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Rendering Potential

Updated on February 20, 2012

Rendering Potential

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Enlivened with the promise of potential, we pursue our dreams with great tenacity. The struggle is expected and with understanding can be a catalyst to achievement. Without struggle and the obstacles necessary for growth, we cannot appreciate nor understand our expectations of success. What first is a dream can quickly sour or worse, lose importance.

Achievement can never be seen as an end, rather a continuation of choice. Claiming achievement creates stagnation, a process at rest, and inhibits further understanding and development. Success should be a perception of direction and purpose, our expectations projected into the future rather than qualified in the present. Keeping an open mind and maintaining a continual thirst for knowledge and growth represents success rather than any end. ‘It is the journey that holds importance, never the result’.

Within our projections, learning about the self and our individualisation, we carry many images of our success and place in the world. These visualisations help us to hold direction and to affirm our conviction to the purpose. However, often these projections can disarm our intent is ways we cannot understand. Both fears and doubts created by experience and the early process of establishing our personality can subconsciously disarm our dreams. This inevitably inhibits our potential and can create walls with which we must overcome to realise our dreams.

These barriers must be brought to consciousness to deal with and to qualify. Ironically, these doubts or fears are often juxtaposed to our pursuit, by nature cancelling our intent. For example a would-be public speaker may have the fear of talking to people, or an artist the fear of rejection by displaying his work. This irony is not as far-fetched as it seems. Often we are driven to do that which we need to resolve in life. Again this gives further credence to the idea the journey is more important than the result of it.

At some point a search for success in any given field must be made unencumbered. At some point the pursuer must face his or her demons to quell fears and create a clear path. Introspection is needed and developing internal honesty, so we understand why we do what we do. In this pursuit I have found the cathartic value of writing invaluable. Bring connected to creativity I have found that truth exposes itself without too much pain, and being on paper can have a long-term affect and an eventual understanding. Whatever the process, we must delve into our deepest inner sanctum and deal with our fears and leanings, our walls of protection and restraint. Once these are overcome our journey is clearly defined and not hindered by subconscious barriers.

Potential is compromised by two facts: our own limits of belief and the subconscious fears that contradict our will. Potential in its essence is boundless, and we must develop a belief in that possibility, and that our dreams can come true. We must also trust in our capacity to fulfil them, by our understanding and our actions. When understood and confirmed, anything is possible within a mind that bares no limits.


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