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Introduction to Scientist

Updated on November 25, 2017
Creative presentation catches the attention of the audience.
Creative presentation catches the attention of the audience. | Source

The things we have today are products of science. We are all benefited from the efforts of our scientists and inventors. Imagine life without their brilliant minds. Can you imagine how difficult and slow our life would be? Yes, life would be different from today. Therefore, recognizing the people behind the tools and great studies we have today is a must to bring them back the honour. From simple to complicated inventions, every inventor must be given tribute.

What does this article offer you?

Here is a sample script to introduce a scientist in a creative way. This could be utilized by pupils and teachers.

Thanks for the proponents of school curriculum; they develop the value of gratitude among students. School teachers specifically science teachers have varied methods to introduce scientists and inventors. They use slides, videos, story-telling styles and games to present the scientists and inventors in class. Some teachers develop the researching and presenting skills of their pupils. They give this topic as an assignment or a project.

Key Points for Introducing a Scientist or an Inventor

1) Be familiar with the criteria set by the teacher.

This kind of activity requires criteria or rubric rating scale. Pupils must be aware of the set of points for their tasks. Since this activity is a project and require some materials, parents must be informed of the rating scale as well. Advise the pupils and parents to utilize materials found at home only. Buying of new materials for this presentation is not advisable.

Sample Rubric for Class Presentation

(click column header to sort results)
Needs Improvement (1), Fair (2),
Satisfactory (3), Good (4),
Excellent (5)
The activity is
well organized.
The presenter uniquely
introduces the scientist or
inventor he/she is
Speaking skills
The presenter expresses
and delivers the ideas well.
The presenter interacts
with his/her audience.
Materials Used
The presenter uses
varied materials to
introduce the scientist or
inventor he/she has chosen.
1-5 (80%), 6-10 (85%), 11-15 (90%), 16-20 (95%), 21-25 (100%)

2) Visible and expressive tone of voice and gesture are needed to present this effectively.

3) Materials or props must be provided. The needed materials are the following:

  • Christmas decorations
  • tambourine
  • electrical water heater
  • old American clothing for women
  • laboratory gown
  • gloves
  • laboratory goggles
  • sample chocolate drinks for the audience
  • computer
  • animated powerpoint presentation with the following clip arts or pictures:

› Ida Forbes

› Electrical Water Heater

› glass of milk

› cup of coffee

› bowl of noodles

› bowl of oatmeal

› Parts of Electrical Water Heater

› Procedure used by Ida Forbes in making the device

4) This presentation will last for about 5 to 8 minutes.
5) For a smooth sailing presentation, completeness of the materials and mastery of the script must be considered.

The only picture of Ida Forbes at
The only picture of Ida Forbes at | Source

Who is Ida Forbes?

Ida Forbes of Los Angeles, California is the inventor of Electrical Water Heater. Her invention was patented on December 25, 1917.

Ask Yourself

Before reading this article,do you know the electrical water inventor?

See results

Sample Script to Introduce Ida Forbes

(Sing the Jingle Bells chorus with tambourine as an accompaniment.
The presenter must wear Ida Forbes get up and make up. Searching for Ida Forbes images is best recommended.)

Presenter: Merry Christmas! Yes, it's not yet Christmas and my calendar is right. I am greeting you this soon in remembrance of Ida Forbes' (wear the Laboratory gown, gloves and goggles as you mention the name) invention which was patented on December 25, 1917.

Presenter: Imagine yourself during a cold season (cuddle yourself) with nothing to eat (touch your stomach) and drink something hot. Suppose you run out of LPG or coal and the only thing you have as a source of energy is electricity, what will you do?

Presenter: No need to worry my friend. Thanks to Ida Forbes for inventing the Electrical Water Heater (as you say the name of the appliance, show it with enthusiasm).

Presenter: Now you can prepare your favourite milk and chocolate combo, your mother's special coffee, your brother's much-loved chicken noodles and your father's easy-cook oatmeal. (Click the powerpoint presentation slide as you mention each use of Electrical Water Heater). For more information, present the other uses of this heater.

Presenter: This is very useful, isn't it? Thus, are you curious on how this amazing tool was made? Let's take a look at this. (Show the powerpoint presentation that shows the procedure and parts of the electrical water heater. Check this link for more details,

Presenter: So that's about the Electrical Water Heater. It's your turn to taste (as you say "to taste" offer a glass of chocolate drinks to the audience to make your presentation interactive or gain audience impact) the chocolate drinks made with the use of this device.

Presenter: This is (state your name), your Little Ida Forbes, the Electrical Water Heater inventor. Thank you.

The Electrical Water Heater Design
The Electrical Water Heater Design | Source

More about Ida Forbes and other Women Inventors

How will you introduce a scientist or an inventor in your class?

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