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Russian Phrases for Traveling

Updated on September 24, 2012
The Beautiful Red Square at Night!
The Beautiful Red Square at Night! | Source

Russia is a great country and as such many people visit it. If you are one of these people or are soon to be one of these people then you need to know some traveling phrases!

This hub contains vital phrases that you need when traveling to Russia split into handy and memorable groups.

The hub is split as follows:

  1. The Basics
  2. Russian Phrases for the Airport
  3. Russian Phrases for Emergency
  4. Out and About (Directions
  5. Russian phrases for Restaurants

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1. The Basics

Yes - da
No - ni-yet
Hello - pri-vyet
Goodbye - paka/da svidanya

Good morning - dobroya utra
Good evening - dobroya vech-irr
Good night - Spakoini nochi
See you later - Paka/sheesleeva/da strechee

Please - Pahzaulsta (the 'hz' is pronounced as the 's' in 'fusion')
Thank you - Spaceba
Thank you very much - Spaceba balshoye
No thank you - Net spaceba

Pleased to meet you - Preyatna poznakomeetsa
How do you do (informal)? - Kak deela?
How do you do (formal)? Kak vee pahzivayetee?
How do you do (formal)? Kak oo vas deela?
I'm doing great - Oo menya vso harasho
I'm fine thanks - Ya fparatki
And how are you? Ee kak oo vas?

Sorry I didn't catch that, could you repeat that please? - Izveneeti ya ni raslishal, paftareeti pazhaulsta
I understand - Ya panimayoo
I do not understand - Ya ni panimayoo

Watch this to see how a russian would say these words!

2. Russian Phrases For The Airport

Excuse me - rahzrisheetee praitee pahzaulsta
Sorry (please forgive me) - izveeneetee menya pahzaulsta
Could you speak more slowly please? - gavareetee pa med-lye-neya pahzsoulsta
Could you repeat that please? - paftareetee pahzaulsta?

I would like to rent a car - ya hachoo brat prakarrt na machinu pahzaulsta
Where are the taxis? - gdye taxi?
How much is it? - Skolka stoyet?

I am lost - ya patiralsa
May I use the phone? - mohzna tvoy ti-li-phon?
Where are the toilets? - gdye tvaletee?
Airport - ah-eh-roporrt
Aeroplane - samalyot

Russian Phrases For Emergencies

Help! - paamageetee!
Stop! - piristan!
I need a doctor! - mnye noohzen vrach!
Call a doctor! - vizavee vrach!

I've lost my x - ya patiral svoy/svaya X
I've lost my passport/camera/wallet/child/wife/ - ya patiral svoy passporrt/svaya camera/svoy cashilok/ribyonok/hzena
It's an emergency! - eto srochna!
Fire! - pahzarr!
I've been mugged - menya agrabilee

Where is the nearest X? - gdye samee/samaya bliskee/bliskaya X? (depending if noun is masculine, feminine or neutral - natives will understand either but it would be wrong to mix genders of adjectives)
Where is the nearest hospital/police station? - gdyee samaya blihzkaya balnitsa?/Politseyski oochastok?
Call an ambulance - visavee skoraya pomash!
Could you help me please? - pamageetee menya pahzaulsta
I've run out of gasoline - mnye konchilas gaz

I'm really sorry - prasteetee menya pahzaulsta
Can I use your phone? - mohzna tvoy tiliphon?

Can I have a lawyer who can speak english? - mohzna mnye advokat katoree gavoreet pa angleeski

I didn't do it! - ya eta nee zdelal!

4. Out and About (Directions)

Where is x? - gdye x?
Where is the train station? - gdye vogzal?
Is it far? - eta daleeko?
Can you show me where it is on the map? - Pakahzeetee menya na carrtoo

How do I get there? - Kak ya toodoo magoo papast?
Turn left - pavarachaysya na lyeva
Turn right - pavarachaysya na prava
Go straight - eedee pryama
It's on the corner - eta na oogloo

Here - zdess
There - tam
Over there - von tam

Bus stop - avtoboosna astanovka
Train station - vogzal
Bank - bank
Police station - paleetseyskaya oochastok
Cinema - kino
School - schkola
House - dom

5. Russian Phrases For Restaurants

Restaurant - Ristoran
I'd like a table for two please - mohzna mnye stol dlya dvye
Could I have a menu please? - mohzna mnye menyoo?
Can I order some food (I want to order some food)? - ya hachoo zakazat yedoo
What's good here? - shto zdess fkoosna?
What do you recommend? - shto vee rikemondooyeetee

Fork - veelka
Knife - nosh
Spoon - loshka
Could I have a knife and fork please? - mohzna menya nosh ee veelka pahzaulsta?
Glass - stakan

Do you have vegetarian food? - oo vas yest ve-ge-ta-ri-anskoya yida?
I don't eat X - ya nee kooshayoo X
I don't eat meat - ya ni kooshayoo myassa
I'm allergic to x - oo menya allirrgeya na X
I'm allergic to nuts - oo menya allirrgeya na arrehee
Could I have some butter/sugar/water please? - mohzna mnye massla/saharr/vada pahzaulsta?

It's very delicious - ochin fkoosna
More water please - mohzna mnye eesho vadi pahzaulsta
Bill please (I want to pay now) - ya hachoo plateet

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