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Rice Pot is Cooked But Not Rice

Updated on July 14, 2009

Jacy Boo Ja Ma Boo

This is popular saying in Kathmandu Newar community when something happens that should not have happened and did not happen which should have happened. There are many such phrases. It looks strange but true, when we hear these kinds of phrases. There is another one called Machan Daya Ma Kho, meaning baby hitting mother crying. It means a hanging bell. At the middle of a bell there is hammer type hanging when we pull toward outer side of a bell, it gives sound. Macha is at the middle hanging hammer type, Ma is outer side of a bell, giving sound when a hanging hammer hits.

Let me concentrate on a Guava. Jacy Boo Ja Ma Boo meaning a guava in this phrase. It is soft outside (rice pot), but seeds are (rice) hard. In other words when something is happening at reverse order it is called Jacy Boo Ja Ma Boo in Newari. OK, when it happens? When we drive a car on uphill roads, engine drives a car to move upward. But when we drive it down ward, a car drives an engine - this is in reverse order. This is Jacy Boo Ja Ma Boo. If an organization is going downwards same is the case. Lower level staff drives higher level staff; higher level staff listens to lower level staff to break rules and regulations. Higher level staff looses thinking power, like engine looses it power when a car is moving downhill roads. The higher level staff not only looses thinking power but also looses common sense and go beyond authority, misusing given authority, taking irresponsible decision. This can happen in any organization, including a very well known organization in the world. The higher level staff knows they are powerful; no one can do anything to him/her. S/he knows loophole of the rebuttal process so the person do not follow the applicable rules and procedures, like animals. There is no word to express such a barbaric and cowardly act!


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    • NarayanKrishna profile image

      NarayanKrishna 8 years ago from The country of Mount Everest

      To some extent yes, in the sense that they do hard work but do not get more money. If some one is getting more money without doing any work.

      Let me write meaning once again. When we cook food; food should be cooked. But instead of food is cooked the pot is cooked. It means, just the opposite way. I also mentioned when we drive a car the engine should drive a car, not the other way around. But if we drive a car downhill, the car will drive the engine. That means the car is heading down not upward (progress)! I guess I made the meaning clear.

    • TonieTate profile image

      TonieTate 8 years ago from Metro-Atlanta

      Hi,Would this be a correct use of Jacy Boo Ja Ma Boo. The people who are on the lowest level of the employee scale have the real power but they do not get the recognition or the pay.