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Salman Khan - being too personal

Updated on May 9, 2015

Fact sheet

  • 28th September 2002 - arrested for negligent driving
  • 24th July 2013 - charges of culpable homicide dropped
  • 6th May 2015 - found guilty of all charges
  • 6th May 2015 - bail till 8th may 2015 for hearing of appeal
  • Mysterious death of a police constable, alleged involvement of underworld

Source: Wikipedia

What should be done

Undoubtedly a punishment is in order, without reprimanding a rich old boy "will" not learn his lesson.

For every day he has attended the court hearing, that should be reduced from his sentence, so that neither can he or nor can anyone of his fans can say that a long trial should excuse him of any punishment.

Just like US, his bail should be set at extremely high amounts, so that it benefits the community and creates a somewhat sense of order.

He should be order community service of 5 years minus trial days. With regular updates from him to the court. With strict guidelines for what constitutes community service.

A major part of his earnings / savings (over 50 %) should be seized and utilized for road safety and traffic light cameras etc. Better lawyers for common men to get similar legal leverage as a celebrity. Or all his income for next 5 years should be donated to the president relief fund. Charity when enforced can have punishment like effects. And we will also see how human is he really being!!


  • No individual irrespective of their stature should be able to influence the masses, it sets a wrong precedence globally.
  • Undoubtedly / Allegedly many anti-social elements have been associated with Bollywood since like for ever, but we cannot generalize everyone in the industry.
  • If an individual feels he can buy his way out of crimes in form of donations and keeping up an image, then this individual should be made an example of and should be forced to keep up the charade if that is what it is.
  • Why were these many relaxations not offered to Sanjay Dutt?
  • Why are so many people bothered by Salman getting off easily?
  • Because these people do not care about the common people or their own kind, a celebrity is an easy target for venting out frustration. So many accidents happen everyday and no one gets bothered on social media and news rooms to report. When you see someone in power you want to make an example out of them. Undoubtedly there is no harm in being reasonable and logical.
  • Imagine one of your family members is Salman Khan, now which side do you stand, take that stand. Selective morality is very dangerous for a developing nation like India.
  • I see so many people trying their very best bully the convict on social media, do you post online every time you bump a car because you did not change the lanes correctly? Do you find a traffic police to pay the fine (not a bribe), every time you jump a traffic light?
  • Would you sign a petition that takes every traffic violation and sentences you to a night in prison? If not then you have no right to preach legal rights. Cause in a way or two you exploit your rights too. The only difference is you are insignificant and he is not!!

Cash for Crime / Cost of Life

Forbes rated Salman Khan as the most richest Indian Celebrity with 244 crores in his pocket, basically he is a gold mine, and India should utilize him. 244 / 2 = 122 crores, if he promises to donate this much amount for the differently able and effected by natural calamities, I would happily let him run me over a few times.

If you ponder about the cost of life of that one person sleeping in bakery, well there is no way on earth we can determine his life's worth. But at the same time we have so many farmers getting murdered by poor governance in India. If he truly is a real philanthropist, then just seize his passport and put him under nation arrest, let him truly prove what his true net worth is. Only then will I file a petition addressing our President to pardon Salman Khan.


We should really consider what motives the sole eye witness has apart from prevailing of law in India.

We should really consider the source of motivation of the person who tried to commit suicide in-front of court.

Law is same for everyone, let us not give him the undue advantage of unrest in our Nation.

Let our courts decide his fate, it is not our place to intervene, similarly neither is anyone else's in our legal matters.


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