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Some Insight on Soul Sharing And Soul Merging!

Updated on January 2, 2010


It was shortly after breaking up with Mary that Rosara paid me a visit. I had written “The Messenger of Love” and was still struggling with it. That ‘writing’ really challenged some of my long held beliefs and I was definitely being pushed out of my comfort zone. I do believe that things happen when they are supposed to. I think the angelic messenger that said I had asked for her in dreams, set the stage for my meeting Rosara.

After the breakup I had taken to spending more time alone at night as the night has always fascinated me. I derive much comfort and solace from the dark. Even as a child I would plead with mother to let me stay up later than the usual 11 p.m., which was my weekend bedtime hour. A few times, I sneaked up when everyone else was asleep. Dad was the one who took forever to fall asleep. When his thunderous snoring began to rattle the walls, I knew it was safe for my nighttime excursions.

Where would I go? I would wander the many fields in our neighborhood which at that point had not become urbanized. I’d sometimes stay with my grandma and papaw who owned over one hundred acres. Papaw was a hermit himself so he understood my need for nature and solitude. He used to say that having been raised in a household of ten people with relatives close by, he vowed as a boy that he’d spend his adult years with the trees and brooks as his neighbors. He said that solitude, fresh, air and exercise were good for body and soul. So papaw and I were on the same wavelength. He totally understood my predilection for the night time and since there were no neighbors for quite a distance I never feared being bothered.

The night is so much more exciting than the daytime to me. Actually I see better than during daytime, or perhaps better said, I sense things with some kind of inner vision. Sometimes I would lay out all night and star gaze until I fell asleep. When I returned to the house mamaw would chide me, but papaw would wink at me. “The boy is a nature child,” he would say Leave him be”

I would often relive those pleasant childhood memories to help me forget my father’s cruelty. So when I was heart broken over Mary I took a few days off and visited my mamaw at the old home place. Papaw was up in years but he still managed to cook and care for his entourage of dogs. Mamaw would get so mad and say, ‘you take half our food and feed to those stupid stray dogs you keep taking in. At one point papaw had fourteen dogs. So after laughing about his dogs, (he was down to eight at that point) papaw would say, make yourself at home. I know you will be roaming the fields.

After dinner I’d insist on helping mamaw with the dishes, but she never let me.. She just insisted that I take a blanket and some water if I was going to be camping outside beneath the trees star gazing. “Sure,” mamaw,” I would promise. I recall that night very clearly. After walking for what seemed miles, I arrived at my favorite spot and lay down to star gaze. Suddenly a strong feeling of melancholy descended upon me. It had happened before, but never this intensely. It was as though I wanted to go to one of those stars. I stared at one near the Big Dipper for a long time. A sense of homesickness, as strange as it seemed, which I could not explain, began to drain me of all the enthusiasm I had been feeling. I began to feel drowsy. As I lay there, half-asleep, suddenly in front of me appeared the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen in my life. There was a golden bright light encircling her. I noticed a cluster of what appeared to be diamond shaped jewels above her head. They seemed to be suspended in mid-air about an inch. Her eyes were light pink, and she emitted the sweetest rose fragrance.

Am I dreaming? I thought. If I can ask then I must not be, I concluded. I was too afraid to open my eyes. Part of me feared if I did she might disappear. I closed them tighter and heard gentle playful laughter. “Relax,” the lady spoke softly. “Don’t be serious.” I can only be here when your mind is calm.”

I opened and close my eyes several times. She was still there. No, I was not dreaming. I made a strong effort to relax, taking a few deep breaths. Soon the pitter patter of my heart subsided, and my shaking hands were once again still. I opened my eyes, and found that she was still very present before me.

“Much better,” she said, smiling at me. “Now I can share the message I was sent to tell you. The fact that you see the bright light around me is a very good sign.”

I wanted to ask her how she knew that, but refrained, fearing to say anything.

“My name is Rosara,” she said, approaching closer.

Being close to Rosara was like being in a rose garden. Her entire being emitted a rose fragrance.

“Do you always smell like this?” I wanted to ask, but didn’t dare. I soon learned that I couldn’t keep any of my thoughts secret. She read them everyone. I tried to pay special attention to what I was thinking. At that point she smiled and told me her fragrance was so potent because we have a special link which she would tell me more about later. I nodded my head, smiling.

“No, I don’t always emit this fragrance,” she said. “It is reserved for those with whom we plan to soul share.”

“It’s nice,” I managed to blurt out. “I don’t think I could stand to smell roses all of the time, no matter how lovely and intoxicating they are.”

“It can be quite nice,” she replied softly, “especially during soul-sharing.”

I was becoming very interesting in soul-sharing. “Where are you from?” I asked, bursting with curiosity. The way she looked at me I could tell that she had read my thoughts again.

“I will tell you about soul-sharing and where I come from in a little while, but first things first. I have been observing you for a very long time. You have been struggling and feeling lonely for many years and you do not feel that this earth is your home. Human love has disappointed you. This is because you seek a deeper more wholesome love.” She stepped closer and looked intently into my eyes. I thought I would faint, her presence was so intoxicating. “You seek soul-sharing, Michael. You seek me. This is why you spend so much time alone in the woods and fields and stargaze.

“I am sorry for the dissolution of your relationship with your beloved. You underwent a lot of emotional turmoil and hardship. But that pain is pushing you to go deeper within so that you can contact your soul to get help and some needed answers. As a matter of fact your soul appeared to you symbolically in the image of the angelic being who inspired you to write “The Messenger of Love.” That was a big step for you, and is one reason that I am allowed to finally make an appearance to you. You are ready to learn more about love. Most earth people know so little about true love and soul sharing. I am here to teach you a few lessons with you. Michael, I have a secret to reveal to you. You and I have soul-shared from a world called Sulva, which is very far away,” she whispered, pointing to the stars near the Big Dipper. “It’s out of reach of your scientific telescopes. We have the means to remain anonymous to any world we choose. Few on your world know anything about us. I come to you because I was assigned to you. I have been watching you for several years and monitoring your development.”

“How do you do that?” I asked, puzzled.

“With a big computer that has a gigantic screen,” she joked, laughing. “Seriously, I tune into your energy field. Just like you can see a light around me, likewise, a light emanates from you. Each person has a light field which extends from their physical body. No two are the same. They are different colors depending on what the person is like. On my world we recognize people’s true self by this color. It is also what draws people together. Your light is almost the exact hue of gold as mine. On Sulva there are over a hundred variations of gold alone. It’s the same with the other colors. We have many colors most of your people have never seen. Some of your artists and ultra sensitive people are exceptions and some have painted the soul light above the head, in what you call a halo.

“Like I said your hue is nearly identical to mine. That means we are soul mates. I’ve learned through using the soul senses how to perceive things and people very far away. It’s part of our training on Sulva. Anyone can learn to do it. All it takes is for one to develop their sensitivity. Aren’t you wondering why I have come?”

“Yes,” I said, trying to absorb the experience without looking too shocked.”

“I’ve come because you are ready to learn how to see with your soul vision. You already do to a degree. You have the sensitive temperament and disposition needed for such vision. Also the increased frequency of your star gazing has shown me that you are ready to know more. You spend a lot of time star-gazing and you have begun to feel an intense homesickness. This is a sign that your soul senses are awakening. I have come to awaken them even more. This is if you wish for this experience,” she said, tapping me gently on the forehead. Her touch felt like a light current of electricity. It didn’t hurt but rather sent pleasant tingles all through my body, and even my mind, if that is possible. When I looked at her soft deep eyes, I felt my soul was merging into her being. Intrigued by the tingling sensations, and a little scared, I quickly looked away. She smiled then moved a few feet away.

“You are beginning to sense that who you think you are is not really who you are,” she continued, “or at least completely. Many on your world are beginning to realize that the earth is not the land of their origin or where their heart dwells. I am aware that you have felt from childhood as though you are a stranger on the earth. In many ways you are. As you star-gazed and dreamt, you began to wonder about other worlds. Did they truly exist? Where were they? How could you make contact with them? Along with your growing questions, began to stir deep longings and yearnings for something you could not define as you looked above. Is This not true?”

“Sort of,” I replied, feeling embarrassed. It was not easy having a virtual stranger read and see into the very depths of my soul so I tried to remain evasive. “Well, sort of, I like I said. But I thought I was only imagining things when I looked at the stars. I think if you stare at anything long enough you can put yourself in some kind of reverie or trance and your mind and eyes can start playing tricks on you.”

Rosara smiled, and touched my hand gently. “Tricks, you say, Michael. What an interesting word. Well, the experience must have been pleasant because you keep coming back to this spot.”

“It is. Yes, I have been coming here every since I was a boy. I love the night time and to be away from all the noise.”

“I know. Night time is the time when we undergo soul training. You sense this unconsciously. I’ll show you how to project yourself up there sometime when you are ready for it. Let me assure you that the things you have sensed and seen were not dreams or the conjuring of your imagination. With your permission I am going to help you expand your soul a little in some of our future meetings.”

“Future meetings,” I murmured.

“You don’t think I came all of this way just to say hello and then goodbye, do you,?” she laughed. “Before I tell you about soul-sharing let me tell you how we communicate on Sulva. We communicate by soft whispers, which most people on the earth, would not even hear, and we also communicate through song. Many of your animals, especially porpoises and whales, can hear those sweet tones that we murmur and sing on our world. It is natural that your whales love to sing. As you know, some people equally have a natural love for singing. You have always loved music and you have a lovely singing voice I might add. I am aware that you even pursued a singing career at one time. And why would you not? You will always be a singer. As a matter of fact at one point you will become so receptive to the stellar patterns and energies that you will actually hear songs of the stars. You will come into contact with many beings who will give you beautiful songs. I also know that you have written quite a few songs and some are very haunting and beautiful. Let me just say that there is so much to come as your earth saying goes.”

“Yes, I admit that I love singing and I do hear songs in my head sometimes. I have written quite a few down.”

“You will when the time is right. Singing is so natural for you because in earlier times, many ages past, people on your world likewise communicated through song. Through telepathy we taught them many of our songs.”

I wondered how old Rosara was. She could be a million years old as far I know. Perhaps they have achieved immortality and will always live, I thought.

She paused. “No, I am not a million years old. Now back to what I was saying, “by we, I mean my people. One rarely hears such beautiful songs anymore on your world. They contributed greatly to the harmony and tranquility prevalent in those times. A few poets, musicians and other sensitive people have been able to hear our songs and still do. Some composers have even relayed some of our music to you, utilizing their highly developed pineal and pituitary glands, otherwise known as your higher centers or soul connectors. You often call such music the music of the spheres. In our training we learn to harness the power inherent in the pineal and pituitary or soul glands. Now you know why you love music and are always humming and singing. You are remembering the ways of your ancient ones. Your sensitivity lets you delve deeply into your mind where the ancestral memories are all recorded. You make this contact unconsciously without knowing it. I hope this makes you feel better. You are not alone, Michael. This is one of the greatest and most destructive illusions on your planet for it leads people to destructive behavior patterns and creates vices and addictions.”

By this point I was not even surprised that Rosara knew my name.

“The wind carries memories of those ancient ways and magical times. When you’re outside in nature, especially at night, some of the memories surface to your conscious mind. The result is that you start humming or singing strange, and often haunting, songs unlike any that are heard today on your world. I remember one about the lightning wind dance, and the dancing golden light beams you sang when you were six. You even wrote the words down and your mother said they made a lovely poem. You were tapping very deep ancestral memories.”

“I do recall writing and singing such songs and poems. I came up with a lot of them. I even made up little dances.”

“The contortions and movements of your body in those dances were not your everyday dance one-two-three steps. You were unusually supple.” She laughed. “I’ll teach you some more dances later if you’d like.”

“Some more? You mean you taught me those dances?”

“Let’s just say that I mentally projected pictures in your mind of those dance steps. You translated them into moves. Wouldn’t you have had more fun with a partner, than with the broomstick you sometimes danced with? Shall we dance?” Rosara said, twirling in semi-circles.

“Oh, please not now,” I said, captivated by Rosara’s magical presence. “I just want to listen to you talk. Otherwise, I think all of this excitement is going to be too much and I might drop dead and wind up wherever dreamers go.”

“Oh, yes, you are a dreamer, Michael, as am I. Long live we dreamers!”

We looked at each other in silence for several moments. My head was spinning and my heart beating fast. A short time later I spoke softly.

“Rosara, tell me about love on Sulva, please.”

“Love,” she sang in a sweet lyric soprano voice, looking at me so intently that I blushed. She held the note for the longest time. How could one do that in a solid breath? I wondered. Her voice was, how to put it, angelic, divine, and celestial all in one. There was a purity, sweetness and vibrancy in it that was intoxicating to the ears. It made my mind soar and my heart missed a few beats as well. It felt like my soul was exiting my body. I wanted to soar to the stars and never come back.

Rosara very slowly sang softer and softer until the sound faded. Then she looked at me a few moments then resumed speaking. “Love, that four letter word that causes so much heart-break and sadness on your world, when it should only cause joy and celebration. What can I tell you about love that you don’t already know?” she said, smiling, reaching for my hand. “Michael, you celebrate the joys of love quite often at night in your dreams,” she whispered. “That is what brings you to this spot.”

“Oh, my,” I gasped. “You’re the one who I dream about?”

“Tis I,” she sang, curtsying gracefully. “And let me add, those are much more than dreams. I think that you know that. You’d never stroll through these woods so late just to talk to trees.”

“I wasn’t sure why I did it other than my love for the night.”

“Now you know why. Let me get back to your questions about love. Something like marriage as understood by your people on earth cannot begin to compare to the bliss we enjoy and partake of on Sulva. True soul-merging is rare on earth, although most people long for it. To soul-merge one has to know and understand the soul, an endeavor few pursue with sincerity or persistence. Your sacred institution of marriage leaves much to be desired because most people do not even know who they are, let alone who anyone else is. The concept of two souls joining is strong on your world, however, rarely realized. Magnify that joining that people feel with their beloved, with millions of souls, and you will have a glimpse of how much deeper your capacity to experience love truly is.”

“This is stupendous,” I exclaimed, feeling much more relaxed in Rosara’s presence. “No wonder I have no intention of marrying. It has always seemed like an insufficient means to experience love. So few people remain happy these days. The divorce rate on this world is alarming. I don’t know why people even bother to go through the marriage ceremony. It seems so useless.”

“Sadly that is very true. People on your world marry mostly for the wrong reasons: a physical sexual chemistry, desire for companionship, material security, fear of growing old, of being alone etc. It is called settling and ultimately does not satisfy the needs of the soul. Do not misunderstand me. The physical chemistry certainly has its place. Such chemistry is exciting and attracts people to each other. But without soul-merging the physical attraction sooner or later begins to wane. Then people usually choose to have affairs or move on to someone else.

“There is no physical sex on Sulva. The closest thing that can come to it is the feeling that one has when they take in a lovely fresh mouthful of air, and then sigh while thinking about someone they love. On Sulva we partake of a certain substance that is somewhat similar to air, except it is so much sweeter and more delicious than the oxygen people breathe on the earth. Two people who want to merge on Sulva (or share their merging more intimately shall I say, as all are merged on Sulva), stand about ten feet in front of each other and then close their eyes. They wear a type of flowing translucent gown which radiates hues of light greens, blue, pinks, and other pastel colors which your colors can only approximate in beauty and softness.

“The two people slowly begin to breathe in the sweet substance (our type of air) but the substance is so much more than air, because what we breathe to sustain our physical bodies is not the same as what we breathe during soul-sharing. Through very slow sustained breathing, and focused concentration on the beloved, another set of lungs activates, receiving more and more of the sweet substance, which can be compared to breathing the scent of a freshly blossomed rose. This other set of lungs is only activated during the soul-sharing ceremony of joining. Energies are exchanged between the couple in ways you cannot imagine. There is intense passion that builds in an electrifying excitement as the couple takes in the love and energy that millions of their soul family are sending them. There are tingling pleasant sensations that pour through the body and even into the head as the higher centers become fully activated. It is an experience of complete bliss and ecstasy. The soul of the couple actually experiences a total merging that is not possible on the earth. This is because at this time there is a lack of understanding of what love truly entails and the heart and higher chakra energy centers are not opened sufficiently. Michael, one day you will experience this type of soul merging and you will never be the same again. When the ceremony begins to wind down, the rose like fragrance slowly begins to recede, then our other lungs slowly reactivate and we take in oxygen once more.

“Please tell me more about this transfer of energy from the two sets of lungs."

"This transfer of energy from one set of lungs to another is accomplished via concentrating and the murmuring of tones. Through slowed breathing the fragrance, the higher brain cells are stimulated, and the participants begin reciting beautiful poetry which gently transforms into a lovely song. The tones from the song carry vibrational wave frequencies which enable our bodies to transfer the energy to our soul-sharing lungs. It is difficult to explain this procedure. One has to experience it to understand it.”

“Please try. Rosara. This feels so familiar. I have to hear more.”

“I will try,” she said, touching my hand gently, sending tingles from my head all the way down to my toes. It was not even a sexual sensation. It was a soulful sensation is the only way I know how to put it.

“Once the song is finished the pure energy creates a gentle breeze like swirl of energy that flows through our bodies. You had a slight sensation of This when I touched your forehead earlier.”

“Slight. That’s putting it lightly. It was very intense and pleasantly so.”

“It was nothing compared to what awaits you when we soul-share after your training.”

“I can hardly wait for that.”

“Back to soul-sharing. The energy created is imbued with a pure rose fragrance. This experience is most pleasurable and even ecstatic. There is no comparison to it on your world. As some point it is as though the participants and the sweet fragrance become as one, although individuality does not disappear into the breeze. Soul-sharing enables the couple to lighten considerably, although we’re already much lighter than your people. If I were to make another comparison, let me say that a type of soul-sharing occurs on the earth when two soul-mates connect in mind and spirit, and can feel intense energy stimulating their nerve and higher centers during close communion at the non-physical level. Everybody knows that their body feels differently when they are in love. Their senses are heightened. Everything around them looks more beautiful and intense. Does this make sense?”

“I think so even if it’s a lot to take in.”

Rosara smiled and gently touched my hand, sending me reeling again. “Oh, This is nothing compared to what all there is to take in. But I understand the importance of taking this step by step. I am giving you a lot of information. You will have ample time to sort it out and assimilate. In time and with practice, you will be able to fully experience soul-sharing. Do you remember the time long ago when you dreamed about a man and woman standing with their heads tilted back, breathing softly as part of a ceremony?”

“Yes, I did. It was right here at this very spot. That dream was about three months ago. Was it really a dream, Rosara? After all, you said it seems that dreams are more real than reality.”

“All reality is real, and it was not just a dream. Or let me put it another way, it was a real dream. You were projecting part of your soul to Sulva. I was helping you. You did not know it consciously so your subconscious symbolically translated the experience into a dream as it didn’t have the access to your soul knowing which you are soon to have much more access to. You have been attending classes without knowing it for quite some time. And you haven’t skipped a single one,” she said, inserting humor.

“That is nice to hear. Playing hookie was one of my favorite past times in school. It got me into trouble several times.”

“You only did that because you were bored, and rightfully so. Your entire education is in need of radical changes and transformation. That topic we shall save for another time. Now back to love on Sulva. Sexual intercourse cannot begin to approximate the bliss and ecstasy that soul-sharing offers. On your world when two people love in a romantic sense, they usually close themselves off to some extent from the rest of humanity. They are in a type of self-created bubble which insulates and isolates them from others. On Sulva we never lose our connection to everyone else, even when we soul-share. We just shift our energies and create a more personal experience. We do this by drawing from the soul essence from everyone else. The rose-like fragrance contains a bit of everyone else’s soul essence, so soul-sharing is both a personal and a collective group experience.

“Separation and oneness exist simultaneously. On Sulva we draw on the collective energies to enhance the personal ones. My message is complete for now,” she said, moving closer to me, kissing me gently on the lips. “It is time for me to go. Think of me when you behold a rose and breathe in the lovely fragrance. The fact that the rose is the most beloved flower on earth verifies that people in their heart and soul have a deep longing to soul-share. Some deep and ancient part of them recalls having done so long ago. Goodbye for now, my Beloved, Michael.”
When I opened my eyes again, Rosara had disappeared, but a rose fragrance permeated the air around me. That was the one time I wished someone else were here with me to verify the fragrance. But I wasn’t about to tell anybody. They’d have thought that I was crazy.

I never shared my secret spot with anyone, nor have I ever married. How could I love another woman after Rosara? Perhaps woman is not even the right word. Rosara could have very well been an angel or some other celestial divine being. Although she certainly looked human, she was so much more than a human. I hoped in time that I would come to that knowing and realization and experience myself. Her words kept me hoping and going when the ordinary mundane life weighed heavily upon me.

There were many more adventures. There is no time to tell them now but maybe I will write them down and share them later. Maybe not? Some secrets are best cherished and left in the corridors of the heart. I met some of her friends and teachers. I made friends with many other worldly beings. One thing is for certain. I no longer feel melancholy or homesick when I star gaze. The nights still fascinate me, and in my solitude I derive much comfort and solace. I suppose I inherit that from my papaw.



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    • profile image

      Jeannine Brogan 

      6 years ago

      You are not going to believe this, but I wrote something about this very subject recently after just sitting and thinking about what my fiancé and I do to grow closer together. Now, I'm writing a post for my blog about how to accomplish it! LOL

      So "Cosmic"!

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Thank you, Mary. That was a magical visit....I think I could use a "new one" lol.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      This is beautiful.


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