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Save Nature....To Save Ourselves

Updated on January 1, 2015

The Natures Call

Today man has made us reach such a pitiable stage that we have to save our nature in order to save ourselves. We feel so proud when we see huge infrastructures around us but we forget these have replaced the gift given to us by the almighty ,which are trees. Today we can see huge wonders of science around us but we just forget that the same science is even telling us about various problems we are facing and will in the future due to deforestation.

There are a lot of problems we are facing today due to the modernization of the world, the biggest amongst all of them is global warming. Global warming is caused because of the excessive number of cars, factories and other mediums which cause pollution. They release green house gases which weekends our ozone layer because of which the heat of the sun is trapped inside our earth. Due to this the iced areas melt and the amount of water in the water bodies increase which can cause the lands near the water bodies sink.

This devil (global warming) can lead to the end of mankind. this is the peak time for us to save our nature by growing trees and by stopping the excessive use of our vehicles which can be done by using public transports and by walking down to nearby places rather that using our cars or bikes.

Deforestation is indeed a big problem in our present society but it is not the only one, wastage of our natural resources is the second biggest problem in our planet after deforestation. Electricity is produced with the help of fossil fuels and water, because of the excessive wastage of this electricity we are losing our control on the presence of these fossil fuels in our society. The excessive wastage of this electricity can make us face scarcity of this resource in the future.

Wastage of water is also a major problem in our society but this is a problem whos consequences are faced by us in the present as well. Many countries face the scarcity of this resource which is a must for survival. We waste a lot of water in our daily life. Although a huge number of steps are being taken for saving this such as rainwater harvesting, recycling water and else but each of us has to start taking essential measures at our levels to save this essential component for survival.If each of us starts taking essential steps at our levels then we can save gallons of water each day.

Food is also one of the most important components for surviving.The amount of food consumed and wasted is much more than the amount it is produced, due to this the price of the food we eat is increasing rapidly. We waste a lot of food daily forgetting that many people are dying because of the scarcity of the same in the country or continent in which we live. A few measures we can take to prevent the wastage of food is not taking more then that you can consume, and neither cooking more then that what can be consumed.

A few necessary steps taken by us to save our mother Earth and encouraging people to do the same can make our planet as good as paradise is. But if proper steps our not taken by us at the right time which has already come we would be the reason for the devastate end of our beautiful planet. So lets together save our nature in order to save ourselves and aim for a better world.


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