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Research Finds Holocaust Horror Was Far Worse!

Updated on March 4, 2013
One of 22 brothels servicing Germans in Paris
One of 22 brothels servicing Germans in Paris

It began 13 years ago, researching the horrors of the Nazi regime from 1933-45. Now it has ended shocking even the Holocaust scholars who find is staggering. This research from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum found numerous undocumented or undiscovered Nazi camps from France to Russia. Many were small but they all add up to a much larger horror than previous discoveries. The numbers are astonishing- 42,500 Nazi ghetto camps. This number includes not only "killing camps" but thousands forced labor camps and camps where women who were pregnant were forced to abort them for studies. Once studied, the babies were slaughtered.

The well know camps like Auschwitz and the Warsaw ghetto are only a fraction of the numbers. There were many undiscovered camps that were similar. Most of the newly found camps were in Germany and Poland, all had torture, death and slavery. The new estimates now state up to 20 million died at the hand of the Nazis and Hitler.

It all began in 1933, well before the World War, with 110 camps to imprison 10,000 political prisoners, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals. Poles, Russians and Germans opposing him.

When this project began, expectations were that maybe 7000 new camps would be found, but they continued to rise. The final tally shows Hitler had created:

  • 30,000 slave labor camps
  • 1150 Jewish ghettos
  • 980 concentration camps
  • 1000 POW camps
  • 500 brothels
  • Thousands of euthanizing elderly or infirm
  • One could not go anywhere in Germany without finding a camp

The brothels were nothing but filled with women working as forced sex slaves with German military men


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    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 4 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      What horror! Every time I read or see anything about these camps, I wonder all over again! How is it possible for humans to treat other humans like this? I was aware that the camps were not solely for Jews, but these statistics are amazing. Congrats on a well thought out Hub. Have a good day!