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Remain Human, then...

Updated on January 12, 2011

Be A Human, Then...

They are little monsters!  These kids are unbearable!  I wonder what kind of training they received! 

Have we ever uttered such complaint after a challenging confrontation with a student?  If yes, here is how to prevent and correct that the next time.

Do we see our students as human beings, little human beings who are in training?  That is what they are.  We are the adults.  we are the authority figure.  We need to constantly teach about life and its rules.  The principles are the same EVERYWHERE.  They are laws to be observed in any human society.  And these youngsters need and deserve to know.  They have to learn these basic principles of life from you and me.

So if we are humans, and do all that we can to emulate and exemplify good behavior, respect and all great virtues, then we will be able to regain our students.

If we are humans and do not get in a fury as they demonstrate unconscious incompetence or conscious incompetence in the areas of life, we need as adult show them, not tell them, talk to them not shout or yell at them.

Yes,only if we remain human ADULTS, who master the laws of life and project ourselves as role model (that is what a teacher is), then will our students be little humans who are willing to learn not just Math, Sciences or Language Arts, but about LIFE.


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    • Michel Gnon profile image

      Michel Gnon 5 years ago from Atlanta,GA

      Thank you Rose!

    • Michel Gnon profile image

      Michel Gnon 5 years ago from Atlanta,GA

      Thank you DJ.

    • Michel Gnon profile image

      Michel Gnon 5 years ago from Atlanta,GA

      Sorry I did not respond 8 months earlier. But thank you.

    • Michel Gnon profile image

      Michel Gnon 5 years ago from Atlanta,GA

      Thanks Beingwell.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Dr. J. 6 years ago

      So true and before I read this message I was just thinking about it. We all as adults want to be respected and we must always remember to that in order to obtain we respect, we must show it as well. In my opinion, the role of a teacher is not whether you like a student or not. It is to ensure that all students are given the same opportunity to have a great education, enjoy and be enagaged in learning and be successful to their potential.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, exactly! I think the trouble is these days, that the teachers are not allowed to be more authoritive. I know this is true in England, if a child disbehaves he or she won't be able to be told off, or touched in any way, as in trying to get them removed from the class, because they will be jumped on by the school authorities saying those famous words, against the law! if only they could bring back the disipline from when I was at school, there wouldn't be half the trouble, and most importantly, children would learn respect and know their boundaries, all children need to learn, and I believe that the school system allows for them to treat the teachers as friends instead of having respect and listening to them as a teacher, cheers nell