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Review of Theodora the Butterfly

Updated on February 9, 2016

Importance of the Character, Theodora, the Monarch Butterfly

All Rights Reserved in Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers (aka ladybluewriter)
All Rights Reserved in Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers (aka ladybluewriter)

Theodora's Determination

Theodora is an important character in the Science Fiction novel of Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers. The butterfly in the story actually tells about one of the events in the author's real life that got her into some serious trouble on the farm. The little girl named Sandy and her cousin named Neil went fishing in grandma's fish pond. Theodora tells about two kids, and how they caused her best friend Adrianna to lose her life as a butterfly. The story tells that Sandy wanted to go fishing for goldfish in her grandmother's goldfish pond. The pond was actually one of those cement ponds the size of a bath tub. She never saw any goldfish there, but she was determined to fish the leaf covered pool anyway. Sandy was taken with butterflies, and so she caught one, and the rest is history. I can definitely say her grandmother was quite upset, and it was not exactly about the butterfly but the outcome of the events. I would suggest reading the book, because I do not want to give away Theodora's fun of telling you about what Sandy and Neil did on the farm..

This all has to do with metamorphosis, and how two kids could have changed history by messing up the life process of metamorphosis. Theodora is a unique character, because she is the only insect to get a special place in this book. She was a Monarch Butterfly. and she was suppose to be the most regal of all the butterflies. She chose her destiny to protect all the butterflies that would come forth in the future generations. Her job was a legacy and a destiny. It was protecting the butterfly from the larvae to the most magnificently butterfly being in the insect world.

Butterflies are far more important than entertainment for two children to have fun catching and playing with them. We look at our environment and realize that besides the honey bee that butterflies have a significant purpose. They assist in pollinating our agricultural crops. The honey bee population is in serious jeopardy, and it is important that butterflies are allowed to go through their metamorphosis,and then they can became our food chain.

Hope you take time to read SM Rodgers book, The Legacy of the Skull Master. It can be found on You will also find it on many other web sites by doing a search engine check on the book title. There are over 11 current searches for places around the world from Canada, to UK, and even in Asia and Australia that carry this book on their web site. Just place the title and author in the search engine, and you can find the nearest book store that carries it near you, if you choose to be challenged and read it.

The character will be unforgettable as the novel unfolds to you, the reader. Currently it is now available in paper back form and also hard copy. The author is now working on a special edition that will supersede the original novel release. Let Theodora fly right into your heart with a truly unique story as you read the novel. You can also read the first chapter and introduction of this novel as it is featured on Spotlight that is found on You must go and click on preview the hard copy of the book. I will include a link to that page for you on this article.

Last summer I removed my book from being published to revamp the book into a greater work, and the book will be back up in 2016 with thought provoking questions to ask the reader. It allows the reader to reflect on the future of education and young people.


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from United States

      The one thing I must say about butterflies is that being a poor child with not many toys and having the ability to play outdoors for fun shows you a new world to grasp a hold of, and sometimes the beauty of butterflies would catch my interest. It was being one with the world we live in.

    • profile image

      Cheryl Wadkins 

      5 years ago

      This very beautiful and interesting


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