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Sample Personal Statement for Postgraduate Admission

Updated on August 5, 2009
Sample personal statement for applying to a postgraduate degree
Sample personal statement for applying to a postgraduate degree

Sub: Personal Statement for Admission to [Your Program Name goes here]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference my Admission Application for subject program to your esteemed University.

My main motivation behind this application for admission is my keen interest and experience in the field of Information Technology especially the Internet. Considering my Bachelor of Arts with majors in Philosophy, English Literature and Psychology from the University of the Punjab, Bsc. (Hons) in Computing from [University name and/or school name goes here] and Master of Business Administration from [University name and/or school name goes here], I feel confident to apply to your [Degree program name goes here] at the [University name and/or school name goes here] as a natural progression to my present academic qualifications.

My career spans over a period of ten years as an IT Trainer, e-learning specialist and an e-business integrator. Presently I manage two of my own web-based businesses, one in the field of e-learning and the other in the e-business sector.

As a technology entrepreneur located in [country], everyday I witness technology changing the way we have been accustomed to carry out conventional business. With such advancements in the field of Information Communication Technology, I strongly feel that the evolution of business tools and strategies also need to keep pace with this massive progress. If given a chance to study at the [University name and/or school name goes here], I would utilize this opportunity to thoroughly analyze the convergence of business and technology with acute focus on underlying implications to identify opportunities for a better work environment.

Pakistan, situated in Asia is a very dynamic work environment which enjoys the reputation of one of the earliest adapters of whatever technological advances are accessible to this region. In this race to adopt technology as quickly as possible many social aspects are usually ignored. After completion of my studies I intend to provide consultancy services to business of all sizes in my country to make the best use of information technology, to help them enhance their present co-existence of employees and technology and to nurture such environment where both work in harmony instead of hostility and mistrust.

Coming to [University name and/or school name goes here] would be an honor considering the excellent reputation this university enjoys topped up with a world class curriculum and a world class faculty. Also that based on my interest, [University name and/or school name goes here] seems to be the only place in the UK to offer this degree program with an immaculate combination of course modules directly suited to my interest. I believe that [University name and/or school name goes here]'s focus on imparting quality is bundled with its unique focus on training to work in world-class modern work environments. All this makes me yearn to become a part of your learning system to acquire skills which I can put to work immediately after my degree completion once I come back to my homeland.

I am keenly looking forward to your kind patronage soon.


[Your name]


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