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Sample Child Observation Paper 8 Year

Updated on January 2, 2019

Sample Child Observation 8 Year Old Female

When completing a child observation it is important to take notes during the process. It is easy to forget details. Make sure to bring a few pencils, a notepad and be sure to turn off your cell phone so you have no interruptions. Your observation will be more of a success if you are not engaged with the child you are observing. This way you will be able to observe natural play objectively.

You can learn a lot about children and their behaviors by observing them in a planned way. Children are very interesting, if you are a teacher, day care worker, or a parent you can definitely gain knowledge about children's behavior in general or a specific child by doing a simple child observation and asking yourself specific questions about their behavior before hand.

Happy kids


8 Year Old Child

Brianna is 8 years old and tall for her age. She has long, curly, sandy blonde hair. She has large green eyes and has a light complexion. She is very independent and aggressive. She speaks loudly when she is excited and is very outgoing. Brianna is sitting at her dining room table by herself.

Kids love to goof around in front of the camera

Brianna sending out some love!
Brianna sending out some love! | Source

Child Observations

Why is the child using this particular material? Was it the child’s choice or the teacher’s choice?

Brianna has her box of miscellaneous art supplies in front of her. These are all items that she enjoys playing with regularly. She has glue, pens, pencils, scissors, stencils, paper among other supplies. She has chosen all of these items herself and keeps them all together so she can do many different art tasks at one time.

How does she initially approach it? (Enthusiastically, timidly, etc.)

Brianna approaches the task enthusiastically. She enjoys art and is advancing in skill quickly. Brianna first plans her project and decides which supplies she will need. She pulls them out of the box and sets them in front of her. She takes her time and chooses color pencils, glue, paper, and popsicle sticks.

Does she talk while using the material? To whom? What does she say?

Brianna begins her art project by herself. She is quiet as she begins her task. She is busy gathering her supplies and the gets started on drawing. Brianna draws and outline of a frame on her paper and then begins to draw inside the frame. She is very intent on getting her picture started. She talks loudly to her “Pa Pa” and says “I am drawing a picture for you Pa Pa” He responds to her and asks what she is drawing. She says “A picture of your Jeep”. She draws the tires and then crumples up the paper and gets a new one. Then she starts drawing again this time the body of the car first. She is using different color pencils for each line on the car. Then she adds the tires all in black. She is careful to make all the lines intersect correctly and colors the lines in multi-color. Brianna is talking to him as she draws telling him that she is getting really good at drawing and gets up several times to show him her drawing. She explains her technique to him every time she shows him. When she is finished with the picture she picks up the glue and popsicle sticks and begins gluing them to the edges of the paper. Then she colors the popsicle sticks green and looks at the picture for a minute. She lets out a sigh and adds some trees and his cane into the picture. Then looks it over again and seems satisfied.

What does she do when she is finished?

Brianna picks up the picture and takes it to her “Pa Pa” and says “Here you go Pa Pa, what do ya think?” She is holding the picture with both hands in front of him. She is between him and the television, standing purposefully there. He tells her he loves it and asks her questions about it. She is very proud of her picture and tells him she is going to put it in his drawer when it is dry. Brianna sets the picture on the side table next to him and moves his remote, glasses and drink. Then she goes and sits on the couch and starts watching the program he is watching. Brianna loves her Pa Pa and loves to draw for people and show them her progress

3rd Grade Whole Brain Teaching


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      how do i cite this please?

    • KimberlyLake profile imageAUTHOR

      Kimberly Lake 

      8 years ago from California

      @billybuc Thank you for your comment. I also find child observations interesting. A person can learn so much just observing children. They are so interesting.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      8 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Quite interesting; since I am a former teacher I found this fascinating. Good presentation and explanation!


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