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Review of Online College

Updated on February 11, 2016

What is it like to earn a degree online:

In the last two decades, taking college courses has become easier. Students can now earn their degrees online, by just logging into an online format using simple technologies. Software programs have been designed to allow interactions with instructors, and other students. Just like any other website, technology can still fail. Yet, the reasons to attend online outweigh the negative ones.

I first took an online class in 2008 in Las Vegas, NV at CSN (College of Southern Nevada). At that time the college did not offer complete degree programs online. I was a single mother, who worked full time, and had no way to finish my education that I started when I first left high school almost 10 years before. It had been many years since I had taken any college courses. Just like many other students choosing to attend online, I had work and family obligations as a priority.

In that first semester I took 2 classes: Intro to Film, and Intro to Communications. My focus was to learn about media and communications. Basic failures happened to me. I had bought a used laptop which did not have the full version of Microsoft Windows installed. The tech support for CSN had a phone line which was always busy. I ended up failing that those course because of my software failures. In attempt to help students in the future eventually opened at 24/7 tech support hotline to help students at all hours of the day.

At the moment I am working on completing my Bachelors degree. I went to a few different schools since my time at CSN in ’08. The best one that I found is UMUC (University of Maryland University College). They are rated the best military college online. Many of their students serve in active duty military and take their coursework all over the globe. While I have never been enrolled in the military, I choose their school for their variety of degree programs offered all online.

As communications and media both interest me, I had other areas of interests as well. For many years I did lots of research to find a college that offered a BA in English. I could find 4 campuses in the US that offered it. Yet those universities: UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles); NYU (New York University); UTH (University of Texas at Houston); and also one in Florida have programs for in person attendance only. UMUC offers one of the only affordable all online programs for a BA in English.

There may be several other reasons I attend college online. My schedule is one of the main reasons. Although the tuition is more than a local community college or state university. I know being able to have a degree will open doors for my future career options. UMUC also offers counselors, advisors, mentors, and scholarships, along with much needed support to its students. Unlike CSN, this school’s educational materials are also all online. I can download my e-books every semester and print them out if needed. I follow links online to complete my assignments and have chat time with other students each week. There is no face to face contract required to finish exams or listen to lectures.

Working at my own pace is a great joy. I take hyper course to earn 3 credits per class in just 8 weeks. UMUC additionally has special focuses like Race and Gender studies. Which I am minoring in. Other schools I went to like UOP (University of Phoenix) were limited with programs like Criminal Justice, Communications, Business, and few other areas. All of these degree can help you to find employment, but none of them offered the education that I was looking for. In comparison, I enjoy being an online student. It has taken some hits and misses to find the right school, but I am on the right track now.

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