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SEO Examples

Updated on August 14, 2009

SEO Ideas

You can have the best WebSite or Blog known to man but if you can't get people to read it all you've done is waste your valuable time. I'm still anxious to see what happens with HubPages and if they can bring traffic to my blogs. I won't tell you to stay away from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the others. If you have enough original content in your blog or WebSite chances are you'll get ranked high. It may take a while but it will happen. That's why you have to be passionate about doing this. As long as you have a driving force inside you that's telling you not to quit you will succeed. Here's an idea I did some research on recently. Go to YouTube and put in How To Make Money On The Internet. I watched video after video and saw the same thing over and over. The people that made these videos are trying to get you to join a site they joined and if you do(don't)they get a piece of your money. I didn't see anyone on there describing, like I am, how to actually make money on the internet with little or no money at all. Now what you could do is make a video and direct them to your Site or Blog and charge them $1.00 for all your information. Now enough people go to YouTube daily and a dollar isn't a whole lot of money but if you can get a lot of people to see the video and then go to your Site, well you can imagine the possibilities. These Internet Money Programs want as much money as they can get from you. I watched one that wanted $299.00 and that was just the beginning. In this day and age with economy as bad as it is do you think someone(no matter how great the website is)is in the position to pay $299.00? Now how about that little $1.00 or 2? I think that YouTube is a great way to make a lot of money and if your an honest person and the people that pay the $1.00 get great value for it they're going to tell their friends, who tell their friends and so on. Now if your on Google and Yahoo and all the rest you could be sitting pretty in a very short period of time. More about SEO on my next blog.


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