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Renew Your Positive Thinking Through The Day

Updated on February 12, 2013

DFW Teen Voice Advice & Tips on How to Renew Positive Thinking through out the day

Teen Voice

You should wake up thinking positive although you don't know what the day will bring. Be prepared to renew your positive thinking through out the day. I do start the morning with a positive audio. The audio will usually reference achieving goals and manifesting positive goals to reach my dreams on my path now into the future. To get the peace that is needed even before listening to my audio i choose to listen to classical music of choice while i am preparing myself for the day. I acknowledge my Creator for all and the Creator is my Source.

The question to answer: how are needs,wants and desires flow in our lives? Just know your Source is their to draw upon whether you acknowledge or know it or not. The question becomes how do we manifest the best in our lives daily.

I notice daily their are little things that test our being, our emotions, our temperament. You must learn to keep control over your emotions and feelings to accomplish the peace you need. The peace you maintain in your day you will assist you to make better decisions that can determine the out come of you reaching your goals. This article is written to challenge you to put your day in balance. Open your mind to trust a Higher Power for and in your day because what you can't see is the unknown in your life until it is revealed as you act it out. Then know the empowerment of your life is to be active, move forward and you will be lead and guided.

Live your day to the fullest by asking that love, joy, and peace be on your path. I have found that when you allow love, joy, and peace come into your mind, body and soul you can daily have positive thoughts. Do this by renewing your positive thinking throughout the day keep your emotions and feelings in tack via discipline.

Renew your positive thinking through-out the day just by stopping to do something you like. Example: I've stopped and wrote this article to share with you.

You renew your positive thinking through-out the day by doing something you like during your day.

*Renew your positive thinking through-out the day by talking to someone that is positive.

*Renew your positive thinking through-out the day refreshing your thoughts with positive affirmations.

*Renew your positive thinking through-out the day be keeping things organized around you.

*Renew your positive thinking through-out the day being around encouraging people.

*Renew your positive thinking through-out the day by seeking order and harmony with the Creator over the Universe.

This has been the answer to my question to renew my positive thoughts through-out the day. A greater power than you will manifest to you, your needs, desires and dreams daily.


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