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Review of Leonardo da Vinci

Updated on September 10, 2011

Painter, Scientist, Inventor, Experimentalist

Leonardo da Vinci was definitely a great artist of his time and of all time. He was one that we called an old master of art. During my days as a student in art, Leonardo was studied in my art history classes and his accomplishments. He as one of two of my favorite artist. He and Michelangelo were truly beyond real. Their work was so impressive. Leonardo spent his time painting and learning painting as well as working with other old masters to develop the best art that they could express their feelings with. Leonardo da Vinci spent hours with the anatomy and not just drawing anatomy like many of us would do in art study classes, but he would visit the dead and dying and those who were being executed. He would study their life forms both before death and after. Leonardo also got to know the patients and was said to have talked to them before death. He would take and dissect things in order to draw and study the details in life. He was known or thought to be the father of Biology, because he was the first to put down his work for mankind. His work was used in medicine in developing the knowledge of the human anatomy.

Leonardo did not stop there with the science of studying living things, but he also touched into the spiritual area, when he tried to prove the spirit left the body in death. He actually weighed patients in their beds before they died and after death to see a notable amount of weight was missing. It was his conclusion that was the spirit that left the body. So call it faith, go into the unknown, or something spiritual, but he was doing these things in his day.

He also studied things like aerodynamics and attempted experiments with flight and drawings which later on started the ideas of flight. Leonardo can be credited for many scientific discoveries in his being creative. He was on a journey and wanted to know. It is like a child saying to a parent... why this or why that? The parent looks at the child and they make a response or ignore them based upon how many times they were annoyed by the question. I am sure that he kept asking himself what happens when and why all the time. It is the nature of scientific exploration.

His paintings were very well constructed and his figures were very life like. He liked to use a lot of earth tones in his art, and it was warm and rich in color. That is how I remember the art of this famous artist. Some of his art like the " Last Supper" has brought about controversy about what he meant with his painting. It was speculated that the lady in the painting was Mary Magdalene, and that she was the wife of Jesus. I see it as a lady that may or may not have been Mary Magdalene, but it could have been his own mother. The lady was not looking at Jesus but another in the painting. That seemed a bit odd to me. If I were scientific, then I might ask who that disciple was that she was talking to. Jesus did have a brother that was a disciple. So assuming that was Mary Magdalene may have not been accurate. Leonardo da Vinci is not here to share that with us. Even though some have written about a "Da Vinci Code" that does not mean that was his intentions at all. Science fiction writers have taken his art and written a whole new take on the painting about the Holy Grail and how it was protected. That I cannot say would have been the case, but his art was called attention to once more as it was shown to the world.


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