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Revisiting my School on its 100th Foundation Anniversary : A Tribute for my High School Alma Mater

Updated on January 9, 2013

CSPC Students' Day (All photos by Travel Man)

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It's been a long while since I left the portals of my high school Alma mater and delivered my valedictory address. It was a bittersweet memories of struggle of my young, unadulterated mind and proved to my detractors that I can lead my batch.

It was a tumultuous years for us; spending four years of vocational and academic discoveries that led us into different fields of endeavors.

I wrote this because the school already reached its 100th Foundation Anniversary and all representatives from different batches, both high school and college departments are channeling their efforts to make the occasion on MArch 5, 2011 a success.

Photos on the Student's Day last March 03 (1:00 PM onwards) showed that the school did a makeover, more buildings, more student populace and more challenges between the studentry and administration people.

I accompanied my goddaughter Kristine (a sophomore high school) but missed to snap photos on their batch presentation. She served as guide and led me to our former room and of course, my former school organ's office (The BCAT Collegian). I was trained there to be a writer, serving as editor-in-chief during my senior year, winning contests along with my batch.

The school grounds are now teemed with new buildings. I got confused with the maze-like locations of new buildings (if I could look at it from bird's eyeview).

I took photos of the activity of the day, greet my former teachers and visited the new location of the school canteen. I remember those moments with my former classmates and friends of the BIG-BAM Company, sharing food and snacks with our little allowances.

The library has been moved to another location just connecting the oldest building, the Building I with the newly-installed student lockers.

I proceeded to the college building where I spent my first two years in college sharpening my wits and knowledge on technical drafting. My former instructors were there, too.

Passing the registrar's office, I looked for the office of BCAT Collegian, the official school publication. I was directed by a college student at the new slab-roofed building where I was greeted and welcome by the staff, especially the editor-in-chief, his associate and photojournalist.

I was informed that the school administration head banned the distribution of school paper for two years. He shut off the opinion of these young minds. I was also informed that there were rallies or protests held against the new school president and still continue up to these days.

What a saddening news! It's part of school life.

With the penultimate activities on Saturday, I hope it will give us a fresher look and opinion about this trade's school.

For those alumni who can't attend because they are already stationed outside the Philippines, this hub is for you, mates.

In behalf of HubPages, let us remember the teachings we've learned from the portals of our humble Alma mater.

Happy 100th founding anniversary to us all!!!


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @GioaMulas:Thanks. There's always a child in me that I want to refresh, especially those unforgettable moments in my high school life. :D

    • GioiaMulas profile image


      7 years ago

      I find it exciting to be able to go back in memories, “I want to be a child again!” thanks :)


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