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Sapphire Sacred, One Of The Twelve Stones of Aaron's Breastplate

Updated on December 20, 2012

There are twelve gems considered sacred which are specified in the Old Testament of the Bible. In the great Aaron's breastplate, God instructed that 12 gems be placed in four rows among the plate, representing the twelve tribes of Isaral (GEN 28:17-20). The sapphire is one among those sacred stones. Sapphire’s history is illuminated with the energies of honesty, truth, clarity, protection and compassion.

This glass like stone belongs to the gem family, Corundum. Sapphire is commonly found in many shades of blues, it can also be many other colors. When it is deep red, it is known as the ruby. The hardness, clarity and makeup of the stone is responsible for the irresistible vibrations it gives out. The aluminum oxide crystal is the brilliant component that makes the colors refract and sparkle.

The sapphire has been used as a charm, talisman and healing tool. The word is rooted in many languages from Latin to Greek, Hebrew to old Iranian and translate as precious or dear to Saturn, divine truth and Holy blessing. Today, the hard quality of the stone has lent itself to durable windows, watch crystals, scientific instruments and electronics, allowing it to live up to the old world view of a gem that gives pathway to the “outer” realm. Sapphire belongs to the sky, the cosmos and the heavens.

According to Judaism, sapphire is symbolic of the sky, the heavens and God’s throne. In the Old Testament, God’s throne is described to sit on this beautiful deep blue clear stone (EX 24:12). When Moses remade the Sacred Tablets, after broken, he carved the commandments in blue sapphire, giving this gem its biblical sacredness. The powers of this gem reveals the truth, facilitates compassion and acts protector against falsehoods and creates loyalty. Before and after Christ, the kings and priest wore rings of sapphire for protection and to gain the people‘s trust.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is associated with the zodiac signs of Pisces as dark blue, Taurus as light blue, Gemini as yellow and Libra as star sapphire. It is a traditional gift to give for anniversary of 5th, 23rd and 45th year and the 6 or 12 pointed star sapphire for the 65th year. Because of its qualities of truth, loyalty and compassion, it is a recommended gift among couples for installing those same qualities in each other.

Healing with the sacred gem has been employed since early written history and is found around the world in Brazil, Burma, Australia, Kashmir, Africa and North America. The sapphire has global exposure and these other cultures have given the same spiritual and moral characteristics to this precious stone.

In balancing and healing with the Chakras, the blue sapphire is a high quality choice. It works especially well with the 5th chakra point, the throat, for speaking truthfully, clearly and from the heart. The 6th chakra, the third eye, aids in seeing and understanding the truth.

It has been recorded that these stones have been used in healing nose bleeds, rheumatism, colic, eye diseases and mental illness such as depression. Spiritually they have ability to aid in telepathy, psychogenesis and clairvoyance.


Though the shades of blue is most common in the sapphire, the other colors add their own value in their energetic powers. Blue is for seeking spiritual truth, purple for meditation, seers and calming emotions, white to ascending the spiritual or cosmos realm, yellow for removal of toxins and promotes prosperity, green gives off compassion, loyalty and trust, pink for clearing away obstacles to enlightenment as well as draw positive energies and finally, black for career and power.

Sapphire, a tranquil clear stone managing the movement of energy to better our lives! From the ancient wisdom to the exploration of today, this sacred stone gives clarity for those who seek, for those who know. This precious gem has certainly earned its spot on Aaron's breastplate! Acquire a piece of sapphire and carry it with you, reminding you of what is sacred and allow the magic to aid in seeing the truth before you and rejoice with compassion!


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