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Roommates: Why the Decision Should Be Yours

Updated on February 19, 2017

Choose Your Own

It is supposed to be fun living with roommates. It contributes to your ability to be social. It is supposed to allow you to share things like chores, food, paper towels, and tissue. Most of all, having roommates is supposed to be fun.

Not always so.

For the girls who have friends that are going to the same college they are, you probably won't have any problems like these. For the ones who do not have this set-up, I encourage you all to do what I could not do and find, search, for girls to live with.

You want to find people you can get along with and tolerate. Try to do this before you let the University or College you are or will be attending choose for you. You may have to sacrifice your first semester to do this, and if so, it's worth it.

Here are some girls that you could be stuck with if you don't find your own roommate.


The Intimidating Girl

This is the chick that has got to be feared. She has got to make you jump when she slams a door. She has got to be able to use your stuff whenever she feels like it. She has got to hog the living space with her friends. Her attitude and actions say, I will hurt you if you give me any small reason to.

It is all you can do to keep from bumping this chick with your hip knocking her across the kitchen counter. She is the one that is always looking for a fight, and no one needs the trouble of that.

In this day and age, if you get into a fight with someone on-campus, consider yourself kicked out of your resident housing. This will affect your time and money, especially if you don't have parents in the county, city, or state. Unless you like this type of girl or are this type of girl, avoid getting stuck with this type of girl as a roommate.


The Loud Girl

This is the, you have to see me, girl. She has got to bring her boyfriend, his friends, his girlfriends, their boyfriends, her dog, her cat, her parrot Arty, and the club she just joined into the apartment or room.

She has got to share her music with everyone in the morning, at night, and in the evening. If she has a party in there, so do you. When she watches a television show, you must hear it. If she is discussing future plans, a baby, a fight, her relationship, or someone else's relationship, you have got to hear that too. She is noisy all the time and it is annoying when you have horrible classes, mathematical models to name one, that forces you to study all the time.

You should not have to walk up and down several hills in the rain, sleet, or hailstorm to the library to study. She should at least allow all of you to have some quiet time. You will end up having to yell and curse her out in order for quiet to happen. If not this, then you end up spending the day knocking on her door asking her over and over again to be a little quieter.

Unless you like this type of girl or are this type of girl, avoid being stuck with this type of girl.


The Inconsiderate Girl

This is the girl that doesn’t care about anything.They don’t care about what they leave in the bathroom. They don’t care about the things they use that belong to you. They don’t care how it feels in the rooms when they just decide to change the air conditioner or heater’s temperature. They don’t clean up behind themselves.They don’t ask before using your stuff, nor do they care when they use up all your stuff.

They have no respect for you, your friends, or your family. They pride themselves on being rude and cold.These are the girls that think they know you and your lifestyle before they even say hello. Sure, they mind their own business and that's a plus. However, if you should have some type of medical problem that causes you to pass out, you don't need someone stepping over your dying body.

They need not continue to make their statement of how less they care about you at times in trouble or danger. Overall, you'll find yourself caring, cleaning up, picking up, and replacing things that she uses up that belongs to you.

Unless you like this type of girl or resemble this type of girl, avoid living with this girl.


The Cheap Girl

This one won’t buy toilet tissue, and if they have any, they won’t put any on the ring.They will instead wait around to see if you or someone else does it first.

They're so cheap, you rarely see them eat because they're afraid someone is going to ask if they can have some.They don’t share anything, but they do use your stuff. And like any cheap person, they'll use up all your stuff, and still, will not contribute to replacing it.

I've seen girls nearly get into fights because of toilet tissue and paper towel usage.They’ll use up all your cleaning products. Take your disinfectant spray in their room and use it up, then place it out in the open so you can throw it away.

These are definitely the ones you need to avoid. You don't need a moocher in College, especially now, it's too expensive. So unless you like like this type of girl or resemble this type of girl, avoid having this girl as a roommate.


The Lazy Girl

They don’t want to clean up anything. They’re so tired. They have all these classes. They are a part of all these clubs and organizations. Excuse after excuse. Even on the day you guys meet to discuss household chores to keep the apartment clean, they have excuses.

Every apartment on the entire campus has to go through inspection, so keeping the place clean is a must. I think one would hope to avoid the inevitable fee that comes with inspection. The fact that everyone has a schedule to keep is taken care of by the cleaning schedule you make together. Inspection happens on a certain date, but her laziness ruins the plans you have made. Not only that, but can ruin cooperation in that nobody wants to clean up. Now it's unfair to clean up because other people in the apartment won't; therefore no one cleans up.

And on the day of inspection, the place is a mess. And you, you are solo, busting your hump to clean up the place by yourself to avoid a fee. It is very annoying and troublesome to be put in this situation, and unless you like this type of girl or resemble this type of girl, avoid roommates like these.

The Quiet Girl

This is a tricky one. Sure, you get the benefit of this person not being noisy and nosy. But, the fact that you may or may not know she is in the apartment can become quite spooky.

She’s always the one you see either coming or going into her room. She doesn't stay around to have a conversation with you nor does she seem to be interested in you at all. She never keeps her door open, nor do you really hear when she comes in and out. Her silence can be annoying, but the problem is when things are used up, messy, stolen or misplaced. Some girls do annoying things like steal something to name one, and blame someone else.

Down the line, the one you have labeled quiet, is usually blamed for this missing item.You can have this person around you, it's cool, but make sure that she's comfortable talking to you and others there. She need not let anyone take advantage of her, it can become problematic. She needs to speak up and not be the sitting duck of the apartment.

Unless you like this type of girl, resemble her, or are willing to put in a little work to bond a little, avoid having her as a roommate.


The Nosy Girl

This girl is in your room. This girl is listening in to your phone calls and through the wall if she can.This girl is having conversations with others about your business, your friends, your friend’s friends, your mom, dad, cousins, and the FBI if she can find any violence in the situation she overheard.

This person will inevitably be the reason why so many people know you on-campus and you don’t know them.This person will undoubtably be the reason why people are giving you sad sympathetic looks and brochures for help with your relationship problems. This nosy girl can contribute to fights, break-ups, and all other things.

As I have stated in my other hub, gossiping is perfectly natural. However, it becomes another problem when you have someone obsessed with it. You don't want them putting any of your business out on-campus.

Unless you like this type of girl or resemble this type of girl, you want to avoid having them as roommates.

The Boss Girl

This is the one that will send you a motherly email and encourage some type of unity. Something like cleanliness, neatness, picking up things left behind etc…This is the one that calls meetings and supposedly takes it upon herself to keep everyone organized.

After the semester progresses, she will come in with this attitude that she has to take the burden of all of you on her shoulders. She will boast this in front of her friends and family. After a while, she will start to talk to you like you're some type of child. Overtime, this can be just as annoying as the intimidating girl.

Avoid allowing a boss, even in yourself, to generate in the apartment. Everyone in the apartment is an adult, no one wants to be talked down to.

So unless you like this type of girl or resemble her, avoid having her as a roommate, having to become her, or allowing anyone else to become her.


Last Note

Overall everyone should be on the same level. Everyone should be able to converse easily with each other, get along, share their feelings openly, and make the essential decisions that comes with living together.

There should be definite rules that are made, signed off on, and approved by all of you before anyone else. During this time you guys need to bring up concerns and other things. With college life comes hard work and different experiences socially, personally, and culturally. It can be the best time of your life or the worst. Who you have to live with can make things hell. Don’t let your college experience be ruined. How you have to live and the conditions in which you sleep can be uncomfortable. This alone can mess up a perfectly awesome college experience.

So before you go to college or after your first semester, you may need to sacrifice your first semester, search for your own roommates.


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