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Rocket Chinese -- The Perfect Home Study Course

Updated on September 14, 2015

The Classic Learn By Yourself Strategy Offers Chinese Language Lessons

Reading and listening to Chinese vocabulary examples will not be enough. You will need to speak the language and do so with the proper articulation. The Rocket Chinese program offers a series of interactive software games which are intended to help ensure you are properly pronouncing the words and phrases of the language. Memorization and even basic comprehension will not cut it. You must have some proficiency with actually speaking the language properly and these software programs help you proficiently attain that exact result.

No Real Anxiety or Pressure to Learn

You also need to chart your progress and a series of "low stress" interactive tests are provided in the program. By low stress, it is meant you need not be concerned about passing or failing in order to receive a grade. Rather, your concerns will be on whether or not you will gain effective feedback on your strengths and weaknesses which then leads you into the proper direction of how to improve. There are two categories which the tests fall under. The first are self-tests which you take for your own personal gaging of progress. The second are certification tests which are designed to offer "official" feedback regarding whether you have completed the levels of learning in a manner that meets Rocket's standards of proficiency.

The Organization is Excellent

Among the greatest attributes to all the varied components of the Rocket Languages Chinese program is that it is well structured and organized. Despite the many varied facets to the program, a consistent logical approach to learning the material is always present. The material is not presented in a random manner and the effective organization of the material makes it much easier to learn. For those interested in becoming proficient in the basics of Mandarin in a relatively quick period of time, such an orderly progression to learning is a great help.

Lifetime Membership, Guaranteed

You would also have a tough time finding an online language learning program which offers a better deal for members. Once you sign up with Rocket Chinese, you gain a lifetime membership which means you can review and rereview the material time and time again. Upgrades to the system are available for free so you need not assume you would have to pay to keep your learning program current. For those hoping to stay sharp on their new found Chinese language skills, this can be considered a tremendous benefit. The program also comes with a free trial offer so there is no locked in commitments when you try it out.

You Now Have a Convenient Path

To learn Chinese has become a lot easier and much more convenient All you need is access to Rocket's excellent course on learning conversational Mandarin. For those who invest the time in the program, developing fluency in conversational Chinese may occur far sooner than even the most optimistic of expectations.

Just be sure to do your part. No one is going to learn a new language without effort so be sure to give it all you got.


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