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SEO Fantasy and Reality

Updated on August 14, 2009

SEO Fantasy and Reality

When I first started my WebSite, The Married back in 2007 I was bombarded by firms that wanted my business to increase my traffic.I tried a couple with mixed results but nothing happened as far as they claimed it would. So my Site struggled. I tried everything I could but the bottom line was unless I had a significant amount of money to throw at these SEO Sites I was on my own. You learn through trial and error and that's exactly what happened to me. I was doing this because I was sure everything I did would work. All my Wife would say was "Show me the money" and that never happened. I finally gave up which isn't like me. What I did do was start from scratch and read everything I could get my hands on so I could find out what I was doing wrong. I finally came across a site called The Keyword Academy and what they were teaching people was How To Make Money Posting Links On Google. Now I had heard about this but all the sites that were offering this information wanted money which I didn't have. Here is the link .There are videos on the site and a lot of useful information. You can join up to The Key Academy for $1.00 for one month and if you decide to stay on it goes up to $33.00. It's well worth it if you've got the money. If not there's still a lot of information on there that can help you. They cover all sorts of topics. The best part is the do experiments like placing 100 posts on HubPages over a 30 day period and you'll see exactly how much money they made from all these posts. Now 100 posts in 30 days is not easy but it does work. Take a look at their site and judge for yourself if it's worth the dollar or not. If you do decide to pay the dollar you can still cancel at anytime before it goes up to $33.00. I'll be back shortly with more information about a variety of different topics.


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