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Strategies followed by topper to have an edge over others

Updated on October 17, 2015
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Shuchi Bahl , an engineer whose hobby is writing articles related to varied topics which she finds knowledgable and worth sharing.

In this article I am not going to discuss parameters of success. Nor I am going to discuss the factors required to become a winner from a loser. All I am going to discuss here is the step to become a topper.Don't be confused. The main audience lies here are the people who always get average score throughout their educational background.

STAGE 1:-Understanding the level on which you see your self

Obviously it will sound interesting as everyone on this earth wants to win and be successful. But why so? Why humans want to be at the top? Lets dig in the root cause of this habit.Many humans map success with happiness. So they have simple logic.

More success=More Money= More Happiness

Now question lies , what level of success and what level of happiness. Another factor works on this logic:-

Level of success= Amount of hard work done to reach perfection= Satisfaction

So basically in simple terms at what step of success ladder we see our self. That defines our goal. This ultimately defines how much we are going to work hard in this case to achieve it.

Difference between an average person and topper in terms of vision

Average Person
Small Vision
Huge Vision
Gets satisfied if half of goal is achieved
Satisfied only when goal is achieved fully and they can see themselves where they dreamed

STAGE 2:-Setting goals to match your vision

Basically we discussed about our dreams in above paragraph. Say for example I dream of becoming rich. This has a wide scope. I can get rich by various means. So in this case I have to streamline my path of reaching my dream. It can be done in various ways. So "Goal" is the term used to define major points to achieve our dreams.

Lets take this as an example and focus on "Average person's" and "Topper's" scenarios using this as a case study throughout this article.

So how an average person prepares strategy to reach his/her vision?

  • Choosing a path/goal that is not familiar instead, going for a goal chosen by others:- An average person mostly chooses a goal that is not familiar with his/her capabilities. It's not bad to choose something in which you are not proficient. However in this case time will be huge. Say for example this person is more interested in mechanics. But to reach his/her vision of richness , he/she chooses Information technology instead of mechanical.
  • Not aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses:- Average person don't map his/her abilities, interest or strengths first before deciding goal.Basically average person go with the flow.He/she don't streamline his/her strengths with goal's requirements.

So how a topper prepares strategy to reach his/her vision?

  • Choosing the goal which is of his interest and about which he/she is familiar:- Like for example to become rich he/she can start their own business , or follow a course etc. They can further categorize this into areas where they want to invest their time and money. They study the emerging and long lasting trends in country. Thereby choosing their goal. They are least bothered about the people's opinions and don't follow their footpaths blindly.
  • Identifying their strengths and weaknesses and mapping them with goal:- When their goal is finalized, they streamline their strengths and weaknesses. So they check in which area they are proficient and which skill is their strength. Then they check which skill is required to reach their goal. They then work on their weak areas beside strengthening their strengths.

STAGE 3:-Planning strategy by both individuals

Now when vision and goals are decided next step is to plan a strategy to achieve goal(s) . Its just like creating a map or time table to define and channelize our time and effort in right direction.

In broad perspective both topper and average person does hard work, practice daily and attend lectures regularly.But there is sleek difference between their strategies. This is clearly defined in below table along with parameters where this slight difference lies. It thus create a huge impact in sense of few % or numbers.

Crucial parameters that provide an edge to toppers

Topper's perspective
Average Person's perspective
Time Table
Follow weekly time table for self study
Don't follow time table for self study
Study Topics
Focus on high marks percentage
Don't bother about the percentage of that chapter. Instead study consecutively or easy ones first
Toppers revise/practice daily whats taught in class. Therefore this helps them to understand and retain better, also questions asked on the spot clarify these topics
This is not usually case with average person. They usually study before exams
Revision after test preparation
This is done keeping in view important topics
Done haphazardly
Important one liners marked
Bookmarking, highlighting important texts and making quick notes helps toppers in great way during revision
Average person usually learn things by heart and don't jot down notes either while studying or in class
Understanding through live examples
Refer live examples to remember things later
Learn things by heart. Thus basic concept is not clear
Basic concept understanding
Going deep into origin to understand how advanced concept are derived
Understanding advanced concept without any knowledge about basic principles
Good language command and writing skills
Way of expression is excellent. Especially through good writing and nice diagrams
Poor way of expression on paper
Confidence during oral communication tests
Loud , clear and brisk speaking about question asked
Elaborate answer to examiner question

STAGE 4:-Execution strategy adopted by both individuals

Another important factor is to follow what is being jot down in time table to achieve short and long term goals. Again all students study hard to achieve their goals but some become topper(s) while some come on 2nd rank. Above mentioned table also include execution strategy apart from planning while preparing for exams.

Basic rule to be followed everywhere apart from above parameters is not to waste time , work hard , revise regularly and express in best way.

STAGE 5:-Keeping up mental strength ,will power and acceptance to tolerate critical response and failure

All the points mentioned above are if followed by heart, will surely bring fruiful results. However there could be some scenarios where a person has to struggle hard to follow these rules. He/she has to practice hard. There could be some circumstances due to which person couldn't perform at his/her best potential.Its natural to loose if you are on the way to practice above ground rules.

But in context of mental strength a "Topper" quality person is more strong than an "Average Person".

Attitude of topper:-

  • Positive/optimistic nature:- If first step of time table fails , topper don't back out from the entire plan. He/She rebound back with plan B.
  • Deaf ears to other's opinions:- Others pessimistic remarks doesn't change mindset of these people from their goals. They remain focused despite being bullied by near and dear ones.
  • Patience and tolerance:- Maximum profit is earned by consistent work towards long term goals.This requires patience which topper maintain even in tough times.
  • Faith in themselves:- Toppers bounce back from losers to average person and then ultimately to topper slot. They never get satisfied with silver/ bronze awards. They strive hard to achieve themselves in the top. Despite having injuries( in case of sports) or financial crunches , they have faith in themselves and continue their journey enduring all hardships.

Attitude of an average person:-

  • Pessimistic approach:- Plays defensive and don't take risks.Often they leave their goal if they lose on one step also
  • Works taking pressure:- Usually these people can;t come out of the pressure of other people's opinion. They thereby don't work in relaxed way but with huge people's pressure. This ultimately leads to nervousness and then finally to failure.
  • Eagerness to reach on the top quickly:- This is achieved by applying short cuts. But less knowledge is way more harmful then no knowledge. This way they never go deep into a topic and couldn't say if they know whole or nothing.
  • No self confidence:- These people move according to other people reviews. They don't have self confidence to move ahead with their own opinions.

"Learn how to be a loser, because it's important to be a loser to be a winner."

— Sanford I. Weill

STAGE 6:-Constant scope of improvement for maintaining success and achieving perfection

Once successful , topper attitude is to remain topper. However same is not the case with an average individual. After tasting success, average person become overconfident and relaxed. Topper always try to attain perfection despite being on top position. Average person , after becoming topper becomes satisfied.They remain in the comfort zone of their knowledge.

Basic rule behind improvement is:-

Unlearn - Learn - Innovate

Role of finishing effect on each stage

Reiterating and summarizing every step taken in all above stages is what makes "Finishing Effect". In order to justify below points in one word I will use "Discipline".

STAGE 1:- Understanding the level on which you see your self

  • Dare to dream Big. Have bigger vision.
  • Don't be satisfied with current situation.

STAGE 2:- Setting goals to match your vision

  • Streamline goal(s) with vision
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses for achieving goal(s)

STAGE 3 and 4:- Planning and execution strategy by both individuals

  • Prepare proper time table strategy and follow it.
  • Prepare short notes and bookmarks.
  • Revise regularly
  • Prepare as per percentage division of chapters in marks.
  • Work on oral and written way of expression

STAGE 5:- Keeping up mental strength ,will power and acceptance to tolerate critical response and failure

  • Be optimistic
  • Dont bother about other's pessimistic views. Always use their jokes or comments as fodder for your further development.
  • Be patient and tolerant to critical reviews
  • Have confidence and faith in youself

STAGE 6:- Constant scope of improvement for maintaining success and achieving perfection

  • Don't be overconfident at any point of time.
  • Always believe in continuous effort even after achieving a milestone.

What is the best way to achieve success and be on the top

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© 2015 Shuchi12


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    • Shuchi12 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks Ankur :)

    • profile image

      Ankur Gupta 

      3 years ago

      Indeed lots of thoughts Shuchi!...Keep writing more...


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