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Rene placed a buri hat atop the lighted petromax

Updated on February 28, 2015
the lighted petromax with the burning buri hat looks like this
the lighted petromax with the burning buri hat looks like this
Rene at present
Rene at present

Flashback of a near-fire tragedy in 1964 in Paranas

AFTER lighting the kerosene lamp or better known in local parlance as petromax, I went upstairs towards the kitchen where the family was gathered for the night supper. Unnoticed, my cute little boy- Rene- zoomed his way down groundfloor where the petromax and the sari-sari store where located, while we were enjoying our meal. Not so soon smoke enveloped our two-storey house followed by crackling noise. We were alarmed. We all left the table and rushed out to find where the trouble was.

Downfloor, we found the petromax already ablazed with a wide-brimmed buri hat on. Excited and truly enjoying the spectacle- Rene- innocent and unmindful of the possible outcome of his act, gladly stood by. He got the buri hat and placed it on the lighted petromax. In a short while the heated hat emitted smoke and soon went up in flames with crackling noise.

This is a flashback of a near tragedy way back in 1964 about 6:00 PM in our Paranas residence adjacent and west to the Mabulays. I shouldered the blame for forgetting to hang back the petromax in place. Rene was 3-year old then.

Update: Rene has finished the nursing course. He has served locally as a nurse and has been abroad 12 years serving in Alkhobar and currently in UK in the same capacity. He has a daughter in Riyadh and a son in Al Khobar who are both nurses.

Recall and answer:

[1] What is a kerosene lamp or petromax? It’s something to a) eat, b) play with, c) wear, d) light the house with

[2] Where was Rene’s family gathered? For what purpose? In the a) sala, b) kitchen, c) bedroom, d) porch to eat.

[3] What did Rene do with the hat? What happened to the hat? He placed the hat on the a) lighted bulb, b} lighted flashlight, c) bonfire, d) lighted petromax. The hat got burned.

[4] Is Rene to blame for placing the hat on the lighted petromax? Why? No, he isn’t to blame because, he’s a) fearless, b) playful, c) young, d) boy

[5] Who is to blame for the near-fire tragedy? Why? Did he admit his guilt? What can you say of someone who readily admits his wrongdoings? It was Rene’s dad who forgot to hang the petromax back in place. For admitting his guilt, Rene’s dad is a) truthful, b) honest, c) brave, d) coward


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