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Sample Kindergarten Newsletter to Parents From Teacher

Updated on February 15, 2016

Every week I sent home a newsletter to parents so that they knew exactly what their child did that week in school. I included announcements, reminders and specific topics that were covered in each subject. Here is a sample:

Our Week in Kindergarten (Week of 5/28/13)

This will be the last newsletter. For the next couple of weeks, we will be finishing up certain topics, preparing for graduation having field day, attending a talent show and having the concert rehearsal.

Today was the last day of exchanging leveled readers. All books are due back on Monday.

Field day will be next Friday, June 7th. Lunch will be provided. The children have a choice of a hamburger or a hotdog. Plus there will be snacks and desserts to eat. If your child prefers, lunch may be brought from home that day. Team colors will go home next week. Please have your child wear that color shirt.

Writing – We are continuing to write short stories and work on sentence structure.

Math – Ordinal numbers and counting objects in different configurations and arrays.

Reading: Skills: What happens at the beginning, middle and end of a story, problem and solution, comparing characters from different stories using a venn diagram.

Letter of the week: U

U words: up, under, umbrella

Sentences: I use an umbrella when it rains, I put the book up high on the shelf, The paper is under the book.

Social Studies: Memorial Day and maps

Religion: God made all butterflies and insects, We read together a prayer for first grade and thanked God for a good year in Kindergarten.


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