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Sample University Application Letter

Updated on January 23, 2012

Address (Applicant)

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University / College Address


I may not boast of hailing from a reputable business family, but the environment in which I grew is one that reflect a people committed in their own small ways in earning their daily bread by conducting small enterprises. Such ranged from selling perishable goods (fruits) to sweets and groundnuts in the streets of local markets in Western parts of Kenya. Being a child of my own environment, there is no way I could not have been mentored in the ways of our fore fathers. In fact, my mother was in grocery business and during weekends, she would invite me to accompany her to the market place.This experience instilled in me the desire to own and manage my own business someday, yet I knew too well that the business world today is more complex than ever before. This complexity requires more education, and with this in mind, I am applying for the Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Management.

My career goal is to work in an international company as I sit in the board of my own. In such an environment, I would be in position of applying knowledge and skills acquired in this program. I am interested in traveling and getting to know different cultures and people from various countries around the world. I am also driven by inherent desire to develop professionally through international exposure which is free from partisan issues quite prominent in some cultures.

Driven by inherent desire to excel and do well in business world, I enrolled for an advanced diploma in Business Management in Kenya. Through these studies, I gained some theoretical background about accounting and management in general. I successfully completed the program with upper credit.

The knowledge, skills and attitude I acquired in my studies enabled me to start my own business in Electronics (MOBILAB Cellular Communications) in Nairobi(capital city of Kenya). Within a span of six years, I had moved from my childhood grocery business in rural areas to electronics in urban area. Operating this business for a period of three years, I have had my own lessons to learn mainly from challenges (social-political and economic). These (challenges) have not only continued to shape my business vision but call for innovative thinking to compete favorably in the global market place.

Besides running my personal business, I have had other valuable experiences. In the year 2008, I served as a sales and marketing officer with New Life Youth Ministry. This gave me more exposure in customer relations and marketing strategies. Currently, I am serving as a credit manager, an experience which is equally challenging and demanding.

Through studies and experience, I have acquired quite valuable skills. These include management, analytical, computer and interpersonal skills. My work exposure has continued to sharpen not only my management skills but also supervisory and organizational skills. In my studies I was exposed to both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods. I was able to apply these skills in my research project entitled factors affecting grocery business at Rongai, Kajiado District in Kenya. In Market place, I have been able to apply these skills, analysing market trends and dynamics. I am well equipped with the knowledge of computer packages such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and Internet and E-mail.

I am an open-minded and friendly person who is interested in international aspects and inter-cultural relations. Moreover, people, especially other students, describe me as a team player who cares about his group members. I am ambitious and like to handle challenging tasks and to take the responsibility for it.

Therefore, I would enjoy studying at your university which has a high proportion of international students. It is possible to get to know people from more than one country. In normal circumstance, this would require a world tour. Furthermore, I am keen on looking beyond my own nose to learn from other nationalities and cultures. I am looking forward to receiving the opportunity to study at your university and to make a great contribution to the university community and the world at large.

Yours Sincerely,




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    • profile image

      april 5 years ago

      hi, i just want to let you know that i enjoyed this article! your ability to fondle with words and fit them into a perfect slot is remarkable. i agree with kateperez, you should really consider creative writing. well done (Y)

    • kenpro profile image

      Anthony M. Wanjohi 5 years ago from Nairobi - Kenya

      Yes, kateperez - thanks for your compliment. I feel exhorted and humbled.

      I am currently editing some two books: a) The Hustler in the City of Africa's Scorching Sun and b) Towards Success: The Story of an African Peasant Boy.I will be sharing these pieces once I am done. Thank you!

    • kateperez profile image

      kateperez 5 years ago from pasadena, tx

      Very British! I really enjoyed reading this letter. Had I ever posted mine, you would find it more like a cover letter than a lovely story of my life, goals, and intended future.

      You have a wonderful way with words and should consider creative writing for a living! Such as to write a novel. I would read it!