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Review on preschools' overseas trips

Updated on November 10, 2012

Albeit it is beneficial to expose young children to the world around them, preschools intending to send their students abroad to learning ventures would be a fatuous idea. Young children, who are still callous, cannot be expected to glean crucial information from the host countries, hence, the benefits that teachers tout are dubious. Even when they are no longer a toddler, they might not be able to acclimatise to the starkly different environment of the host countries, and most likely they would miss home than relishing the trip with the idea of emancipation.

Rather, such overseas trips are merely faked holidays to venues that the accompanying teachers might desire. Their ulterior motive is to enjoy their time being there, rather than supervising their students painstakingly, at a subsidized cost. Principals have the sole discretion to plan overseas trips, and though they are not imperative as part of the curriculum, they are deceitful enough to inveigle parents into consenting their children's involvement. The charges are exorbitant, always. It can range from $2000 to $2600 per pupil for a visit to other countries.

As more parents become affluent these days, they might be able to afford it. Unbeknownst to them, this is a real stake - where their children's emotional pang of being left out is concerned. Most likely, their children would be crying en route. How could children, at such a tender age, be left out just like that? How can parents expect the dim-witted teachers to attend to their children with utmost care and concern?

The more overseas trips being planned, the greater will be the pressure on parents. They would have to acquiesce to their children's pestering requests who want to share the experience with their peers. Now, these preschools aren't doing their job right, instead, they are running a mercenary business.

It is older students who benefit most from overseas school trips, not young students.Unlike toddlers, these older students are much more matured, in that they are able to cooperate with their teammates and do their tasks independently. Their cognitive skills are developed, so they would be able to glean much information from the host countries. Since they are going to be in the workforce soon, they would benefit a lot from getting a first-hand feel of the heterogeneity of the globalized world, and in dealing with the less fortunate, they strengthen relations with neighbours.


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