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Ruby Bridges Hall

Updated on July 9, 2014

Six year old Ruby Bridges was known to be the first Black child to desegregate a all-white elementary school in the South .Ruby Bridges was born in Tyler-town Mississippi in 1954 to Abon and Lucille Bridges.

At the age of 6 her parents answered a request for the advancement Black children. The Bridges Volunteered their daughter for participation in the integration of the new Orleans School system.

In 1960 six Black children passed a test to see if could go to a all white school. Ruby father was reluctant to let his daughter participate but his wife persuaded him to let her attend a all white school..Lucille Bridged thought that this move was needed because she wanted a better education for her child.

When Ruby and her parents drove up, a group of white parents were out side yelling, screaming and throwing things, as if they was at a parade.

Ruby didn't cry or show any fear just courage. Once inside white parents took their children out of school and white teaches refused to teach Ruby. One teacher from Boston Massachusetts Barbara Henry taught her alone.

Every morning She walk to school, she was threatening while some protested in front of the school with a Black doll in a coffin. US Marshal's was assign to keep her safe. Abon Bridges lost his job for sending his child to an all white school. A lot of Black and white people showed support to the Bridges because of the courage of their daughter" Ruby Bridges Hall the first little Black girl known to attended the first Elementary School .


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