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ICAR Scientists: Pay Package & Career Advancement

Updated on January 13, 2017

Implementation of 7th CPC and revision of pay scales of employees of autonomous bodies has been delayed due to the reason that Ministry of Finance ordered implementation of the recommendations of the Expenditure Management Commission (EMC) which included review of autonomous bodies for various options such as their continuance of working with the government, merger with other autonomous bodies or closure of a particular autonomous body etc. Earlier in a reply on 9th December 2016 to a question asked by some MPs in Parliament, Minister of state for Finance indicated that an appropriate decision in regard to extension of the recommendations of the 7th CPC pertaining to pay matters of employees of Quasi-Government organizations, Autonomous organizations and Statutory Bodies etc. set up and funded/controlled by the Central Government, would be taken having regard to all relevant factors. Guidelines regarding extension of benefits of 7th CPC to employees by Ministry of Finance, vide OM F. No.1/1/2016-E-III(A), dated 13th January 2017 have been issued making clear that Government has decided to extend revised pay scales as per the Pay Matrix and pay fixation to the employees of autonomous bodies subject to following stipulations.

i) Service conditions esp., working hours, OTA payment etc. are similar to Central Govt. Employees,

ii) Employees have to opt for revised pay structure,

iii) Deductions have to be made on the basis of revised pay w.e.f. date on which employee opts to revised pay.

However, revised pay scales contained in Parts 'B' & 'C' of the schedule of the CCS (RP) Rules 2016,shall be applicable after concerned Administrative Ministry submits proposals to the Finance Ministry after examining justifications of such proposals. For those category of employees whose conditions of service and pay patterns are not similar, a separate Group of Officers including Financial Advisor of Administrative Ministry in each autonomous body will examine the proposal and ensure that benefits are not in excess to corresponding Central Govt. Employees. Final package will be submitted to get concurrence of Finance Ministry.

Central Government has to take decision on various allowances of Central Govt. employees and employees of the autonomous bodies also have to wait for Govt. decision on such allowances irrespective of pay revision.

Pay scales for ICAR Scientists are adaptions from UGC scales for teachers and these pay scales are reviewed by a select committee of ICAR and recommended for implementation after minor changes in original UGC pay scales. Since UGC has notified formation of Pay Review Committee on June 9, 2016 and instructed to submit report within six months of committee formation, pay revision of ICAR Scientists may take at least one and half year and supposed to be implemented in 2018. Great similarities exists between ICAR and UGC scales except few differences in terminology. ''Assistant Professor" is "Scientist", Associate professor as per UGC scales is Associate professor whether he possess Ph.D. or not but an ICAR Scientist with Ph.D. is Senior Scientist and without Ph.D. an ICAR Scientist is 'Scientist' only.

In the eighties, ICAR has its own pay structure and career advancement scheme. A system of five yearly assessment existed at that time. A non-Ph.D. had the opportunities to reach from S-1 (first scale) to S-8 etc. but adoption of UGC has blocked the career graph of all non-Ph.D. Scientists. One fails to understand the logic of adoption of UGC scales by ICAR that too half heartily and thereafter making changes in the designations, promotion policies etc.

Composition of UGC PRC

In several court cases, ICAR has reportedly submitted affidavit that seniority in ICAR is not determined by the qualification. Some scientists of ICAR appealed to grant them increments for Ph.D. but they were denied on the above plea. In the past, clarifications by the ICAR authorities were given in case of several representations made by the Senior Scientists to declare them senior over those who were in the same scale but did not have Ph.D. qualifications.

However, ICAR has taken U-turn while implementing 6th Pay revision. UGC has designated all lecturers(Selection Grade) in the pay scale of Rs 12000-18300 (5th pay) as Associate Professors after completion of 6 years on or after 1-1-2006. ICAR, on the other hand, designated all Scientists (Selection Grade, Rs 12000-18300) as Scientist who have completed 6 years on or after 1-1-2006.

Salient features of ICAR pay scales:

  • Only three designations in respect of Scientists, namely, Scientist, Senior Scientist and Principal Scientist.
  • The term “Research Grade Pay” (RGP) shall be used in place of "Grade Pay" for the Scientists.
  • Different RGP's of Rs. 6000, Rs.7000, Rs. 8000, Rs.9000, and Rs.10000 have been approved as RGP for Scientists.
  • Five non-compoundable advance increments shall be given at entry as Scientist on or after 1.9.2008 for the degree of Ph.D. obtained in the relevant discipline. At entry level, Scientists possessing M.Phil or post graduate degrees such as M.Tech/M. Sc.(Ag)/M.V.Sc/M.F.Sc (with 4 years bachelor and 2 years Masters programmes shall be given 2 non-compounded advance increments.
  • Those who acquire these degrees in the relevant discipline while being in service shall be allowed three non-compounded advance increments for Ph.Ds and one increment for M.Phil or post graduate degree acquired in the relevant professional course.
  • Those who have already availed the benefit of advance increments as per existing policy for acquiring Ph.D./M. Phil during service or who have availed benefit at entry level for possessing these degrees would not be entitled to benefits under this scheme.
  • While the revision of pay will take effect from 1.1.2006, the allowances (except DA) and advance increments etc. shall take effect from 1.9.2008.Revised rate of travelling allowance shall be applicable from the date of notification.
  • The ICAR Scientists holding veterinary qualifications (B.V.Sc./M.V. Sc.) would be paid non-practicing allowance in accordance with MOF, Dept. of Expr. OM no. 7(19)/2008-E.III(A) dated 30.2.2008.

It has created discrimination among the Scientists. Many Scientists in the Selection Grade (before implementation) were placed in Pay Band IV with RGP of 9000/- on 1-1-2006.On the other hand, many Scientists were assessed by the Departmental committees and promoted Senior Scientists w.e.f. 1-1-2006. However, by virtue of Ph.D.s, such Scientists were designated as Senior Scientists but placed in Pay Band III with RGP 8000/-. One fails to understand who is senior or supreme. A Scientist designated as "Senior Scientist" but placed in Pay band III (Rs 15600-37400) with RGP of Rs 8000/- or a Scientist in Pay Band IV (Rs 37400-67000) with RGP of 9000/-. Things have come to an interesting turn. 6th Pay Commission says that an employee with higher GP is senior but ICAR policy says that a Scientist wit less GP is senior to those who are non-Ph.Ds.

Even recent communications by ICAR to its Scientists says that Senior Scientists who have worked for 3 years in GP of Rs 9000/- are eligible for assessment to Principal scientist's post.Now things have turned more funny. A Scientist who got awarded Ph.D. in 2012 has to wait till 2015 to become Principal Scientist even if has served in RGP of 9000/- since 2006 but his junior Scientist who got Senior Scientist in 2006 and placed in RGP of 8000/- has become eligible in 2012 for assessment to Principal Scientist after being placed in RGP of 9000/- in 2009. If ICAR does not consider seniority based on qualification then why this anomaly in promotion policy.

In its earlier circular, ICAR has clearly stated that eligibility for direct selection is Senior Scientist or equivalent (Rs 12000-18300). Now this anomaly will compel the candidates suffering due to this to file appeals in the court and delay the process.

UGC has made a change in the status of lecturers (selection grade). Unlike ICAR, lecturers in the scale of Rs 12000-18300 were designated differently in the UGC governed colleges and universities.UGC designated them as "Associate Professor" but ICAR downgraded Scientists (Selection Grade) as Scientist.

Principal Scientist and Professor are equivalent positions. In IIT's, one higher pay scale is granted for same designation as to UGC teachers.

Revised ICAR pay scales

Pay Fixation of ICAR Scientists:

Pay in the revised scales is to be fixed as per provisions of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008.

In absence of Fitment tables, the following guidelines are to be followed:

i) Pay of Scientists in 8000-13500 scale to be provisionally fixed in PB III as per Fitment Table S-17 dated 30.8. 2008 (though GP is not mentioned by ICAR notification here but it has to be replaced by RGP)

ii) Pay of Scientists in 8000-13500 scale to be fixed provisionally in PB III as per Fitment Table S-19 dated 30.8. 2008 (though GP is not mentioned by ICAR notification here but it has to be replaced by RGP)

iii) Pay of Scientists in 12000-18300 scale or above to be fixed provisionally as follows:

a) The pay in Pay Band/Scale may be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay as on 1.1.2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding off the resultant figure to the next multiple of 10

b) If the minimum of the revised Pay band/scale is more than the amount arrived at as per (a) above the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised Pay Band/Pay Scale

After release of Fitment tables, actual amount of arrears for scientists placed in PB IV may be more than that fixed in the above manner, if it happens so, the excess amount will be paid on receipt of Fitment Tables.

Career advancement scheme:

This scheme will be effective from 1.1.2009.

Eligibility to move from lower RGP to higher RGP:

1. From RGP 6000 to 7000:

a) 4 years for those possessing Ph.D.

b) 5 years for those possessing M. Phil/M.V. Sc/M.Sc (Ag)/M.F. Sc/M. Tech

c) 6 years for those neither having M. Phil nor Ph.D

2. From RGP 7000 to 8000:

5 years in RGP of 7000

3. From RGP 8000-9000:

Three years service in RGP of 8000

4. From RGP of 9000 to 10000:

Three years service in RGP of 9000 and after acquiring Ph.D.

Revised Pay of future recruits:

Sr. Scientists recruited directly as per revised qualifications (to be notified separately by ICAR) shall be placed in pay band Rs 37000-67000 + RGP of Rs 9000.

Sr. Scientists recruited as per existing qualifications shall be placed first in Pay band Rs 15600-39100 (with a minimum pay of Rs 22320) + RGP of Rs 8000 and after completion of 3 years to be placed in Pay band Rs 37400-67000 with RGP of Rs 9000

Principal Scientists/Project Coordinator or equivalents, recruited directly with revised qualification, to be notified by ICAR, shall be placed in 37400-67000 (Minimum Rs 43000) with RGP of Rs 10000.

Principal Scientists recruited on or after 1.1.09 with existing qualifications will be placed in Rs 37400-67000 (Minimum Rs 39690)with RGP 10000 ,

Note: All revised incentives for Ph.D. and M. Phil after 1.9.2008 and revised CAS will be effective from 1.1.2009

Table S-17

Table S-19

Fitment tables issued by MHRD/UGC also applicable to ICAR Scientists in Rs 12000-18300
Fitment tables issued by MHRD/UGC also applicable to ICAR Scientists in Rs 12000-18300
Fitment tables issued by MHRD/UGC also applicable to ICAR Scientists in Rs 12000-18300
Fitment tables issued by MHRD/UGC also applicable to ICAR Scientists in Rs 12000-18300
increment in 6th CPC
increment in 6th CPC

To help scientists, Senior Research fellows (SRF) and Research Associates are hired by ICAR. Following rates were applicable between 01-04-2007 and 31-03-2010

Senior Research Fellow:

1. Post Graduate in subjects other than Veterinary Science: Emoluments: Rs. 12000/- per month for 1st & 2nd year; Rs. 14000/- per month for 3rd year

2. Post Graduate in subjects other than Veterinary Science: Emoluments: Rs. 14000/- per month for 1st & 2nd year; Rs. 15000/- per month for 3rd year

Research Associates:

1. Post graduates: Rs 17000/-per month

2. Doctorates: Rs 18000/-per month

Above rates has been revised w.e.f. 01.04.2010 and currently applicable rates are as follows:

Senior Research Fellow:

1. Post Graduate in subjects other than Veterinary Science: Emoluments: Rs. 16000/- per month for 1st & 2nd year; Rs. 18000/- per month for 3rd year

2. Post Graduate in subjects other than Veterinary Science: Emoluments: Rs. 18000/- per month for 1st & 2nd year; Rs. 20000/- per month for 3rd year

Research Associates:

3. Post graduates: Rs 23000/-per month

4. Doctorates: Rs 24000/-per month

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    • profile image

      Dr. R.S.Mehta 2 months ago

      Under distortion transfer policy of ICAR, I got transfer from ICAR-NRCSS, Ajmer to ICAR-CAZRI, Jodhpur and accordingly joined duty on 05.04.2017 at ICAR-CAZRI, Jodhpur and on 26.04.2017 I have been posted at ICAR-CAZRI Regional Station Pali 70 KM away from CAZRI, Jodhpur headquarter.Please confirm whether Iam eligible to claim second transfer TA and joining time from CAZRI, Jodhpur to ICAR-CAZRI RRS Pali

    • profile image

      Dr D P Singh 2 months ago

      I was a direct entrant as Scientist S-2 in Feb 1972,then direct S-3 in September 1979 and got promoted as S-4 on assessment from July 1985. On 1.1.86 my pay was fixed on 4500 with next increment on

      July 1986 while pay of those S-3s who cold not be promote to S-4 got fixed on 4500+150=4650 pm. S-4 being senior grade was denied antidating of the increment equal to those S-3s who were junior to me. The reason given was that becoming S-4 lost the advantage of antidating because S-3 S-4 are two separate grades. The most important point is that during 4cpc Grades S-3 and S-4 were merged. It's really funny that despite being senior my increment date was from July ie 6 month later every year.

      I understand in the previous cpcs in such situations seniors were

      promoted/ or increment antidated to them. The above anamoly continued till my retirement ( March 2007) and resulted in fixation of my pension relatively at lower level. It's a heavy loss financially and psychologically of course.

      Is there any principle/ rule to set this embarrassing situation corrected

    • profile image

      Dr. Raghupathi.D 5 months ago

      The health index- of average Indians life span has been extended 65 years, because of medical advancement. The superannuation at 60 years of age is pre-mature retirement, at this age, normally an individual's wisdom exhuming stage and willing to share one 's acquired accumulated experiences, with the fellow colleagues, students and family members. Ordering such ripened individuals to go home, in my opinion it is pre-mature harvest of fruit. To enjoy the fullest use of it for organizational development, the superannuation has to go up to 65 years, not 60.

    • profile image

      Funny Guy 6 months ago

      I joined ICAR as Scientist S 3 during November 1979 through direct selection by ASRB , I got promoted as Scientist S 4 during July 1985 after five yearly assessment conducted by ASRB. From January 1986 I became principal Scientist with implementation of UGC Scales. I served as Head of the Division (1979 to 1984 ) and as Project Coordinator (1984 to 1994). During 1994 suddenly ICAR found that I am not qualified to be a Head of the Division or Project Coordinator after serving in these positions with distinction for more than 14 years as I am not having Ph.D degree although I had more than 50 publications in International Journals apart from more than 100 papers in Indian Scientific journals. I was not given charge as officiating Director when the position fell vacant and person who worked as Junior to me under my supervision and guidance was given charge as officiating director which was great humiliation for me. I swallowed my pride and continued to work with great humiliation till my retirement due to family responsibilities and personal commitments.

    • profile image

      a hard workinf ICAR Scientist 6 months ago

      What is the future of ICAR for pay commission? whther ICAR will get 7th pay commission or not?

    • profile image

      MSR 7 months ago

      Some scientists join as a Sr Scientist in ICAR through Direct recruitment in PB-3 during 2006-2009. In some institute service rendered as Assistant Prof. in University in pay scale of 12000-18500 have been taken into consideration for granting PB-4 with RGP 9000 inICAR. But in some institute within ICAR itself scientists required to serve for three year as Sr Scientist in PB-3 with RGP 8000 for grant of PB-4. Some on may clarify what is correct on following aspect

      1. Whether scientist is to serve for three year in PB-3 with RGP as Sr Scientist for grant of PB-4 in RGP 9000

      2. Whether service rendered as Assist Prof. pre revised scale of 12000- 18500 in university may be combined with service rendered as Sr. Scientist in PB-3 with RGP 8000 in ICAR for grant of PB-4 wit RGP 9000.


    • profile image

      Gandu 10 months ago

      ICAR is a wonderful organisation. The problem with ICAR is that they will go on repeated changing qualifications and service rules at will which will be great humiliation to very senior scientific staff

    • profile image

      Ganesh 11 months ago

      Dear Crusador,

      I am scientist of ICAR did inservice Ph D on 27/2/2009 and got benefit of 3 non compounded Ph D increments. I got Sr. Sci post through direct recruitment (AGP 8000/-) at another ICAR institute on 1/09/2012. After that I got Sr. Sci (PB-4,AGP-9000/-) selection through direct recruitment at my parent institute on 1/8/2013. I was getting Ph D increments benefit in PB-3 and in PB4 till to date. Now they have refixed my pay of PB4 and withdrawn Ph D increments and recovery will be started from back date i.e from 1/08/2013. Please advice whether the benefit of Ph D increments taken in PB3 should be continued after entering in PB4 OR not?

    • profile image

      Sri 12 months ago

      My age is 53 years, & working in SAU as Astt.professor . Can i be eligible for Senior scientist post by direct selction

    • profile image

      dr sk tak 12 months ago

      I would like to know about inservice phd incentives beacuse we are serving in SKNAU.jobner without any phd benifit, please attach UGC regulation amended in this context OR help otherwise,

    • crusador profile image

      crusador 20 months ago

      Dear Asha, ICAR has changed the designation of SMS and nobody is clear about the fate of old SMS. Pl. wait for clarifications from ICAR in this regard and other way is to move court but it is not advisable at this stage. So please wait for some time.

    • profile image

      asha tulala 22 months ago

      Dear crusader, i was appointed as SMS in a ICAR funding NGO at Bhagavathula charitable trust,andhra pradesh in this month .Shall i get pay according to next PRC in future? What about job security?

    • profile image

      B A Monpara 23 months ago

      I am in need of your guidance in the following matter:

      I am working in the Junagadh Agricultural University(State Govt. Undertaking) and benefited with Career Advancement Scheme before 1.1.2006 from Associate Professor to Professor (PROMOTION) in the Pay sale 16400 -22400, which was in 6th Pay commission revised in pay band 37400-67000 + 10000 AGP and now I am drawing basic pay 69,720/- (59720+10000 AGP). To remove the world “PROMOTION” from my designation, I appeared in direct selection and have been selected as Professor and it equivalent post in the same pay band 37400-67000 + 10000 AGP in the same university, i.e. Junagadh Agricultural University with probation period of two years. I joined my new duty on 24.03.2015. Now, my pay is fixed as 69,720/-(59720+ 10000AGP) at 24.03.2015 with Date of Next Increment 1-7-2016. So, there is no monitory benefit due to direct selection, but I do have loss of one increment which was due on 1-7-2015 in original position.

      Kindly guide me that pay fixation done by authority is correct or not. If no, then what should be my protected pay on 24.03.2015 and Date of Next Increment?

    • profile image

      Dr. Koshy 2 years ago

      Please provide me with a copy of the IV th CPC UGC package and the CAS introduced along with that.

      Pl use my email ID

      Dr. Koshy M

    • profile image

      puneet 2 years ago

      does npa counts for icar sr scintist retirment benifit...

    • profile image

      Dr. S.K. Kalra 2 years ago

      I joined ICAR IN May, 1978 as sr Cientist in the pay scale of 1100-1600 and was assed for S3 after 5 years in the scale of 1500-2000 but was clubbed with S2 after IVth CPC We went to court (Dr SM Ilyas & othrers, 1992) and ICAR was directed to give S3 scientist the scale of Rs. 4500-7300. and court stated that S2& S3 can not be combined. In the Vth CPC, I was placed in the scale of 16400-22400. While in the VIth CPC again, they are talking about 19 years of service and sanctioned my pension along with Scientist S2. It appears that ICAR has developed habit of frustrating their scientists even after retirement . I wonder whether the order of supreme court is being overlooked rather violated when they had expunged the ICAR order of combining S3 and S2. Pl continue your crusade against ICAR which has perhaps the most court cases whose employees seeking justice.

    • profile image

      Samatha 2 years ago

      I am working as a bank clerk since 3years.My qualification is MPC. Am i eligible to appear for ICAR Assistant D exam? If eligible, then please tell me the initial gross salary payable?

    • profile image

      susmita mandi 3 years ago

      Is there any increment facilities in the post of sms of kvk?

    • profile image

      MSR 3 years ago

      I worked as a training Associate in the pre revised pay scale of 2200-4000 in KVK of NGO for 15 month from Jan 1992 to March 1993 and subsequently joined ICAR as scientist in the same pay scale . However, I got one increment in KVK but in ICAR, I was appointed in the minimum of the pay scale. I represented the institute where I was place but they denied pay protection and the I represented to ICAR for pay protection but no reply received even after sending 2-3 reminder. I have got three promotion in ICAR but my past 15 month service in KVK, NGO not considered in CAS. However, I got three promotion based on service in ICAR. Can I again pursue the matter for pay protection and counting of past service of 15 month in KVK NGO even after passing more than 20 years. Please guide so that I may take up the matter accordingly.

    • profile image

      AKSLK 3 years ago

      Dear Crusador

      Can you upload the order of UGC which says or explains that Associate professor becomes eligible for Professorship on the day of award of Ph.D. if one completes 3 years as Associate professor in 9000 AGP

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