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Scariest Natural Occurring Phenoma

Updated on July 16, 2014


With all the talk about global warming and the damage that humans do to the earth, people forget that nature can do more harm than any human can do. A tsunami can wipe out entire islands, earthquakes can level whole cities, a volcano can give off more toxic fumes then if tons of nuclear bombs go off at the same time, and let's not forget that landslides and floods are unpredictable. However there are some naturally occurring events that are even more terrifying than any of the normal and typical natural disasters. This will be the topic of this article.


Mircroburst is a strange natural event in which there is a localized column of sinking air caused by a small and intense downdraft. They are very short lived, lasting between thirty seconds and two minutes, and include a downdrift, a outburst, and the cushion air. Althogh generally safe to those on land, they can knock over full-grown trees which may dangerous to any around them.

The problem with the microburst and airplanes is that once a microburst happens it spreads in all directions. When aircraft are getting ready to land the pilots have to slow the plane down because if the plane comes down too quickly they can crash. The problem is when a microburst happens, the speed of the microburst makes the speed of the airplane increase. pilots who are not trained to deal with microburst will try to decrease the speed back to the preferred speed. From there the microburst will suck them down and because they decreased the speed and the power of the burst that can cause issues to the wings can make it so the pilot is unable to get enough power to stay at attitude causing the engine to stall and the plane to crash.

Although sensors on airplanes make it easier to spot microbursts there has still been over fifteen cases of airplane crashes because of them.

Guatemala Sinkhole



Although nothing new, sinkholes is probably one of the scariest events recorded. Imagine the ground underneath your feet slowly eroding until it is so weak that the ground just collapses and you fall in a fifty foot hole? News reports had been showering with reports about sinkholes. One such story was where a woman was sleeping and heard a popping sound coming from underneath her bed and when she opened it she discovered a sinkhole had developed under her bed. What about the florida sinkhole incident where a man was swallowed up by a sinkhole?

The fact is sink holes are everywhere. In fact there is a bay that even had the seabed collapse. Some of the prettiest forests has sinkholes as well. Still no land is safe. There has been videos of people walking down a sidewalk and a sinkhole suddenly happened and the sidewalk collapsed. Cars had been swallowed, bridges even are stuck by them.

So why do sinkholes develop? Usually sinkholes develop due to erosion of limestone due to constant increase and decrease in water under the ground. Water eats away at the limestone or dirt and after time, the land doesn't have enough particles to support itself anymore and the result is just the ground collapsing. Sometimes the ground collapses into tunnels that was under the ground, which is what happened in the Guatemala sinkhole in 2010 after a heavy rain that is over fifty feet deep.

However they can also happen due to man like broken pipes and the collapse of sewer lines, abuse of mining, and over pumping of water out of the ground.

Fire Tornadoes

Fire Tornado is a whirlwind is made out of flame. Although it is not really a tornado it gets that nickname because it has the same form in which it spins around on the ground and moves sucking in more combustible objects and flame. A Fire Tornado is made up of the core which is on fire and the funnel-like winds around the core. The temperature can reach up to two thousand Fahrenheit and is usually caused during wildfires. In terms of width and height, they are very skinny, they do not get fat like regular tornadoes but can be really tall.

Although slow moving, they can set any object in their paths on fire and has winds strong enough to knock over trees and has enough strength to pick up signs on the ground and lose items that are outside.

This is Lake Nyos before and after the 1986 eruption that killed everything within a fifteen mile radius
This is Lake Nyos before and after the 1986 eruption that killed everything within a fifteen mile radius | Source

Limnic eruption

A limnic eruption is a strange event where a deep water lake suddenly has an eruption of dissolved carbon dioxide. Before you start to worry about the lake trip you are planning to take, there are certain characteristic that a lake to be considered a limnic lake.

For one thing there has to be a heavy amount of carbon dioxide being introduced into the lake and have a constant high amount and how that is done is by the lake being by a volcano. There also needs to be a difference between the carbon dioxide level between the thermal levels of the lake. Once that happens it becomes uneven and for unknown reasons can just erupt.

Once it erupts, it creates a poisonous fog of carbon dioxide that can make any living being in the area suffocate and die.


Known also as the finger of death, the Brinicle is an extremely cold and saline water flow that goes deep in the ocean creating a mass of ice that can touch the ocean flooring. This only occurs in waters with a lot of icebergs and actually begins by forming on the bottom of an iceberg. Although it starts off nonthreatening, the more the iceberg melts, the thicker and more massive the Brinicle grows.

The Brinicle needs to reach the floor-bed however it is still pretty weak and there are many consequences that can destroy it before it gets to the depth it needs to get its brine pool (which is what makes it unable to melt in the sea water). If the floor bed is too far away, the Brincile will break off of the iceberg prematurely which is usually what happens. Also the iceberg needs to be stable as well. if it melts too quickly or freezes again it can harm the Brinicle.

However if everything falls into place and once it reaches the floor-bed, it freezes the water around it because of it's intense coldness. From there it travels until it gets to the lowest point where it starts to pool. Any living organism that gets in its way will be sucked into the pool and slowly freeze to death.

This event is so rare that it is not likely to see one. That being said, in 2011, one was videotaped.

The Japanese maelstorm after the 2011 Tsumani
The Japanese maelstorm after the 2011 Tsumani | Source


A maelstrom is basically just a massive whirlpool that is said to be powerful enough to suck down large ships. A basis of many folklores and greek literature, a maelstrom has been the fear for many sailors. Although most of the whirlpools are small, there are a couple of instances of larger maelstroms.

There is only a few well-known naturally occurring maelstroms and although it isn't exactly sure why the whirlpools developed there, countless lives had been lost because of these massive whirlpools even if it didn't swallow full large ships.

One of such a maelstorm if off the coast of Corryvrckan and is said to be the second largest maelstorm in the world. The waves and wind so powerful that it is easy to see why stories were based on them. However, the maelstorm of Corryvrckan is just very strong currents and are not the giant whirlpools that they describe in such adventures like The Odyssey

Maelstorms are more common in terms of tsumanis and other natural disaster. After the Japanese tsunami of 2011, a maelstorm appeared off the coast of Japan.

Another example lies in a mining disaster in Lake Peigner which caused a whirlpool so large that boats and trees to get sucked down into the mines after a worker accidentally drilled a hole into the lake.


This is my list of the most scariest events, do you agree or do you think I am completely wrong? Do you think there are worst events than I have on the list? Let me know in the comments below.


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    • Melissa Noon profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Noon 

      4 years ago from California

      Thank you so much. The Limnic eruptions sounds like the most terriying thing ever when I first heard about it luckily it is so rare.

      I loved the Brincile. It looks so pretty yet so deadly. I feel sorry for anything in its path

    • Rachel McCool profile image

      Rachel McCool 

      4 years ago from Mississippi, USA

      A few of these I had never even heard of! It is astonishing how nature is full of beauty, yet also full of terrifying things!


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