motions.

Another inherited instinct she has is scratching a surface as she goes around and around in an attempt to prepare her bed. She does this on the floor and on our bed, just as a dog would do outside. These behaviors are resurrected and/or reincarnated behavior from her parents, which she never saw.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier | Source

People's Inherited Characteristics and Traits

Just like animals, I believe humans receive many of their characteristics and traits from their parents and ancestors, and this has been evident in the behavior of some of the criminals I dealt with during 28 years in law enforcement.

I was shocked by some of the similarities a young criminal had with their parents, which they had not seen since they were babies, ie, adoptions by others, death of parents, and other instances where the child had no contact with a particular parent. These instances were apparent when I dealt with the criminal career of a parent, then later the child as an adult.

Some of the things I witnessed were similarities in the type of crimes they committed, the way they perpetrated the crimes, and their personal demeanor when arrested. These behaviors could only be attributed to the reincarnated/resurrected traits and characteristics of their parents through DNA and other means.

Twins | Source


In concluding this article, I must say that the things we see regarding resurrections/reincarnations of traits and characteristics from ancestors to descendants are remarkable.

For some answers about where we go when we die, watch the video listed below.


Encyclopedia Britannica -

King James Version of the Bible -

DNA From the Beginning -

How Stuff Works -

© 2019 Gerry Glenn Jones


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    • Gerry Glenn Jones profile imageAUTHOR

      Gerry Glenn Jones 

      7 months ago from Somerville, Tennessee

      You have to think about it this way; maybe you die before you even see your child, and you're gone, but when that child is born and going through life, he/she exhibits your behavior, characteristics, traits, etc. You are gone, but your behavior, characteristics, traits, etc. are reborn in that child, who passes them on.

      How many times have you looked at a child's actions and said, "theyare so and so made over; talking about their characteristics, traits, or actions. It is not the reincarnation of the person, rather parts of their being.

      It's a deep subject, and I'm sure many want agree with me, but it's just my philosophy. Thanks so much for your input, Pamela!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      7 months ago from Sunny Florida

      This is an iteresting article and we sure do pass on our DNA. I don't know if somehow a memory could be linked it to the DNA but I do not think it is exactly reincarnation. This is an interesting topic, however.


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