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Russian laser will save the world from famine

Updated on May 5, 2016

Experts from the National Agricultural University of Michurinsk, Tambov province, the Russian Federation has introduced breakthrough invention: using a laser to save the planet loved us from starvation. The Daily Mail says the plant is treated with a laser beam as this will grow twice as fast and dramatic productivity gains.

Extremely safe because chemicals are not used

As a rule, whenever you hear the phrase "stimulate growth" as we thought of chemical fertilizers used to increase productivity. However, the product obtained by this method is not always safe for human health.

In contrast, the newly invented laser is expected to be a breakthrough in agricultural science. It allows farmers to grow fruit trees, organic foods "clean" in the true sense.

Also stimulate growth, laser Russia also "know" treating different diseases to plants. Using a laser, the scientists can know harmful chemical residues contained in vegetables, fruit, ... and their survival time in agricultural products.

Versatile and Powerful

Experts of laboratory Biophotonics - the aforementioned laser development, stressed that: create laser machine has a compact size but very powerful. Their lasers can even affect the operation of the television devices around even when the projector is not directly at the lens.

According to the developers, the laser beam will accelerate development of natural processes such as metabolism, cell division, ... in plants. The seeds germinate faster, fruit will have a larger volume, the harvest lasts longer, it is next to the plant will be less prone to the disease.


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