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Saltwater Fish Sale: Hermit Crabs For Sale Online

Updated on January 10, 2011

Saltwater Hermit Crabs

Buying blue leg hermit crab or other hermit crabs can be tricky. Buying these inverts for your saltwater tank can get pricey and even though the deal may seem good but you don't want to overcrowd the tank. Also keep a eye on the shipping cost because they can be as much as the cost of the hermit crabs. Keep in mind the delivery day because some of the companies out there have certain days they ship out order and you don't want to keep them sitting on your front door. So check the ETA for the package and make sure you or someone is their to accept it.

Some other things to look for would be build your own custom reef cleaner kit, which is when you decide what to put in your package. Also and I can't stress enough that you look for a 100% live on arrival. That's very important to look for if they don't offer that then take a look elsewhere. For blue-leg hermit crabs should not be more than $1 and red-legs no more thn $2.

Hermit crabs usually eat algae and uneaten food. Just make sure you are feeding your tank enough so that they don't starve. These crabs are great for scvaning and searching for food andstirring up the gravel or sand. That's important for effective rotation of the gravel


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