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Rome, US Parallel True?

Updated on August 30, 2009

U.S. Debauchery of Rome?

The roman Empire gradually lost its influence as a result of eroding confidence in the senate, the influence of maurading   tribes that demanded higher and higer tribute
 to the point it was devastating to the treasury, and the rise of Christianity which changed the soul of Rome so that all persecution stopped and all religions were recognized.

By then Rome's treasury was pretty well diffuse and other world, economic powers prevailed.  the senate ceded power to some awful leaders who were poor generals, caretakers of the treasury, and who lost the trust of the people.

The U.S. influence on the world is certainly not forced but results from free trade. The government doesn't tell Mc'd's or starbuks, KFC or any other capitalist company where to locate. Economic benefit on both sides pushes that market.

In countries where the U.S. has tried to force undue influence the policy fails. Iraq is only one exapmple. The idea of preeminent attack is not usual U.S. policy and the writer believe has been scrapped.

The U.S. has great appeal to the youth and culture of every other country in the world. the music, dress, and entertainment is emulated everywhere. It is not forced. This is subject to change if another country succeeds in creating a totally negative image of U.S. culture.

U.S. bases have been deployed in countries that approve their presence for defensive purposes and for economic advantage. these bases are set up in response to perceived or real threats from enemies who have shown their hostile intent. There is also the question of vital resources. Should we step back and allow other interests superiority?

The U.S. is out-maneuvered by Asia due to trade inequities
and the perception that China is a benign giant that if we borrow from will not be a threat. China is beating us. Our Internet is in the dark ages compared to theirs.

At a time when we need more scholars, we are devoting less to universities, spending our future for comfort in the present.  We hardly graduate engineers anymore.

Foreign ownership of corporations is shifting capital to other countries. We have lost our industrial base. will we lose our technology advantage too?

Debauchery would make a great weapon if it had the powers attributed by various groups throughout history. It has been in every culture but somehow mankind soldiers on. Most peoples, religious or no, are revolted by it and manage to hide it(or think they do)in special parts of town. Vice has been and will always be a part of even advanced cultures.
Passing laws and jailing people only creates more interest.  Probably 90% of christian countries populations do not like it and non-Christian countries place a taboo on it.

It has been the U.S. Supreme Court's adherence to free speech laws advancing free speech of all things, that has changed the perception of some that we are a debauched nation. Soldiers fighting in the revolutionary war carried pornographic material with them, gambled and engaged with prostitutes, just like soldiers and sailors today.  Eventually, youth advances from its folly and even marries the girl next door. 

To lay debauchery at Rome's door as the reason for its fading influence in world affairs is patently absurd and false.  Rome fell gradually and for many reasons, including  political corruption, poor leadership while under attack from a new and fierce threat from Asia, and dwindling influence as treasuries were diminished in far flung wars and used to pay tribute to outside threats.  It didn't happen overnight but took at least two hundred years. Ironically,  the triumph of Christianity played no small role in Rome's diminution to a second rate power.  Caesar simply put a stop to Christian sacrifice in the arena and converted to the blossoming religion himself..


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