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Sample Reviewer for Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge

Updated on December 1, 2016
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Concepcion is an educator, explorer, math lover, a hubber, and a mother. She does writing as a hub.


What is Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge

The Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MTAP), is an organization to serve as an appropriate.

In partnership with the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) and the Department of Education (DepEd), the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. holds the Math Challenge to provide students with a venue to hone their mathematical skills in an atmosphere of friendly competition and to contribute in improving the quality of mathematics education in the Philippines.

Specifically, it aims to: awaken greater interest in Mathematics among elementary and high school students in both private and public schools all over the country; encourage students to strive for excellence in Mathematics; encourage mastery of basic mathematical skills; discover mathematical talents among elementary and high school students; and; provide students opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking. Cash prizes, trophies and recognition await both the contestants and the coaches in this event.


Sample Reviewer for Grade Four (District Level)

  1. What is the value of 9 in 6 890 467?
  2. What is the place value of 5 in 517 486?
  3. Write fifty-six million, five thousand, forty in Hindu Arabic.
  4. If 7 134 = N + 2 335,what is N?
  5. How many times as great is the underlined 5 in 574 530 than 5 which is not underlined?
  6. Write CCXXXVI in Hindu Arabic.
  7. Write 86 in Roman Numerals.
  8. What is the smallest 5-digit number that can be made with the digits 0,1,2,8,5?
  9. In 432 875 936, what period are the digits 432?
  10. What number does not belong? 43, 47, 53, 59, 65, 67.
  11. Find two numbers with a sum 22 and a product of 117.
  12. Find the product of 1.92 and 8. Round off your answer to the nearest tenth.
  13. What two numbers have a sum of 17 and a product of 72.
  14. Change 111/6 to a mixed number with the fraction in lowest terms.
  15. What is the sum of the prime numbers between 40 and 50?
  16. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 5:6:7. Find the biggest angle.
  17. If you subtract 18 from twice the sum of 62 and 59, what do you get?
  18. Susie used 3.6 meters of cloth from a 10-meter cloth to sew 2 similar blouses. The remaining cloth was used to sew 4 skirts. How much cloth did Susie use to sew each skirt?
  19. Tom bought 5 pizzas. After his sister had eaten some, there were 3 3/4 pizzas left. He ate 7/8 fewer pizzas than his sister. How many pizzas were eaten in all?
  20. There are 1 400 pupils in a school. The number of girls is 3/4 of the number of boys. how many children are in other levels if 1/6 of the girls and 1/5 of the boys are in Primary One?
  21. The ratio of the number of adults to the number of children in a library is 5:6. If there are 102 children in the library, how many people are there in the library?
  22. The width of a rectangle is half its length. If the perimeter is 99 cm, what is the length?
  23. If one side of a square is increased by 5.5 cm, by how many centimeters is the perimeter increased?
  24. Find the average of the whole numbers ranging from 1 to 20.
  25. Ben can type 144 words in 4 minutes. How many words can he typed in 1 minute?
  26. A and B are numbers between 50 and 100. Both A and B have the same digits but in different order. The two numbers add to 187. All their digits add up to 34. Find A and B.
  27. Kris called her friend at 10:25 p. They talked for 1 hour and 43 minutes. What time did they end their conversation?
  28. Allan has 40 kilogram of rice. He packed it into 4 small packs in the ratio of 1:2:3:4. What is the weight of the smallest pack?
  29. A 14-cm string is 3 1/2 popsicle sticks long. How many popsicle sticks are there in a string which is 126 centimeters long?
  30. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is the same as the perimeter of a square. How long is the side of the equilateral triangle if a side of the square is 12.75 centimeters?
  31. A figure is formed by squares with 3-cm side. If the figure is 12 cm wide and 12 cm high, how many squares were used to form it?
  32. Jenia added a number to 11. She then multiplied the sum by 3 and divided the product by 6. If the quotient was 8, what was the number?
  33. Liza subtracted 7 from a number, then multiplied the difference by 7. If the product is 35, what is the number?
  34. Abby and his brother Ben are teenagers. Ben is 3 years younger than Abby and the GCF of their ages is 3. How old is Ben?
  35. Sandra has a few boxes of chocolate muffins. Each box contains 14 muffins and costs Php77.00. If she sells each muffin for Php6.25, how much is her profit for selling 5 boxes of muffins?
  36. The cost of a magazine is Php125.00. If this is 1 1/4 of the cost of the magazine last year, how much was the cost a magazine last year?
  37. What is the missing number in this sequence? 2, 2, 4, 6, 10,__
  38. What is the 20th number in this sequence: 76, 72, 68, 64, ....?
  39. Daria runs around a 35 m by 20 m field 4.5 times. How far does she run?
  40. The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 60 meters. If the width is 5 meters longer than the length, what is the length of the garden?

Sample Math Challenge Questions for Grade 4

  1. I am a three-digit number. I am greater than 200 but less than 500. All my digits are odd. If you add all my digits you will get 5.
  2. Mila had two sheets of stickers each containing 35 stickers. In four days, she used 15, 12, 9, and 17 stickers respectively. How many stickers did she use? How many stickers were left?
  3. A toy outlet sold 523 dolls on Monday and 324 dolls on Tuesday. Find the total number of dolls on those two days.
  4. Tony needs 315 popsicle sticks for his project. He has 135 and Ken will give him 95. How many more does he need?
  5. There are 184 Grade 4 pupils in a school. If all but 12 of them and four teachers went on an outing, how many people went outing?
  6. Vilma has to solve 150 math problems. She solved 46 problems yesterday and 53 problems today. How many more problems does she need to solve?
  7. After three games, a basketball team had a total score of 239 points. The first two scores were 79 and 77. What is the third score?
  8. Rose bought pens for Php76 and pencils for Php14. He gave Php100-bill to the cashier. How much should she get back as change?
  9. Auntie earned a profit of Php30,000 from a sales company and Php40,000 from her small business. If she spends Php29,500 on clothes and Php13,500 on cosmetics, find the amount left with Britney.
  10. A study table costs Php860. A chair costs Php125 less than the table. How much change should Mother receive if she pays the cashier Php1000 for one chair?
  11. There were 18 girls and 15 boys on the track team. 7 more girls joined the team. 4 boys quit the team. How many children were on the track team?
  12. Chaira and Dan have the same number of stickers. Chaira used 15 of her stickers. Dan bought 18 more stickers. How many more stickers had Dan than Chaira?
  13. An office building is 3-storey tall. There are 20 offices on the first floor. There are 6 more offices on the second floor than on the first floor and there are 2 more offices on the third floor than on the second floor. How many offices are there in the building?
  14. Marlon made 3 stacks of wooden blocks. The first stack was 12 blocks tall. The second stack was 3 blocks taller than the first. The third stack was 7 blocks shorter than the second stack. How many blocks did Marlon used in all?
  15. Lea has a total of 28 pencils and colored pens in her bag. She has 8 fewer pencils than colored pens. How many colored pens does Lea have?
  16. Ed weighs 120 kg more than his sister Bel. Their combined weight is 180 kg. How many kg does Ed weigh?
  17. Five oranges and 2 apples cost Php61. One orange and 4 apples cost Php41. How much do one orange and one apple cost?
  18. Carlo bought three gifts for his friends. The first gift cost 18 pesos. The second gift costs 7 pesos more than the first. The third gift costs 11 pesos less than the first. How much did Carlo pay for all the three gifts?
  19. If you add 48 to a certain number then subtract 55 from the sum, the result is 62. What is the number?
  20. The digits of a two-digit number are interchanged to form a new two-digit number. If the difference of the original number and the new number is 45, find all the numbers that satisfy the conditions.
  21. The sum of two numbers is 64. The difference between the numbers is 32. Find each number.
  22. If 17 is added to the number I am thinking of and then the sum is multiplied by 25, I get 750. What number am I thinking of?
  23. If 23 is subtracted from the number I am thinking and then the difference is multiplied by 5, I get 185. What number am I thinking of?
  24. Nena collects stickers. She puts 20 stickers on each page of her scrap book. If 18 pages of her scrap book are full and there are only 8 stickers on the 19th page, how many stickers has Nena?
  25. A cycle dealer has 23 bicycles and 31 motorcycles in his shop. How many wheels are there in all?
  26. In a shop selling bicycles and tricycles, a total of 80 pedals and a total of 98 wheels were counted. How many bicycles and tricycles does he have?
  27. There were 42 mangoes in each crate. Twelve such crates of mangoes were delivered to a factory. Four mangoes were rotten and had to be thrown away. The remaining mangoes were packed into boxes of 10 mangoes each. How many boxes of mangoes were there?
  28. Forty-two students are to take vans to the museum. Each van holds 9 students. What is the fewest number of vans needed?
  29. Mrs. Dee formed three problem-solving groups in her class. Each group was asked to bring 3 colored markers, 4 times the number of pencils as markers and twice the number of sheets of graphing paper as pencils. How many sheets of graphing paper should the class bring altogether?
  30. Some students and teachers chartered 2 buses for a fieldtrip. Each bus had 18 rows of seats with room for 4 people in each row. 135 students and adults are going on the fieldtrip. How many seats will be empty?
  31. A new cinema will have 2,478 seats in all. Each theatre must have the same number of seats. How many theatres could the cinema have: 9, 10, 6 or 4?
  32. Gina has 3,934 marbles to put into giant jars. She wants to put the same number of marbles in each jar with no extra marbles. How many jars could she use: 2, 5, 6, or 10?
  33. Find the least length of a rope which can be cut into whole number of pieces of lengths 45 cm, 75 cm, and 81 cm.
  34. In a morning walk, three persons step off together. Their steps measure 75 cm, 80 cm and 90 cm respectively. What is the minimum distance each should walk so that all can cover the same distance in complete steps?
  35. Two laces with lengths of 448 cm and 616 cm are to be cut into pieces all the same length without remainder. Find the greatest possible length of the pieces.
  36. Janine and Jewel were given a piece of ribbon of equal length. Janine cuts her ribbon into equal lengths of 2 m, while Jewel cuts her ribbon into lengths of 5 m. If there was no remainder in both cases, find the shortest possible length of ribbon given to them.
  37. A racing car A completes the track in 28 seconds, while racing car B completes it in 24 seconds. If they both start at the same time, after how many seconds will they be side by side again?
  38. What is the smallest odd number using the digits 0, 5 and 7?
  39. Each of the following numbers is prime except: 11, 31, 41, 61, 71, 91, 101
  40. What is the largest even number with the digits 1, 2, and 5?
  41. I am a number between 4 and 10. My decimal is in tenths. The sum of my digits is 10. What numbers can I be?
  42. I have both a ones digit and a tenths digit. I am less than 7. One of my digits is 3 greater than the other. What numbers can I be if my digits are all different?
  43. I am greater than 4 but less than 6. I am closer to 4 than 6. The sum of my 2 digits is 8. What number am I?
  44. I am a number with ones, tenths, and hundredths different digits. The sum of my digits is 15. No digit is greater than 6. There is no zero among the digits. What numbers can I be?
  45. When rounded to tenths, I become 3.2. When rounded to ones, I become 3. Write three numbers I can be.
  46. The three sides of a triangle measure 3.4 dm, 5.65 dm and 6.85 dm respectively. What is its perimeter?
  47. The perimeter of a triangle is 28 cm. The lengths of two of its sides are 9.4 cm and 8.8 cm. Find the length of the third side.
  48. The average monthly rainfall for 6 months was 28.5 mm. If it had rained 1 mm more each month, what would the average have been?
  49. Sheila plays the piano for two hours, six days a week. How many hours does she spend playing the piano in one month?
  50. Father’s garden is 24 m long and 18 m wide. He wants to fence it with chicken wire. How many meters of chicken wire does he need?
  51. Mr. Cruz bought a lot 18 meters long and 14 meters wide. How much did Mr. Cruz pay for the lot if a square meter costs Php2750?
  52. A park is 24 meters longer than its width. If the perimeter is 296 meters, find the dimensions of the park.
  53. A factory produces 6600 toys per week. If the workers at this factory work 5 days a week and if these workers make the same number of toys every day, how many toys are produced each day?
  54. Rose earns a profit of Php15 000 from a sales company a week and Php10 000 from her small business weekly. If she spends Php69 400 monthly and the rest are her savings, how much does she save in a month?
  55. Sam, Carla and Sarah spent one afternoon collecting sea shells. Sam collected 66. If we add the number of sea shells collected by Sam ad Carla, the total would be 117. If we add the number of sea shells collected by Carla and Sarah, the total would be 123 shells. How many shells did they collect in all?
  56. Billy read 2 books. He read the first one in one week with 25 pages every day. He read the second book in 12 days with 23 pages every day. What is the total number of pages that Billy read?
  57. Anne, Chen, Sam, and Carl want to divide a certain number of candies in the corresponding ratio of 1:2:4:7. What is the ratio of the number of Chen’s candies to the number of Sam’s candies?
  58. The average of 7 consecutive even numbers is 42. What is the smallest number?
  59. What number should be on the blank? 5+10+15+20+25+30=5 x ___.
  60. The cost of a magazine is Php125.00. if this is 1 ¼ of the cost of the magazine last year, how much was the cost of a magazine last year?
  61. What is the missing number in this sequence? 2, 2, 4, 6, 10,__
  62. What is the 20th number in this sequence: 76, 72, 68, 64, ....?
  63. Andy has 40 kg of rice. He packed it into 4 small packs in the ratio of 1:2:3:4. What is the weight of the smallest pack?
  64. A rectangular table can seat 6 persons. If two tables are placed side by side, it can seat 10 persons. If three tables are placed side by side, it can seat 14 persons. How many persons can be seated if there are 10 tables placed side by side?
  65. What shape has 4 equal sides and 4 right angles?
  66. Kris called her friend at 10:25 pm. They talked for 1 hour and 43 minutes. What time did they end their conversation?
  67. The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 60 meters. If the width is 5 meters longer than the length, what is the length of the garden?
  68. The ratio of the number of adults to the number of children in a library is 5:6. If there are 102 children in the library, how many people are there in the library?
  69. There are 1 400 pupils in a school. If 3/5 of them are girls, how many are boys?
  70. Sally got 95, 92, 96, 94, 95 and 90 on six math tests. What was her average score on the six tests?
  71. A square garden has a perimeter of 56 m. What is its area?
  72. A path 12 meters long and 1.5 meters wide is to be paved. If a bag of cement covers 4 m2, how many bags of cement must be bought?
  73. A movie is 2 ¼ hours long. If it ended at 10:30 P.M, what time did it start?
  74. A merchant had a 33 1/8 meter roll of cloth. He sold 12 ½ of it. How much cloth remained?
  75. What is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 25?
  76. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 57 cm. If one of the equal sides is 18 cm, how long is the base?
  77. In 5 days, Liza had a total of 15.5 hours of overtime. What was her average daily overtime?
  78. The total surface area of a cube is 216 cm2. Find the length of one side.
  79. There are 450 pupils in a class. If 42% of them are girls, how many boys are there?
  80. Use exponents to express 396 as a product of its prime factors.
  81. Rose bought a blouse marked Php160 at a 15% discount. How much did she save by buying it during a sale?
  82. What is the total surface area of a cube of side 12 cm?
  83. A can of powdered milk has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 22 cm. What volume of milk does it contain?
  84. Find the sum of 2+4+6+...+58+60.
  85. A car uses 9 litres of gasoline for a distance of 80 km. How many liters will be needed for a round to a city 140 km away?
  86. The ratio of two numbers is 3:4. If the sum is 105, what is the bigger number?
  87. What is 3/7 of 84?
  88. What is the largest 4-digit even number?
  89. If 3 notebooks cost Php20.50, how much will a dozen cost?
  90. Nena needs 2 ½ dozen ribbons for her class. If she needs 30 cm for each ribbon, how many meters of ribbon she needs to buy?
  91. What number is 20 more than the product of 6 ones and 3 tens?
  92. What number is less than the sum of 80 and 50?
  93. Forty is how much more than the sum of 12 and 21?
  94. What is the smallest multiple of 3 that is greater than 200?
  95. What is the largest three-digit prime number?
  96. What is ¼ of 80% of 120?
  97. One number is 15 more than another. The sum of the number is 93. What is the larger number?
  98. Mary has some cookies. She gave 18 to her friend. She has 21 left. How many cookies does she have at the beginning?
  99. What is the sum of the digits in the product of 23 ones and 32 tens?
  100. A ribbon is 7 meters and 50 cm long. How many ribbons each with a length of 50 cm can be cut from it?

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