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Save the Giant Panda! The symbol of endangered species needs your help!

Updated on January 20, 2013
Giant panda eating bamboo
Giant panda eating bamboo | Source

Save the giant panda

The life of the giant panda (or bamboo bear) is still a mystery for us, humans. We need to know more about those beautiful animals if we don't want them to be extinct. They are the symbol of animal protection. How we want to help the endangered species if we can't protect the symbol of them? The panda is like a flag of a nation, and this flag is now captured by the enemy: the humans.


According to Chinese literature, there were pandas 500 years before in the forests of South- and Middle-China. Today, they can be found only on the Sichuan mountainous forests and south to the Quinling mountains. We don't know the exact number of the pandas today, their number is around 500-1000, which is a shocking little number. The main reason of the decreasing population is the destruction of their habitat. On the south and east parts of China people destroyed forests everywhere to make towns and to get place for agriculture. The pandas had only one chance: to hide in the mountains, where nobody harms them, there are no hunters, and the forests are protected by several conservations. There are 13 reserves for pandas in China, but they are all covered by plains, so the animals can't hang out to the other reserves to reproduce. A reserve contains about 50 pandas; because of this, the inbreeding gets more and more dangerous. The pandas don’t reproduce well, it's still a challenge for scientists to find out the reason of this. Maybe they don't want to live on this planet anymore? I could understand this, but I think they deserve the place just as we do!

Panda mommy playing with her cub
Panda mommy playing with her cub | Source


The panda seems like the brown bear, but it’s anatomy is more of a raccoon’s. Because of this, scienceits still don’t know in which category the panda should stay. The panda got teeth of a predator, but he gave up the predator life of his ancestors, he only likes bamboo stick and leaves. The bamboo is a tall sweet grass, which is hard to chew. Bamboo is not a rare plant in China, so the panda don’t have to travel a lot to find a forest full of this delicious food. They live lonely and in retirement, panda is the most active at dawn and at twilight. In this time, it is really hard to spot. Researches often need to wait for weeks, when finally a panda comes to their eyes. They spend most of the day with searching for food and when they ate enough they rest in the sűrű of the bamboo forest. They live in cold and wet areas, but their thick, viztaszitó bunda protects them from those conditions.

Panda cubs drinking milk
Panda cubs drinking milk | Source

Pandas in captivity

The pandas not only suffer in the wild, but in captivity too because of isolation. Since a researches first presented the panda for the world In 1869, the panda conquered the world, because he looks like a cite toy bear. It is a common thing that the Chinese give pandas as a gift to diplomats came from other countries. After this, the pandas usually get to a zoo and they live the rest of their life lonely and sad. Due to the prestige that involves the possession of a panda, many countries don’t want to send back these animals to their natural habitat, so there are many lonely pandas scattered over the world. The pandas get melancolic in captivity and this has a bad effect on reproduction too.

Destruction of bamboo forests

The main food of the big pandas, the bamboo onlybloomat certain times and after that, it dies. In 1975, nearly 140 pandas died because of the mass necrosis of bamboo forests. This catastrophe happened once again in 1987, when ‘only’ 14 pandas died thanks to researchers. In these cases, the biggest problem is not that the pandas need to find another bamboo forest, but they also need a lot of bamboo to survive this trip, which is impossible if the previous forest is destroyed totally. Bamboo is difficult to digest and has very low nutritional value, so the panda, which was a carnivore back in the past, needs to eat a lot of the plant to survive. We need to let them live in peace and eat their bamboos all day, they deserve it!

Panda cub with bamboo!
Panda cub with bamboo! | Source


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    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      Fabulous article. I love both Pandas and have looked at articles on both today.

      Voted up and awesome.