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Russians, FBI, UFOs and Aliens

Updated on December 9, 2012

Aliens on Earth

Truth or Jest?
Truth or Jest? | Source


The other day the Russian Prime Minister during an interview on television, said that as well as a suitcase holding the launch codes for the nuclear weapons, the Prime Minister said that he also received a briefcase which contained secret files on aliens living amongst us on Earth.

When questioned as to how many aliens there were, he said he would not say because he did not want to start mass hysteria. He implied that there was a “Men in Black” agency that was responsible for the alien’s control.

Much of the media has taken this lightly, implying that the Prime Minister was joking. Ancient alien theorists though and conspiracy theorists take it differently. They think that there was truth behind the so called jest.


Since the days of Hoover, UFO incidents have been reported. At that time though, the FBI said that there was nothing to fear from UFOs but how could they say that if they had not investigated the phenomena? No details of any such investigation, to this day, have been released.

Is it that perhaps even back then, the FBI and similar foreign agencies were aware of an alien presence on Earth? If so then, it could of course be understandable that they could tell us that there was no threat: they would know.

What started with Hoover seems to have carried on until today; no credible reports are given by the government agencies to explain reported UFO sightings.

In 1997 an incident named the “Phoenix Lights” occurred. This is when 10,000 people all witnessed strange lights above the city of Phoenix. This incident was reported and in some incidents filmed, yet up to today no credible explanation has been forthcoming from the government.


It seems to me that somewhere, somehow there is too much secrecy about something.

If the authorities have the explanations as to what these thousands of reported sightings annually really are, then why not say so?

Surely they cannot have that many secret weapon development systems in the process.

If it is just one sec ret, that that aliens are already amongst us, then when will they tell us?

Just last year, a junior White House staffer gave a statement that the White House was unaware of any aliens.

OK, but what seems strange with that is that this statement was made just before a petition level was reached, that would, according to President Obama’s own ruling, require him to have to give an explanation himself. This pre emptive statement by a White House junior stopped the petition in its tracks, which meant that neither the President nor any credible high ranking White House official had to give further statements.

So can we, like the media seem to do, easily brush aside the Russian Prime Ministers statement?

When will the western media stop just being messengers for the rich and powerful and get back to what they claim that they do: Investigative reporting and asking serious questions of those in power, instead of the pre arranged ones set out by the faceless elite that manipulate the media and therefore the rest of us?


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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      An excellent hub!

      I'm no conspiracy theorist about everything the powers that be do, but one thing I definately do think is true, is that governments know much more about the UFO phenomena than they would have us believe.

      They've had knowledge from pre 'Blue-Book', 'Sign' and all the other 'investigations' that have taken place - or whitewashes if peferred. When or if they ever do let it out of the bag, it will only be because there is a benefit to them and I can't see that happening within the near future.

      In the meantime, those of us who are open minded enough to believe that such things as aliens and UFO's are real, just have to continue researching, finding our own proof and put up with the sniggers and abuse until proven right.

    • somethgblue profile image


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I suspect that by revealing the Alien secret it would let the cat out of the bag on a wide variety of topics, that being said.

      What if the reason behind the secret is that the human race is really the aliens and that we did not originate on this planet, it would certainly explain why the missing link has never been found.

      My true feelings is that The Powers That Be have been dealing with Service To Self Aliens in exchange for advanced technology since the 40s and to admit it would mean they would have to much explaining to do.


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