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Return to 20’s

Updated on June 24, 2015

When you reach to 60’s you aspire to be in your 20’s again. Your conscience gets filled with remorse and guilt for things you didn’t get to do while you were young and dynamic. Such feeling make your life miserable and keep your morale down. According to Mark Twain; life would be filled with joy and happiness, if we were born in 80’s and get older in 20’s.

When we are young we always try to shy away from uncertainties. In starting of our carrier we always try to make sure that things do well in future. We try to avoid uncalculated risk and catch hold to certainties. Let’s confess that at this tender age we do not know what uncertainties mean in life? What kind of impact uncertainties cause in one’s life?


We usually tend to think that certainty is our friend uncertainty is our sworn enemy. We tend to forget that uncertainties give us opportunity to learn and explore. People wish that they knew it when they were young. Uncertainties give us knowledge which opens many doors and it provides continuity and newness to our existence. But we mostly get restless when we face change and uncertainties.


The first lesson of principle of uncertainties is that there is cause and effect relationship behind everything around us. Indian philosophy has worked on this aspect extensively. This principle is better understood in context of religion. Religion is that magnet which attracts you towards total satisfaction not to a path that you take due to fear of uncertainties and failure. At first religion seems to be just rituals and tradition to us but it has great ability to direct you toward best. The Path may be full of struggle and failure but the ultimate goal is worth achieving. And this should be true meaning of religion for many of us.


The best way to live a life guilt free is embrace uncertainties and learn &explore form it. We try to forget these things when we are in 20’s. But the question arise how can we achieve this? To answer this we should followthe following points:

  • Try to control you emotions.
  • Focus on the ultimate goal of life.
  • Try to broaden you horizon of understanding.
  • Listen to your commitment of service to others.
  • Have sympathy towards others.
  • Have confidence in yourself.

We are born with all these qualities but these remain dormant unless we pay attention to them. By embracing above said point we can get freedom from tension insecurity and pressure that do not let us grow. Sometimes we know that such and such things are not good for us then also we compromise or we become puppet to uncontrollable conditions.

Life of 20’s is not one without struggle and challenges in other words it is not correct to say that life of 20’s is devoid of problem. We have strong feeling of independence in our 20’s. It is accepted in throughout the world that religion is true and we can have faith in them. Uncertainties should not be feared but should be embraced as chance to learn and explore. Uncertainty is the gateway for understanding the century long process that we know as knowledge, or we can say that uncertainty is important necessity.


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